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What's the likelihood of my anxiety attacks going away?
Hi. I'm a 23 year old male, and I've recently started to have mild anxiety attacks. The first couple of times were bad; I thought I was really ill, and I went to emergency. It's happened about twice a day since then for the past week.
I've learned that they won't hurt me, and I manage to stay pretty calm during them now. It's really just my heart racing and my stomach churning a bit; otherwise I am calm.
I'm healthy, and stress-free (I think). I do yoga and exercise regularly.
Is it likely that I have to deal with this for the rest of my life, or is it possible that it will go away?
Additional Details
I don't take drugs... and I don't want to, even to help me with this (I don't even drink coffee). The attacks are mild, from what I've read; I just want to go back to being the old me, which I was less than a week ago!
Thanks to everyone for their answers.

With the proper drugs they can be managed.

They are unlikely to go away without treatment. They are highly likely to go away with correct treatment.

The correct treatment is cognitive behavioral. This is only effective when done by seeing the correct doctor. The correct doctor is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. This is someone with a PhD in Clinical Psychology or a PsyD from an accredited university who has taken your state's licensure exam and now has the right to use the legally defined term "Licensed Clinical Psychologist". Almost all other practitioners are, quite frankly, frauds. They can't help you although they will talk a good game. You could waste alot of time and money with various "therapist" or "psychotherapists" and other non-defined terms used by people who aren't qualified to treat mental illness. At best, it will do nothing. At worst, it will really screw up your disorder. Instead, go see a QUALIFIED doctor. These people will use specific techniques that are well researched in the peer reviewed medical literature to work for your condition. It won't happen overnight. But, it WILL happen. Probably will take a couple times a week for six months to a year with lots of work you are doing at home. But, you most certainly CAN get a handle on this.

But, it won't just go away on its own.

One last thing. The most common cause of mental illness is drug use. The most common drug used and causing this is pot. Pot is not safe. It causes I would estimate, about half of all mental illness. If you are smoking pot or worse, this is the cause of your anxiety disorder. Nothing can help you until you stop using. The other side of that coin is, 90% of the work is done if you simply stop doing that horseshit. It's easy to do, and effective as hell, so you have no excuse for not doing it. If you won't, don't waste the valuable time of the doctor in the fruitless pursuit of treatment you aren't serious about. Someone else who actually can benefit needs that time you are wasting. Instead, sit on your couch being a waste of life and deal with the consequences and try not to be a burden on other people.

The yoga may help enough to reduce them to rare. But everyone gets those flashes of adrenalin once in awhile. Other things you can do is notice when it happens -- what do the various times have in common? -- and therefore what may be triggering the attacks. Lots of people would say you should see a therapist, but I think this is the sort of thing you can treat yourself. Once you note what may be triggering the attacks, confront that fear directly and get over it. Is is heights? Speaking in public, or to strangers? Or even just going out of your own home? When you say "twice a day," I'm thinking the trigger is probably something very common. Try keeping a diary and recording all the significant factors whenever you have an attack.

I would also recommend you speak to the people at the local health food store about herbal supplements that might help. My own choice would be St. John's Wort, but that's more for depression than anxiety attacks, although they are much connected. Valerian is calming, but makes some people sleepy.

This is a very good blog, a beginner’s guide to abnormal psychology.
Short, clear and simple; and you can even post your question and contact the author regarding particular subject you are interested in


Take paxil, it limits attacks.
Alos, talk with a psychologist to learn more coping mechinsms to help deal with anxirty attacks as well.

I used to get those, and yes, they did go away. It took a long time, 20 or more years, and they're not entirely gone.

I think as you become a more confident adult, though, the attacks lessen.

There is help out there, too. Therapy and sometimes medicine can work wonders.

You don't have to live with it (like I did). Talk to your doctor about it. S/he should be able to help.

Good luck.

Whether it goes away or not really depends on how you handle it. I went through a period in my life when I suffered from serious panic attacks. I took it as a warning sign, an opportunity to make some lifestyle changes. I made a regular discipline out of meditation, which has calmed me drastically. Yoga is great, too.

