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I'm Gonna Tell You
What do you think of people who become obessed with you from Y!Answers?
To the point that they follow who you pick for best answer and also follow your questions later just to give their opinon of your last question? Shouldn't stalking be banned from Y! Answers?

I feel that this person is mentally disturbed and it's only proving that mental illnesses can't be treated by the fully functioning for fear they will be harrassed by these types.
Additional Details
Not to worry, I'm not 'freaked" about it, actually me and my husband are laughing at this guy!

I think that I almost wanted to email this girl because I thought she sounded attractive on YA! but I opted against it. Because in reality I already sleep with multiple women each night and can't afford any more.

Awww come on who gave me a thumbs down for saying that?! Turn that frown upside down.

If you're asking this, then you PROBABLY pissed somebody off! Usually, on THIS site, it takes a hell of a lot to do that. What DID you say??! lol

Yes you have a really good point there, when someone follows you , and every question you may as or answer, that is a kind of stalking , and you should really talk with the yahoo answer people about this person, they can stop him / her from doing this to you, or even knowing when you are on line at all, yes there could be a mental problem, casue i would have to say that stalking or becoming obessed with a person on here, is a mental health issue, and i would really contact them and give them the id name of the person, all you have to do is hit a flag and it will let you send a message to them, and they will want to know who you are talking about, and what they are doing. then they can take care of it , and be sure to ask them to contact you and let you know what they did about it.
casue you can get help else where if they do not take care of the problem. please be very careful, and contact them, god bless you and keep you safe now and forever. Please contact them about this

robert p
WOW I Can't Awnser This Sounds Like Cyber Stuff I Deal In Real Time Events This Is Like Fictional Stalking And Sounds Very Strange.You Got A New Name

Is he here now?

It is kind of freaky. Just be careful what information you actually put up (i.e. don't put where you are going or mention actual locations).

Warmth and Smiles.

i think that it is stupid and just ask them to back away

been there done that you can report them all you want and yahoo will not do a thing.you just have to deal with it.i also think people who answer negativly about other countries national days should be a bit more polite.
by the way i dont mean i stalked anyone.

I don't have an answer for that, but hey, at least you're in the right place!

its just yahoo answers....dont freak out

It's the Internet! What the heck did you expect lady.

Try reality, it's marginally better!

get another profile.

The World
It never happened to me. I call people who are interested in my questions friends, generally. Also, what do you mean by becoming obsessed, exactly? Because everybody follows people who they are interested in once or twice and even come across them and take the chance to answer to the same person since they already know them. Maybe you are taking this too seriously...

they need to get a life,cause this is just for fun....

[email protected]
I'd send a message to HOME.
This person needs to get a life!

Report them to yahoo or change your id

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