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 are people really that gullible?

 Suicide > Should i or not?
i hate my life
my ex attacked me and tried to get me raped by his mates.
i had to stay with the police and move away to be safe. my friends have been back stabbers. and iv started smokin

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I have always been afraid of the dark since I was little, and as I grew up it faded, but it's come back the past few years. I can sleep in the dark if I'm sleeping with someone, but not if I...

 why do men act sooo stupid sometimes?
cuz every man or boy i've met has acted so stupid is it me?
Additional Details
thx 2 the people who said it wasn't ...

 do you think it's possible to smoke cannibis regularly and lead a normal family life?

 Is it bad to hear voices (in your head)?
well, i kinda hear voices in my head... they dont say anything bad most of the time... is it bad? people say hearing voices is bad, but do you think it is?
Additional Details
they just ...

 How do i relieve from stress & anxiety ??
Its become a habit with me to get easily tensed up with little things. Something that's not happening correct or not in order makes me anxious & irritated. You can say that i am stupid ...

 Am I Really Crazy or Just Different? ?
Everybody says I am crazy. I don't know if its true or not so I'll leave it up to the oh-so wise people of yahoo.

I have a urge to snuggle with a dead mutilated body right now, ...

 How many hours sleep Adults for per day ?

Ok this was an acciden't see im a cutter and i ended up cutting a little to deep now its bleeding and won't stop. I think i am in shock i am in a lot of pain and right now i cannot feel ...

 I hate myself. What should I do?
I really do. I've always been hated by other people ever since I was little, and I hate myself. What should I do?...

To make a VERY VERY VERY VERY important discovery and get BILLIONS for it. Then become presidents of the United States, and become the most powerful person on the planet. Then kill Laura Mallory and ...

 I need your answer! What should I do?
I am fixing to cut myself...
It keeps telling me "cut yourself because you are worthless creature... Your parents don't like you anymore... They like your sister than you do..."<...

 i honestly just feel like dying.?
im so stressed out, im loosing friends at school, i just lost my bestfriend, im so mad at my parents, im fifteen, my dad is a drunk.
here's all what happend:
today might have easily ...

 A guy threatened to kill himself over me?
okay, well, i have this boyfriend and we were going through a bit of a rough patch. Then i was on a social networking site, and a guy started to message me. I told him i had a boyfriend, and i told ...

 Need help with suicide thoughts!?
it seems like nobody cares about me.. i have little friends, or at least no good friends. my family doesnt even care about me. how do i get these suicide thoughts out of me. im close to doing it, but ...

 never sleeping??????
Ok so I almost NEVER sleep and if i do i sleep for like 4-5 hours and im ONLY 12!!! What will happen if this still continues??...

 I called upon the Lord to save me from my depression, but he hasn't. Why not?
Why won't God help me in my life anymore?
Additional Details
yes, I know I put this in the wrong section... however depression is veiwed as a mental illness sometimes. I apologize ...

 Do you think I'm destroying my body?
I suffer depression, & I haven't left the house in over a week. Most of the time I can't even get out of bed. I've had stuffy nose & stuff like that. But anyway, I usually eat ...

 How do you stop suicidal feelings?
I would never do that to myself, but lately the thought has come up frequently and I can't push it out of my mind.

I won't get into explaining why, but how do I stop thinking ...

Evil Crow
What is this feeling of emptiness I've been experiencing for so long?
How do I fill this void?
Additional Details
Yea I aint hungry. I cut myself aswell. Mum took me to doctors but dunno what he woz on a bout.


The best way to fill a void inside you is to do something nice for others on a regular basis. Why not volunteer at a soup kitchen, or at your local animal shelter?

Depression maybe? see a shrink

In God We Trust
First of all, I believe that you are a beautiful and deeply inward person. Wake up, open that door and leave those four walls where they are. You can come back later. You know that, right?
What do you like to do? I love to write until I am too tired to write anymore. I love to read every newspaper, particularly those with "secrets" like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and all medical and science journals. I love to read just about everything. There is so much shocking yet extremely interesting information to be discovered. I am not playing with you. Yes, I can imagine how you feel. I too have felt that way. There is nothing wrong with a little alone time aka "your personal space." Life is too short to wall yourself up and not do things to make "you" happy. I go to all of the "free concerts and other events" out there. Why? For one thing, my taxes have already paid for them. Should I let them ride on and not enjoy what appears to be free. I think not and that would defeat my efforts. Do you swim, like bicycling, how about just boat rides, with the other person driving? I must admit that sometimes, my friends tell me that they ride the "el train" to the end of the line. I do ride it in this fashion as well. It really is fun and sometimes no one is with me. It's "me time" and I am worth it. Yes, I definitely am. I read everything that the library offers and sometimes, I have them order for "free" reading materials that they don't have but come from other libraries. What a plus for anyone who wants this. The library has CDs, videotapes, large print and braille reading materials. Gosh, they have a massive research department. I will not spend my lovely time on this Earth, being in a void. There are tremendous amounts of people who need a "smile" and even a "kind word." They do need me and they sure need you. You have to give in order to receive from life. This does not necessarily relate to the spending of money. I do all that I can to help others and people return that favor. I know no one who is rich so all is fine. As far as kindness to others goes, I am one of the richest people in the world. You can be too. Remember this, "If God be for us, who can be against us?" - Romans 8:31. If you suffer doubts about your purpose in this life, then read Psalm 35 to (Plead My Cause) - You will be reading for a while but it is so worthwhile. I read this particular psalm on a daily basis. I hope that you know how important you are. God makes no mistakes. Peace and God Bless.