As someone else said, you might want to figure out what things in your life are causing you anxiety, and either make some lifestyle changes or develop some better stress-management skills. A counselor can help. I personally did a lot of independent study - self-improvement reading, which may be kind of cheesy, but it made a big difference for me.

Here's a little trick for the times when you're having an anxiety attack. Instead of fighting it, try to lean into it. Focus your awareness on the sensations, and watch them. Where are the feelings in your body? What do they feel like? What do they look like? Are they moving? Do they have a color? Bring a lot of awareness to what's going on inside you, instead of trying to distract yourself from it, which is one's natural inclination. I've found this kind of observatory non-resistance to be the quickest and easiest way through uncomfortable mental states. Remember the saying: "What we resist persists."

One last thing. It's really popular nowadays to say that mental ailments are "chemical." Technically, that's true. But keep in mind that every thought we have is chemical. When you have a happy thought, that releases chemicals. When you have a sad thought, that releases chemicals. Take medication if you need it, (and a doctor prescribes it), but understand that this is often just treating the symptoms, a bandaid rather than a cure for the underlying causes, which typically have a lot more to do with our thinking habits than anything else. (My humble belief, not a qualified medical opinion, and not applicable in all cases.)

Anyway, keep up with the exercise and yoga, and good luck!

The chances of your anxiety going away will be much greater if you don't worry about it.

If you face your fears you weaken them.

If you avoid them they grow.

Look at every anxious situation as an opportunity to weaken fears hold on you..

Don't take drugs..

. .

The likelyhood of them going away on their own is slim to none. However if you seek help through medication then it should go away in no time.

I'm 22 and i've suffered with anxiety all my life. I dont think i'll ever be completely free of it but i guess there are ways to ease it.

Physical problems like Cushing's Syndrome/disease can cause these problems, a lot of shrinks will take your money trying to solve a problem that is bio chemical so beware of quacks and red herrings.
Make sure your BP is not labile, high or unstable, this is a symptom of medical problems.

Likely, if you take care of it now.

CBT (cognitive Behavioural therapy) and antidepressants have shown the best results. I personally don't think antidepressants are necessary from what you said- but you should try to get to the root of the problem as soon as possible.

I know, I know!!!!
Hi Mike,
I am 34 years old and I have had severe GAD - ( general anxiety disorder ) since I was about 19 years old. I am VERY familiar with what you are going through. You have my herartfelt sympathy. I wish I could tell you with honesty that you have nothing to worry about and this will all go away really soon. Unfortunately I can't tell you that. For some people this is a short term thing and it eventually disappears, but for others it just doesn't seem to go away. In your case I hope you get over it and can go on with your life. I know how bad it makes you feel and how scary it can be. I used to go to the ER but I dont anymore. I just hope it's the anxiety instead of a real heart attack, stroke, etc. (depending on what my symptoms are that day)

I do know alot of good resources for dealing with anxiety. There are a few great websites that have alot of information, coping techniques, and support groups. These things can help you deal with the condition alot better. I even know a great chat room with nothing but people who have this condition.
If you are interested in any of the information I have, please feel free to email me directly and I will be glad to share it with you. I have my settings on here so that I can accept email. Just send me one through here, and I will write you back quickly. I also have yahoo messenger if you need to talk.

I have gone through periods of 1 year or more without the attacks but they have always returned. :(

Good luck to you !!!

I Love You Man
Woah, does THAT bring back memories! I started having those same symptoms at about your age, but I was clueless as to what they were about! All I knew was that, according to my father, it "ran in the family". You MAY be experiencing a) a reaction to severe stress and/or a traumatic event, or b) the beginnings of an anxiety/panic disorder...or both.

First, get into counseling, so you can be evaluated, based on your experiences and symptoms. Second, realize that it's nothing to be ashamed of or to hide. Counseling will probably help, IF you're open to it...and know that initially, the things you uncover will probably make you MORE anxious at times! But that's a sign that it's working...trust me! As you work through them, the anxiety should subside.

