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 I need some serious help now!?
I seriously, have no reason to live, why?
No reason, im NOT looking for attention I am being serious, I have been thinking about it for days now, think its bout time I ended it all.
Long ...

 I have no friends no life and no one to talk to about anything?
What in hell should i do? I spend 7 days a week wondering , hmmmm...
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You say go make friends , as if its the easiest thing to do in the world.......

 Can my boss keep ringing me while I'm off sick?
Help needed urgently!!! I'm off sick from work with a four week sicknote from the doctor for stress and depression. Caused in no small part by my boss who is a bully and a complete control ...

 I am going to be all alone New Year's Eve what can I do?
There is no friends' house I can go to or anything. Just cut & dry I am going to be alone for the majority of the night. What can I do? Drinking & talking to Mary Jane gets old when you&#...

 Thinking of Suicide...?
I know it sounds lame and everybody thinks it at somepoint, but I have no one to listen to me or that would care... actually it is going to help my family out alot... This depression is just too much....

 How would you react if your child attempted suicide?

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I myself have no ...

 Would really like a cuddle, even a virtual one! Please?

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Thank you all you lovely people! ...

 10 yrs and I'm still angry with life after death of 16 year old daughter?
it will be the 10th annivesary of my daughters death on the 12 feb, I am still angry with life and with myself for not being able to make her well, I have struggled with life and lonliness since she ...

 Used to cut, should I wear shortsleeves and not care what people think or keep hiding it?
Up until 6 months ago, I was cutting myself for a lot of reasons and my grandparents found out (I live with them), so I haven't since. I have some scarring on my forearms, and I've gone ...

 I need help.....!!?!?!?
I am really anxious right now and i am b-polar..i also have ptsd and anxiety disorder..should i tell my mom or no? What do i do?!?!
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yesh i been ...

 Does anyone think talking to yourself is crazy?
i usually imagine being interviewed on national tv and i replay the interview by talking to myself in my room about controversial topics. And when i come back to reality i feel like a idiot does ...

 I know I have a choice, but I'm not sure which is best. How can I decide?
I know I have a choice: stay sober and live, or drink and die.

It seems the longer I'm sober, the more appealing the 2nd option is.

Its been 10 months and my life is still ...

 Whoa....Im Scared..My Doctors scaring me.?
im worried.
becuase i went to the docotor and they made me pee tested.
and the docotr said my pee had lots of protein.
now my moms talking about it posssibly being benine.
or ...

 Can anyone give me some comforting words or tell me something funny?
Lonely and going through insomniac stage. Nearly 3.30 am in UK. Be much appreciated. x Anyone else suffer from same thing? x
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Thank you, you all helped. Still can'...

 if youve had a tough, hard life and you feel its turned you into a serious intense person, how do you undo all
the damage that youve suffered in your life, and rediscover that childlike, youthfull carefree mentality?
im 30 years old now have borderline pd have endured alot of pain, trauma and hardship ...

 My brother and his girlfriend?
Well, a few days ago, my parents were out for dinner so my mom told my brother to take me somewhere to eat. So he drags his girlfriend along, I had always known she was slightly arrogant. Well we got ...

 I get angry quickly. I'm very hot tempered. need to be relaxed and control my anger. any suggestions? thanks

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thank you for all your answers, its comforting know that many share the same issue and manage to deal with it. thank you ...

 how can i find if its true?.....?
my friends are trying to tell me i have an eating Disorder.......
i don't think i do. i know i need help for other things, like cutting.
sometimes i just get sooo down. almost every ...

 What would you do if tomorrow you would wake up and find out that you're BLIND!?
How would you react, and would your life stop there?...

 Are you still able to drink alcohol while taking antidepressants?
I've been taking Wellbutrin XL 300MG for 3 months and I havent drank ANY alcohol till today. My family bought several bottles of Sangria (which I love). So I had a glass at dinner....

What do you think Mark Speight could have done over the last fortnight that would have stopped him...?
...from taking his life?

He was obviously very tormented. But what do you think he could have done to turn his life around from the point of dispair ?

More to the point where were his friends and family
did they not realise his state of mind and support him through his trauma.

go back six months...stay off the coke...sorted!

Not gone on a drink and drugs binge in the first place.............problem solved!!!

Stay at home. Watch Jeremy Kyle, learnt not to tie such a good knot in his rope he used. Maybe not have carried the impression of Saddam of so well.

screaming babies
I didn't really get the sleeping pills thing.

