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Mark O
What are the syntoms of bi polar depression?

A sad face alongside a attraction towards magnets

Low Profile
The feeling of Extreme depression, and for no reason, go for a jog and swear that's a good release,
it will pass
Ryan Dior

I wish I could.........
feeling happy one minute then unhappy for no reason and also a person could get upset with someone for no reason and along with crying

See the BLACK DOG INSTITUTE website, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris on page 10, and read the section.

Bipolar, also use to be known as Manic/Depressive. Varying degrees of this. Some symptoms include a period of feeling extremely happy, and sometimes will be accompanied by spending too much and not really caring, and in severe cases, the person seems to be "bouncing off the walls" so to speak, the life of the party, laughing, joking, appearing to have the time of their lives. The other side of this is the periods of total depression for no apparent reason, withdrawing yourself from groups for no apparent reason, sleeping alot, not wanting to come out of your house, and in the most severe cases, thoughts of suicide. Truth be known, there doesn't seem to be reasons for these mood swings because it is a chemical process that needs to be treated by a psychiatrist. Usually counseling combined with medication helps.

Have you been diagnosed with bipolar?

If you haven't had a period of hypomania or mania for a minimum of one week straight, you don't have bipolar and therefore don't have bipolar depression.

Bipolar depression is basically the same as regular depression. A bipolar mixed state is depression and hypo/mania at the same time. This is different than regular depression - reduced *need* for sleep, racing thoughts, too much energy, depressed, intensely irritable, probably irrational, want to die and have the energy to do it.

If you haven't been diagnosed, see a psychiatrist. The illness is only found in 1-2% of the population. It is not nearly as common as popular opinion suggests. Nearly all with it have close relatives with bipolar, schizophrenia, or recurring major depression.


Use this link to the Mind website, the information is easy to read and understand.

Understanding bipolar disorder:

Hope this helps.

Eye see!
This is a good site.
http://www.mixednuts.net/bipolar.html also


The symptoms of Bipolar Depression are followed by a Bipolar Mania cycle. Once you drop drastically and super fast from mania into manic depression you will feel the signs and symptoms of a depressive phase but it is to the extreme. Some examples may be, but not all inclusive are:

Decreased energy
Not participating in your normal routine/activities
weight loss/gain
Secluding yourself from others]
Loss of joy
Feeling of hopelessness
Aches and pains
Negative thinking about yourself, others, or situations
loosing responsibility, i.e. making dinner, paying bills, self care, etc...
laying around eith in bed or on the couch
A general sense of just not caring
Feelings that there is little to no help
Not understanding why you are feeling so poorly
Thoughts of suicide
Attempted suicide
and more...

If you feel you are suicidal or even have the smallest thought of any form of suicide or the world would be better off w/out you and so on then you need to call:

Your MD
Go to the nearest ER
Call someone to be with you
Call 1-800-SUICIDE hotline
Repeatedly try to fight each and every feeling/thought of suicide until help arrives.

Suicide is not worth it. How can I say this? I have Bipolar 1 Severe and when I am in my manic depressive phase I have suicidal tendencies and have actually attempted suicide 2x.

If at any time you want to talk to me for any reason, PLEASE contact me. My contact info is in my profile, both email and IM.

Hang in there. Even though it doesn't seem like it right now, there is light at the end of the tunnel, there is hope, there is support, you are loved, and there is help. Just reach out your hand and we will grab it and help pull you up.


This is a support grp I have started just recently, please sign up so you can have access to the files I have place there for ppl to download. Also we meet every Wednesday at 10PM EST. I will need your IM as we do not have a real chat room yet so we meet via IM Conference and it works out well. I hope we see you there, they are a fantastic small group of people with Bipolar.

Be safe and be well

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