If, after getting good counseling (CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Counseling...is very good and more available now), you STILL feel anxious, your doctor can prescribe an anti-anxiety drug, or something for panic disorder.

WARNING: due to recent backlashes against tranquilizers, many physicians will automatically declare you "depressed" (whether you are or not) and put you on anti-depressants. This is okay IF you really are depressed. If you're not...it can be dangerous! So let them know if it is just anxiety.

For now, the best thing you can do is learn deep breathing. It's one of the first weapons against anxiety and you'll need it until you get to the "source" of what's making you anxious, whether it's hereditary or something in your social life.

You may, indeed, have to deal with anxiety for the rest of your life, but, according to what I'm told by many therapists (I used to work with lots of them, as a teacher of special needs kids), more and more people are learning techniques to overcome anxiety and reduce or eliminate dependence on medication. (See link #2 for more info on CBT).

The future for people w/anxiety and panic is MUCH better now than it was even 10 years ago!

Good luck. E-mail me if you want more info.

Also, below are a couple sites. The first explains anxiety in detail and the third offers on-the-spot help. (you still should see a counselor, though).

Addendum: Someone above said that unless you get Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you're screwed. Well, only partially! In my experience, traditional psychodynamic therapy (the kind where you talk about your past and feelings, for instance) can be EXTREMELY helpful in understanding WHY you're anxious and why certain things "trigger" that anxiety. I can't stand it when people just want to sweep all our upbringing under the rug and start with a "blank slate". By the time you're 23, it's impossible. In traditional therapy, you can find out many things about your past that affect your present (including the anxiety--for instance, separation anxiety is common at your age, distancing yourself from your family of origin).

WHere traditional therapy falls short is on what you do AFTER you find out these things. THAT is where CBT can be of enormous help. It gives you actual "tools" to use, "self-talk", analysis of your "triggers" and so on, so you can use the stuff you learned in traditional therapy, put old wounds behind you and move on.

PLEASE don't discount a therapist who also uses traditional therapy. Gestalt and "expressive" therapies (Reichian and Bioenegetics, for example) are powerful tools in learning how to deal with long-repressed emotions that are surfacing in adulthood.

Don't mean to be negative here, but reality is they may never go away, even with medication. Something triggers this, and it is called by the medical teams, PTSD. I have had them for 38 years now and with medication they still remain. What trigged them? Military duty during the Vietnam War.

Prevention Check List

Your panic attacks could have been triggered by any number of factors. A major life stress, a build up of stress, physical illness, flu or a virus, the birth of a child, relationship problems, marijuana or another illicit drug etc Learn to see the connection between your initial panic attacks and/or high anxiety and the stress in your life at that time.

Has your doctor explained exactly what is happening to you when you have a panic attack? Do you understand the 'dynamics' of them? If not, then speak with your doctor asap and ask them to explain in detail about panic attacks and/or anxiety, how they happen and how your body reacts to them.

Are you worried that your doctor may have made a mistake in the diagnosis? Most people with panic disorder do worry about this. If you are worried, then speak with your doctor and tell them you are concerned something may have been overlooked.

You can seek a second medical opinion if you wish. We advise people to do this if they are struggling to come to terms with their diagnosis.

Once you have reassurance you are experiencing panic attacks, either by your doctor or from a second medical opinion, then you are going to need to believe and accept it. If you don't believe and accept the diagnosis, then your fear that something else may be wrong , can escalate the development of an anxiety disorder.

Read as much information as you can about panic attacks and anxiety. Become informed. Knowledge and understanding of your experience is extremely important. Knowledge is Power. Power over your panic attack/s and any anxiety that may be developing.

Make contact with your local anxiety disorder organization. They will be able to provide you with information and referrals to an anxiety disorder specialist if you need one. Some organizations will be able to provide you with support.

Understand that the sensations and symptoms of your panic attacks and any ongoing anxiety about them, do make you feel as if you are going to die, or have a heart attack, or go insane, or lose control. These fears do not come true. These fears are based on the symptoms that you experience during a panic attack and/or anxiety.

Understand that the symptoms and sensations of a panic attack and/or anxiety is how you are 'supposed' to feel when you have a panic attack and/or anxiety.