Lesley, 29, UK
nothing he'd obviously set his mind to thats what he was going to do.
*Adi your answer is shocking there are plenty of people out there who have lost loved ones in that way

Dark Crusader
spoken to his friends

had friends with him & try comfort him. im still finding it hard to take in that mark took his life. i loved his shows, the best one was SMart in the late 90s with mr blobby & tony hart.
we will all miss him :(

Pedro B
I think he has been hanging around for the last week or so at Paddington station.
Maybe we should ask the person that has been selling him and his girl friend the stuff they have been sticking up there noses. He is probably out there tonight doing the same thing to some one else.

I think even if he could have got professional help it may still not have healed his broken heart. I also think he felt guilty for her dying.

He wanted to join her in the next life.

A very tragic story............................

Sought professional help maybe. He was obviously in a very bad way to take his own life....

Poor bloke

Grew up watching SMart, he was a total legend

,When you lose your partner its like you are in a different world especially suddenly like that ,I experienced it when my Husband died suddenly of a heart attack,Everything seems unreal ,The world looks different ,And you relive it over and over ,seeing him lying there lifeless,two years now and i still lay awake going over it, But I have a good supportive family ,and it does get better with time,Could I have stopped him Smoking could I have fed him different ,And he had guilt feelings worse than I ever experienced Poor bloke ,

Smoochy Poochy
absolutley nothing-he chose to do something, for what ever reason. He set out to do it and it was his decision alone.
it's sad for those left behind, but this is what he wanted. his life was finished for him.

devine diva
i dont think there was anything HE could have done. I think he was so depressed all logic and sense had left him and had been replaced by guilt, self loathing and grief.
for him their was no other way but to kill himself, he saw that as the only way to release himself from the negative feelings and the black hole he found himself in and be reunited with the love of his life. and i hope he achieved that.
I think when you get so low you cant even think straight then there is nothing you can do to turn yourself around. Thats where family and friends come in.
but, saying that, no one could watch him 24/7, no one could have prevented him from taking his own life. i think if someone is that determined to take their own life and so depressed that really nothing else matters, then no one can stop them, they will always find a way
god bless him i hope he found the peace in heaven that evaded him on earth x

This may seem harsh (but it IS true) but if the two of them hadn't been doing their heads in with booze and cocaine, TWO people would be alive today. And there would be two less families grieving.

EDIT: Just been reading the other answers and noticed that the ones (like me) who have told the truth - that these two were into booze and drugs - are getting plenty thumbs down. WHY? We're only telling the TRUTH! HER death may have been an accident but it WAS caused by drugs and booze. He probably committed suicide because he couldn't handle the fact that HE was so out of it on the same stuff as her that he couldn't save her. And it wasn't a one-off. Her nose was ruined by coke. The only surprise was that it hadn't came to light before since he was a presenter on a children's programme and the powers-that-be aren't long in getting rid of the druggies.

i recon he was deeply in love and he lost her.. so there was no point in living... heart broken totally... so there was nothing that he could do but control his emotions...

Sir Topham's Crack
Unfortunately when a person is determined to take their own life they will. I see it all the time as I work on the railways in London and beyond. A person commits suicide because they have gone beyond all reason and cannot see any solution to their torment. the amount of "one unders" I've seen and dealt with is incredible. Suicide is the last act of a desperate and lonely person.

heidi the ghosthunter
the police should have 'sectioned' him, if they TRULY felt he was 'vulnerable'
just my opinion

Hot Pink - yummy mummy to be
seeked professional help, although i think he was at the stage where he simply did not want to and he wanted to be with his lover

Sought counselling. I had never heard of him till his girlfriend died, and whilst my heart goes out to their family and friends I am on objective onlooker to what has occurred. Here were two successful young people who spent at least part of their leisure time indulging in drink and drugs, their choice, but a fact nonetheless. After a nights "partying" (Mr Speights word) he went to bed and left his girlfriend alone. She, whilst under the influence of both, tragically died. I imagine his guilt was overwhelming, add to this that his drug taking had probably cost him his career as a children's entertainer and no wonder the poor man was in torment. My point is, that this is being portrayed as a devasted lover wishing only to be reunited with his dead fiancee. I see it more as a man wracked with guilt, his future career in tatters, who could see no other way out. This does not lessen the tragedy of two talented lives lost, it just highlights why people in this situation fail to seek help. They view their situation differently to the commonly held public perception and cannot admit to themselves or others how they really feel.

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