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What are some methods that I can use to forget about my depression?
if only for 5 minutes.
Additional Details
Wow, Adam, I AM a girl =P

People spend a lot of time trying to run away from their depression and other mental anxieties. They run to drugs and anything to divert their minds away from the cause.
Instead face it head on. Lie down and close your eyes and lie absolutely still.Do not move any part of of your body. Stay like that for 20 minutes and just let any thought come into your mind.Face the anxiety of your own mind.
You may feel a lot of anxiety welling up inside you but do not move and do not try to switch your mind to something else.
In a while the feeling will dissipate.
Make this a part of your daily routine.

sweet guy
pray----try gettting a job,
fix yourself up, play video games, watch tv

sakura li
do something that you like the most.but if i be you..i would hit or punch a pillow..with feeling!!!or go some where that very calm and peace....

You shouldn't really "forget" about depression. Neither is it easy to do, plus it would only last for a very short time and it'll hit you even harder when it comes back, making you retreat from reality even more so, causing you to isolate yourself from everything and everybody.
You should use methods that help to ease your depression.
I have provided a link for you below - I hope it helps :)
Normally talking to someone you trust helps to take the burden off - and there's always someone out there who is willing to listen, even when you don't think so. Professional help is a good step sometimes.

get into some positive activities to pass the time and to get your mind off of things like me I like to play chess, play soccer, or sometimes i help my dad fix the house it really helps me to get away from my problems

Well depression stems from so many different things, so I wish I could help you on a certain topic, but in general, depression is a state of mind. Most of the time people like feeling depressed because it just seems right, and I am speaking from experience. It feels right because it is right. It is a human emotion, so feeling it is ok, but acting on it is never ok. I will stop there though about acting on it though because this isn't a motivational speach about suicide, you can go to someone way more stupid than I to hear that crap.

I think that you have to put yourself forward, make new relationships. It's always a journey when you are walking right next to someone, especially someone new. For the most part, I think you should take up writing. Don't do it when you are depressed, just do it when you're mind is at peace, it is at those times when we find that focus is almost never ending.

But to be blunt about it, get off your ***. Go get a movie, or hell, go spend your whole pay check on junk food. Who cares? Do what makes you happy.

E-mail me if you need anything :]
And also: Never, ever seek professional help about it unless you are close to death. What you are feeling, is absolutly normal and unless you explore it, you will never learn what you could have known. Don't ever be afraid of yourself.

well pray and get close to god
it feels good to know that eventhough the whole world might seem to hate you, theres always one who dosnt Him

well.. what i do is listen to music.. or write about it. it always makes me feel good to know its out on paper how i feel. hide it and dont read it. just let the pen and ink flow. then fold it up, hide it, or rip it. something so just you and the paper knows whats going on. and you can always email me lol

listen to bubbly 0
You make me smile please stay for a while... never mind i just sang it so badly... great now its stuck in my head... you make me smile... thanks a lot!!!

A hobby! The key thing is to keep your mind occupied with something else. Read, play games, exercise, slap your little brother around. (just kidding!)

The more active you are, the less you will think about it!

1.Get out and walk fifteen minutes
2.Think of a situation, a place where you were very happy.
3.See a therepist,that way u can get some typpe of medication for ur depression....

Go get counseling. It'll help,trust me...Drugs and alcohol won't help at all;it'll just make you go deeper in depression because the chemicals (of course) alter what the brain perceives. And these substances also will affect your health years down the road.

I understand what you're going through,I've been there and I still am.

The best thing for you to do is get help because you can't get through it alone. Read up on depression and you'll definitely find out some routes of therapy and you'll have to figure out which one is right for you.

love child
Doing something that you love doing . . .Physical activity is often good (walking, jogging, tennis, swimming, volleyball, bowling, golf, kickboxing, etc.). Or if you are artistic, lose yourself in your art, playing music, writing, drawing, singing. And if you are really depressed, you may want to find a group. Your community probably has some type of hotline or weekly meetings.

I deal with depression as well; I hope you have sought professional help...if not, please talk to someone about your symptoms, because they rarely go away on their own. My point is just to make sure you are trying to deal with it and not just forget about it though. If you are trying to deal with it and just want to escape for a bit, I recommend volunteering somewhere; I don't know if that is your style, but it is one of the only things that works for me. That way you focus on others I guess, and not yourself. That works best for me. Just as long as you don't use alcohol or drugs; they just make you more depressed in the long term, unfortunately.

u could think of what you have good in life

Try doing something that you love to enjoy doing to pass the time and then try to keep your mind positive on work, friends and some delicacy( ice cream, shrimp). Don't think about the negatives because it will sink you faster than you think.
Be happy and positive

You don't need to forget your depression. You need to deal with it, then move on. If you have Depression and haven't dealt with it, explore your options, sweetie. Please contact me if you need to!

the best way to forget about it and improve the condition is movement....and better yet, to get busy with something, work, exercise, anything that will get your body and mind working...good luck

Conversation. Exercise. Music. Art.

Just force yourself to do something.

exercise until your exhausted, then go to sleep.

Mak Khanshi
listen to some hyper/happy music

don't listen to depressing songs!! and you'll be fine ^.~

play some games too...can be anything ranging from sports to tetris, pinball, solataire, on the computer ^.~

take some time off and go somewhere profound

~Simply me~
when u find out tell me! :(

Sofa King
Watch Bugs Bunny cartoons

Daisy S
read something inspirational to you, it could be the bible or a poem. anything that is happy and meaningful.

be active mentally and physically.

Zorki K
Run like hell for 5 minutes everyday. You will soon forget all about depression.

Jay D
i keep busy, i purposely check myself when i think, if i think something bad i stop myself and try to think a new way. make more plans with friends, get a new hobby, keep busy!

Miss Blue & Riley too.
Animals and nature.

Surround yourself in stuff that doesn't care about how you look, what kind of person you are or how you dress.

Animals couldn't care about any of that...as long as you are kind, they'll listen to your problems.

The ocean is another good listener.

Good luck xxoo

Hit the gym!

drink alot of beer

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