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 No friends, never had relationship, anti-social, heavy depression, and miserable. 21 years old?
i have a major issue. i'm 21 and i have NO friends, and i've never even had a relationship with a woman. as you can imagine, my days are BORING as crap. i usually stay online for unhealthy ...

 I've been feeling?
I've been feeling depressed and like crying for no reason i'm a virgin, and i'm 14 what's wrong with me?
Additional Details
Okay the men weren't supposed to ...

 How can I stop cutting myself ?
I started cutting again the other night. I have everything I want except one thing: Jake .. how can I get him and stop cutting?...

 What should I do? Please can anyone help me?
OK guys here's the deal last week I was having fear & anxiety about my health.......this was last week now.......but then I remember how'd I went to five different doctors which all ...

 what's your reason for not ending it all???????????????????
Mine is that i have some foolish hope that life will get better. and i'm scared that the christians might be right and if i end my life, ill spend eternal damnation in hell. Whats yours???????...

 Is this normal for a teenager to go through?
im 16 yrs old and for the past 3 years i've been really depressed. Its gotten so bad in the last year that i actually tried to comment suicide a couple of times but was too scared to do it.

 I'm Contemplating Suicide?
I've been on medication and have been going to therapy for quite a while none of it seems to work, so i'm going to ask what you people think i should do. I can't take it anymore

 What's your phobia?
I have a fear of hospitals, anything clinical, needles you name it.
Also sirens and ambulaces.
What's your phobia?...

 Really really depressed someone help?
im 13 and a guy everyone picks on me at school all because im short and look like crap i have no friends our family barley has any money my parents are really old i get really bad grades at school ...

 what's a good stress reliever?

 Could i be addicted at 15?
i am 15 old girl. in the middle of june me and my freinds really wanted to smoke for some reason so we found her dad cigs and took to out for us. then a couple of days after we found to packs of cigs ...

 My daughter just turned 7 and she has anger issues that come out of nowhere. Also she hates her life?
She has an obsessive compulsive disorder and adhd. The other day my oldest daughter and her were swimmimg and just laughing having a good ole time when she just snapped and shoved my oldest down and ...

 No hope left.. What do I do now?
At 13 yrs old, these problems are probably nothing compared to what's out in the "real world", but the stress and pain keep piling up and I don't think I can handle this much ...

 i feel so depressed but dont want help?
im so depressed i am always angry at everything everyting annoys me i just cry cuz im sik of everything but i dont want counselling i have been threw this and i hate counselling any other way i can ...

 do i need help to stop cutting?
my friends are mad at me because i cutt myself. i want to get help butt i dont want to get sent away, or tell my mom.ive tried to tell my sister but she takes it out of porportion. if i tell my mom ...

 How can someone on Y!A think they can diagnose you with a mental disorder or personality based on 1 question?
Based on a brief question, 1 lady called herself, trying to diagnose me with Cluster B personality traits & narcissistic. No one has ever called me that before!

& I know I have low ...

 why do i always sleep?
i sleep, wake up and eat, watch tv til i fall asleep again, and im only getting worse. im falling asleep typing this question right now? help me?
Additional Details
i sleep 12 to 18 hrs ...

Ok whenever something happens like my head will hurt and I automaticlly think I have a tumor, or other thinks like that. I just get ...

 What could be wrong with someone who is unable to hold a minimum wage job? Can't pretty much anyone do an?
adequate job at one?...

 Why am I having so many nightmares?
It's not just one or two dreams, it's every time I close my eyes. I lay awake for hours because every time I come close to slipping into the unconscious world a terrible something or ...

What do you worry about in life?

more things than i can mention - life in general really, the future, my own mind, what other people think of me etc etc

a lot of things like children study,worry about not earning enought and saving enought for raining day.

I worry about not having anything to worry about..

What do you worry about?

I worry mainly about my friends and family being hurt or dying.
Also being depressed again.
The future and about whether my best friends really happy.

Syallow Simca
i worry about having a failure job in the future, do something bad so I'll be in jail... , maybe about marriages or other life-problems?

the main thing: will I go to heaven or hell?

generally the things which I cannot control !

Loved by some, hated by most!
Everything I am a worrier.

im scared of people....im serious

Dance with me <3

erin h
good grades and the ACT and getting into college

Cσηνєяѕє Cяαzу ☂
I worry about the weird and basic things.

-How l am going to cope living on my own
-How will l cope when l am getting to an old age
-Will l end up getting cancer in life.
-Will l fail at a certain career.

Other then that, l just try to enjoy my life, and live it. We all have stuff to deal with, but lt doesn't mean we have to worry about things. Because, that's life.

Love, at the moment.

I worry about the unknown and what others think...=)


Laura S
I worry that I will never find my true Purpose in Life.


Big E
the only thing in live that your garrenteed is to die.... so why spend time worring about anything

no matter what religion you are... you god will always supply what you need...and there is always a better afterlife.

so live life to its fullest and dont worry about the dumb things people worry about... like money problems.

Not a single thing.

Mrs G
I worry about the effects all the Publicity " Cancer " seems to be getting ... every 2 mins its on TV on the Radio - everyone talks about somebody having it - getting it - we are all going to worry our self sick.

not being able to pass the law bar exam
and not being able to bear a child
[i really hope im stable, i wouldnt be complete without a baby of my own]

Truth Seeker
My children's future


The Future

That I don't f*ck up the really important things.

dave by the sea
Being alone the rest of my life

i know it sounds vain, but getting old, and being alone

▐▀▀✿▀▀▌ LIL BEAR ▐▄▄✿▄▄▌
How I am going to be able to support a family. My husband and I need to figure out what our calling is and make some $ so we can finally have kids. I'm 22 and he's 24.

school work and exams :(

My health .... coping with my sick and aged dog ..... my job ..... not having enough energy to look after a house and garden .... what I will have for dinner tonight .... but then I watch Coronation Street and all seems well .... for half an hour anyway!

anything and everything

Lorna W
I worry about my daughter's well being - a victim of child abuse.
I worry about getting through each month without being overdrawn $$
I worry about the bill collectors calling me at all hours,
I worry about my credit rating getting worse and worse because I can't pay.
I worry about my animals' health.
I worry about not having enough money to pay for the co-pay for my medicine at the pharmacy.
I worry about my own depression and if I can keep on going with all of the above worries!
btw - I am medicated and I've seen a therapist and a psychiatrist - for years!!

I worry about all the abused animals in the world.
I worry about the animals that will be extinct because of global warming due to the selfishness of mankind.
I worry about the peoples on our earth needing to fight with one another instead of finding a way to get along with each other.
All of this can and will be solved one day - I hope.

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