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 I feel suicidal and need somebody to talk to anyone please?
If there were any online counseling sites i'd try that; but there aren't. If you have experience/ know how I'd appreciate someone to talk to. I'm only 14 and I'm not on here ...

 Help! We just had a family Crisis.?
My 72 year old grandpa had an accident when using an electric saw, and cut 4 of his fingers off on his right hand. They are trying to save 2 of them. He just got out of surgery. I don't know ...

 My childs father has moved on w/ another women. I'm so upset all the time and miss him. What can I do ?
We just started a company togther and have many investment properties together. He said we can still do our buisness together but that we can't be together. How do I get over him when I'm ...

 When eating ANIMAL CRACKERS, do you imagine you're TORTURING the ANIMALS?
Do you look at them and say: "I'm going to eat your legs two by two!" or "I'll bite off your head!", "You'll be a trunkless elephant!", and then imagine ...

 how many people are awake right now?
Well i'm in Texas and its 1:03 in the morning, i can't go to sleep,
But what time is it where you guys are at?
Additional Details
I'm in fort worth, Texas....

 What to do if you are feeling suicidal? Seriously?
I'm ...

 Can teenagers under 15 have depression?

 How do I stop myself from being tired?
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 I'm going to visit my friend in a psych unit tomoro. What can I do to make her feel better?
She's suicidal and has a personality disorder....

 My 7 year old so was HALLUCINATING! Help me!?
This morning at about 5AM In in morning, my son woke me up to seeing bugs spiders and flies and aunts crawling on the floor and spider webs. He was up for about 1 hour trying to convince me that ...

 Daughter been told could have mental illness like bipolar, she gets top marks at school. How can this be right?

 I'm insane?
have u ever woke up at like 6 am and heard little kid voices laughing or crying? i think i'm losing me ...

 How do you stop hating yourself and everyone around you?

 Is this normal? I don't know if somethings wrong...?
A lot of times I'll just start feeling sad for no apparent reason. I cry pretty easily and also sometimes I'll just start crying for no real reason. I've been under a bunch of stress ...

 Please help me understand what's going on.......PLEASE!!!!?
i know something's wrong with me i just don't know what it is. You see, i go through moods and feelings in like a second. Sometimes i catch myself talking to myself. And i get really angry ...

 Over emotional and crying for no reason...?
For almost 2 weeks I have just been an emotional wreck and I just don't know why. I mean just crying for no apparent reason, over a commercial even...i am on antidepressants...and have told my ...

 Do I sound strong or weak?
I'll make this as short as I possibly can. I'm 17 and a guy. I've lived with am alcoholic dad who was abusive towards my mom. My entire family is crazy and doesn't really care ...

 What is the least painful and possibly the quickest way to kill yourself?
With the exception of a gun shot to the head....

 What Would You Do If A Crazy Person Tried To Kill You?
what would you do just an interesting question
watch this vid, what would you do?

 is there any point in living?
hi my life is relly bad i ave no friends at school i all ways get bulled i can't sleep a night becuse of this, what shall i do cometing sucide or to stay alive....

circa 1980
What's your way of comforting yourself?
If you're feeling down, do you have ways of making yourself feel better? Music does it for me a lot. Enya is therapeutic for me.

Honestly, I buy chicken and chips and rent a DVD box set of a good TV show.. Doesn't help in the long term but it's good for around 4 hours.

Reading. It lets me escape my world and whats going on in reality and escape into a characters life, something I don't actually have to deal with.

yes music helps for me too, but what really helps and it may sound a bit obsessive, but i get out the cleaning supplies. Do the dishes, clean the counters, sweep, mop, take the trash,vacume,scrub the toilet...etc...i think its more of a focusing tool, i havent really found out how to comfort myself.

two words - bubble bath

I have a torrid affair with Ben & Jerry.

Sweet liquor !

turn off the enternal dialog

I usually like silence around me so I take to my room and bed and just be alone with my thoughts.

jay j

Music. Sometimes, nothing else makes me feel better but to cry and pray. Then sleep.

Going to the mall and touching the Prada and the manolos that are on sale so that I can almost afford them... To really make it go away. I actually FIND a pair I can have. That makes everything better!

It makes everything else just go away like background noise.

Joe Somebody
Cap'tn Morgan and some video games does it for me. :o)

always think about your QUALITIES.think about GOOD THINGS you did in past
remember the succsess in your life you achieved.
look around you are better in many things than others.
look how many problems people have which you dont have.
and make a strong commitment that you want to be out of this situation at any cost.

Teddie M
Prayer, counting my blessings, praising God. Nothing like focusing on something way bigger than yourself to put thing in perspective.

Beer, pizza, and football during football season. The rest of the year maybe a hot bath and a nice facial mask with music and candles.

crying in natural way...but this is not suitable for men - of course!

eat some cold ice cream or anything sweet..

watch some movies..

Mandi Pandi
well for me it is taking a nice long bubble bath with scented candles and soothing music.

Lynda M ♥
A pedicure or massage does the trick for me. Also, eating a very unhealthy dessert with my best friend works as well!

Music, a comedy, prayer, checking what I am eating (that can make me depressed if I have too much sugar or carbs), take a walk, read a good book, hug my cat (who hugs back!).

Whatever works for you, go a head and do it. For me, I first make myself realize that this situation is only temporary and will soon pass, and, better things are on the horizon. Then, I generally take myself out for a nice dinner, have some wine, then go home and put some nice relaxing new age music on the stereo and relax. Sometimes, I will get a massage after dinner.

a warm bath

ya native american flute music,,but then i have another addiction
them lil sour candy's smarties i eat a bag a day

lobster with butter and lemon,baked potatoe with butter sour cream cheese,bacon bits and chives and side of asparagus,what could be more comforting?

~♥ L ♥~
I have a water fountain thats sends such gentle sounds of water trickling on the rocks ,I turn that on and I get a hot bath and some hot herbal tea, after that I find either a great book or a great movie and I just relax and give myself time to rejuvinate .

the first poster said it well "torrid affair with Ben & jerry" but not every time... Enya is therapeutic for me too! I concur!

I also pray, God comforts me:) He knows everything that has happened, but still likes to hear it from you, so I pray to him, I tell him all of my worries, and ask for his help... He knows everything and whats best, and it comforts me to know that he wouldn't let anything happen to me that I could not handle!

I also like to take a bubble bath... then I slip into my silky smooth pjs, furry slippers, light candles, and put a jazz cd in, I make hot cocoa and put some bailey's in it (its soooo delectable!strongly recomend!!) and just let the aroma of the candles calm my nerves... you can find soothing candle scents just about anywhere!

Chamomile tea is great for when i don't have baileys ;)

but for those times when I can't relax, or sit down for two seconds put together... usually when I'm facing a deadline or if I;m angry about something... I get into a cleaning frenzy, I tire myself out by laundry, cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing the floor, organizing my home office, cleaning my sheets, etc etc... by the time I'm done, I'm ready to crash, and have a clean house to wake up to, and clean fresh sheets to fall asleep wrapped in...

so did i just ramble or what? and its friday, so after the art showing I have tonight, i will be taking that bath, and getting comfy and having my special hot cocoa!!! and I am sleeping in tomorrow, and hopefully waking up to fresh fallen snow!!!

TGIF!! happy weekend everyone!!

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