Get some friends, or start dating someone. Or get a hobby. The world is full of opportunities, you're just probably not getting enough of it.


country nana
You need Jesus in your life.

because you have not met me

That is what is called the Darkness, the Abyss, and you fill it with Light.

Yeah, it sounds like depression has you in its thrall.

I'd advise counselling for your worries. Find a sympathetic ear who is willing to listen. Seek out assistance. There are any number of groups you can go to who can help you over this hurdle.

Life can be wonderful. If you let it.

Only by letting Jesus come into your heart and be your friend. He wants to, but He won't unless you invite Him. I use to be empty and depressed, but not since I let Jesus come in to my heart.

Well- if you have been feeling "depressed" for over two weeks, see the Dr on your own. Otherwise just try to find something you like to do- get a pet, read a book, exercise, paint, join a club- anything to fill the void in your life.

Warrior Hamster
Maybe you've just noticed that life is a pointless exercise, filled with pain and disappointment.

Even the most successful, happy people die. And when they do their many achievements count for naught because they remember none of it. And sooner or later even their family and loved ones forget them.

Or maybe you need to start drinking more. My friend Mr. Daniels is great at perking me up.

Pinkish Marsh
The feeling of emptiness is probably linked to a mild depression. Most people who are single, may feel empty due to others in relationships. The best thing to do is to sit down and make a list of what you are missing in your life, what is bothering you, and how you can fix it. If it helps at all, the feeling of emptiness takes time to heal, so writing about it may make you feel better.

[email protected]
not sure about the feeling but I would suggest you fill it with the "Holy Spirit" turn your life over to Jesus and you will see a difference

I think that feeling is callled "thats life". We all feel it to a certain extent. Just have to put it to the back of your mind and get on with the good things in your life. Good luck.

Get a hobby.I often have these feelings and I just pull out the Playstation,if Ive had enough of the computer,and how about some country walks,go on holliday,meet people.So much you can do.

James Blond
wait just a little bit longer. what do u mean "then what?" ? ah, then wait a little longer.

A long term upset that has never been resolved....? You need to find answers in other places than where you are looking....? You are in the wrong place at the moment and need to identify who is sitting on your back now or from or since sometime in the past....? Eat some real food? Become more independent.... financially and emotionally. Just a few ideas....

I have had the same feelings. I used to cut daily, attempted suicide 4 time in 4 years, been on life support twice. Last time died, but doctors brought me back. So, you are not the only one out there and don't listen to the BS that some people answer you question with. I felt void for many years and still do at times. It has taken much therapy. But, I don't give therapy all the credit. What I've found that helps more than anything, is staying busy. Also, try finding a creative outlet. Mine is collecting music. Just try to find one thing you can call your own and go with it. But don't give up. Please!

with mushrooms

Go out make friends keep yourself busy enjoy yourself I've felled like that once but I woke up one day and put an end on it just have fun with your life go look for romance

I've been feeling the same way lately. I'm searching for something, but I have no idea what it is. Once I find it, it will fill the void. Until then, I set goals for myself to get by one day at a time. 'Course, I might require meds.

Read some existentialism. Nietsche is a good place to start. He said: "You stare at the void and it stares back".

Rob G
Loneliness? Ring a friend and make some plans.
Or get two cats. They are great to talk to when humans dont care.

Amy A
The longing in your heart is homesickness for God. We were made to be close to our maker. Without him we are all empty and look for something in life to fill that void. I am here to tell you that I used to feel like that all of the time and no amount of drug, alcohol, friends, or even family could change the way I felt until I found God. If you truly want to find happiness let go of the ways of this world and settle down with The lord. God Bless you my friend.

You have to find the inner strength to realize you are worthy of love. You can't fill a void like that without loving yourself.

uncle billy
depression and/or loneliness :(

can i get you a snack?

chronic depression...

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