Speak with your doctor about early intervention methods such as cognitive therapy. If they are unable to assist you, ask for a referral to a cognitive Behavioural therapist. See the interview CBT with clinical psychologist, Chris Edwards.

If you are prescribed medication on your first or subsequent visit with your doctor assess your situation carefully. Medication is not a 'cure'. You may develop panic attacks again once you have withdrawn from the medication. In the early stages of the development of an anxiety disorder, you are in a position to learn to manage any future panic attacks yourself without getting caught up in a possible medication 'cycle'.

Become informed about any medication you are considering taking.

If your doctor tells you that you need medication to stop any further panic attacks and/or you will be on medication for the rest of your life, seek a second opinion.

If you are prescribed tranquillisers ensure that you only take them for 2 - 4 weeks as you can develop an addiction to them.

There is a time and place for medication and if you feel you need it, then don't get caught up in thinking that you are a failure or that you are 'weak'. You are not. Many of us have needed to take medication at one point.

Withdraw any medication under medical supervision.

When reading various websites about anxiety disorders or visiting chat rooms or bulletin boards or attending a group, you will see that some people have had their anxiety disorder for a number of years. This does not mean that you will. Many people have not received effective treatment or may have unresolved personal issues that are complicating their long term recovery.

Panic attacks are caused from stress. Are there any new changes in your life at the moment? I think you ought to go see the doctor again and make sure it is not a medical condition causing it and maybe he can suggest a therapist if needed if it is not physical.

Well, it could be situational. Or you might have to deal with them for the rest of your life. Have you seen a doctor? If the anxiety is mild, you could probably avoid taking any type of medication for them, although there are some meds that DO help. Anyways, keep in mind that it's mostly a chemical imbalance so even a stress-free person could suffer from anxiety.

Your doing a good job, I used to get them frequently. Just do your best to remain calm throughout.

In time you will learn to overcome and master them. You'll find that it will make you a stronger person. The one thing you should always keep in your mind is that things are not as bad as you first anticipate, and how insignificant everything around you is.

Most people have these attacks when the mind is consciousunconsciously dwelling on insignificant matters. Remembering these points will help you go calm and phase these attacks out in time.

There ae two ways to treat anxiety attacks...medicine and therapy. Both is the best way. I have seen a family member go through this and it isn;t pretty. I am quite sure that that this is a hormonal and chemical disfunction in the brain and therefore, the medicine does well. Xanax did well for my person and she need it only rarely now after many years. Weeks of therapy contributed to the control as well. At first she took it dairly for weeks.. Now it is a few time per years at most and usually only 1/2 pill.

It is controllable, but do not ignor it.

I also have panic and anxiety attacks. Yours will probably never totally go away, but you are on the right track towards managing them. Recognizing the attacks for what they are is a huge first step. Also, the yoga and excercise will really help a lot. The only other thing that I would recommend would be seeing a therapist. This will help you to work through the issues that are causing the attacks. Medication by itself will treat the symptoms, but not what's causing the attacks. And only your therapist can decide if you actually need the medication. Good luck!

It is possible that they will go away on their own, but not likley. It might be easier for you to deal with them if you had some help.

I had the same problem and started seeing a psychologist. She helped me learn techniques to deal with them and cope easier, so in the long run it was positive and helpful experience.

Once you have them under control you will still "have" them but they will no longer be so scarey....You will learn how to deal with them. You will no when one is coming on, and you will learn what to avoid..
Good luck with everything. Be careful of the drugs the doctors will push off on you. Also make sure you go to the doctors and make sure it is just panic or anxiety attacks and not any kind of siezures....

You have to find out what is causing the anxiety. Once you find out then you should be able to control it.

Anxiety and panic tend to stick with you because you fear them. This is being stuck in an anxiety cycle. You are convinced that SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU and you are constantly searching for the THING. But usually there is nothing wrong except you are just currently sensitized from some stress and your body has tried to "save" you from your fear thus your body's reaction. You can read more about this at www.panicend.com it's totally free advice cause it's my site.

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