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 My daughter tried to kill herself?
1 week ago my daughter took a bottle of pills and consumed half a bottle of vodka. She was in hospital for 3 days, but is now home with us. She has started thearpy, and I've talked to her, and ...

 Does anyone know how to cure fear of spiders, just seen one on my bed now cant sleep p.s. it was big?
I am totally obsessed with one touching me, and the worse thing is I'm a 6 foot 3 bloke, just seen one massive spider on my bed, absolutly hate them!!!...

 explain déjà vu please....?
like i know what déjà vu is but why does it happen? i'm just curious because it happens to me a ...

 i feel really depressed should i see someone?
i have been feeling really depressed lately and have been self harming what should i ...

 Should I commit suicide?
I am REALLY thinking about suicide. Nothing is going right. I was in the middle of suffocating myself, and then my boifriend at the time had called, and i had told him I was going to kill myself, and ...

 Is piercing a form of self injury?
I was just wondering your thoughts and feelings on this subject. If a person pierces themselves with a safety pin or thumbtack, do you think this is a form of self harm?...

 Is this bad?????????????
If like you've been crying for more than two weeks for every single day.
Is that bad?...

 I'm so afraid of dieing...?
So, (I'm 14, btw) I always feel completely paranoid about, even the simple thought of dieing. Its not because I'm afraid I'll be forgotten, or anything like that... Its more like, I...

 what can you do when your life seems bleak and hopeless?
I'm being treated for depression and anxiety disorders. So i guess its normal to be feeling hopeless. But still I'm so anxious and frightened. I'll be out of university soon and it'...

 How can i conquer this fear and get some sleep?
Every time i watch something about a murder or something about ghosts or something i always end up not being able to sleep. This happened to me last night and i didn't get any sleep at all. Now I...

 Will the doctor think I'm stupid?
What do you call depression?

If you think about self harm or actually doing it? Of even worse if you think about killing your self? I feel I can't talk the the doctors because they ...

 feeling super down, need a pick me up. D:?
so i am 5'7" and weigh around 125, but im having my period and feel
sick and am craving the most unhealthy foods. i just feel so gross
and fat, cheer me up. please....

 What's suicide?
Hi,guys!Does anybody knows what's suicide?If you have any information or links for that topic please sand me.Thanks!!!...

 Why are parents like this?
My mother has never been a big part of my life. She has always demanded near perfection in my relationships and school work. Even when the stress was killing me, I kept pulling through because I ...

 What is WRONG with me, someone help me, i am going to kill myself.?
I have already been diagnosed with severe depression.
But other symptoms i have are -
Paranoia - i feel like people are talking about me all the time, pitying me, and im convinced i am ...

 I don't know what to do. I give up EVERYTHING! (13 and need help)?
I have been depressed. Everything seems so hard. My mom smuthers me, I have to read a 256 page book by Friday, and I have so much work at school. Not only from being stressed out, I am depressed. I ...

 Do people really think it's cool to self harm?
I know that it's actually a type of illness and people do it because of things going on in their life and stuff, but do some poeple do it because it looks cool?
Additional Details

 What's happenening to me?
I just went into the kitchen to get my lighter and came back into the living room holding a fork?????...

 My boyfriend is not sensitive to my needs and ignores me emotionally i'm not truly happy, any advice?
I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years. My mother just died and when i look for comfort in him he basically tells me to get over it and rushes the conversation to an end. Lately i've been ...

 how to calm myself and not feel so stressed out?
i really need to calm myself down, i am so worked up over stuff that i am so stressd out and feeling panicky..what is the best way to do this without medicine??...

What's it like to be on level two?

The Stig
It felt good. Remember to use your votes and that will aid your progress here.

Is the mental health category meant to be ironic? I find it funny.

not much different from level 1

i used to be in level 2. =) it's the same as level 4.. and i'm sure it's the same as level 5 or higher.. =)

pretty much the same as level one but thanks for the two points!! I'm on my way to level three now.

erm, its ok, no different really but its an achievment, see you when you get there.


nothing special really

Well, as one who has reach the dizzy heights of Level 2, let me tell you, it's quite breathtaking ...but I do get awfully 'dizzy.'

It might have something to do with the thin rarefied air you know!

Sash .....from On High.

Georgia Girl
Same as level one..with a tad more freedom.

GroundZERO 63
It's the most amazing thing in the entire world it is better than eating ice cream with brownies and drinking a double flavor milkshake at the same time. It is like driving 200 mph then ramping off a cliff and landing in a lake of jello. It's so cool you can read other people's mail and change their personal info and all kinds of stuff. It's like the greatest thing ever.
Ohh yeah...I am still a lvl 1

well it's kind of nice to know that you have helped more people than if at level one!!!!!

I'm trying to reach it.but I'm pretty sure there is no difference except that whenever you answer a question people will always want your advice cause you have answered many questions.

It really depends on your motivation for coming here.

If you come to learn & help others it makes little difference.

In time, I suspect that you will find out.


Emily May 11/10/08 :)
i keep wondering that myself im almost there :) i bet it fun like a huge level 2 playground full of thumbs up an thumbs down it only depresses me to think about it haha

23 hours later i am at level 2 its the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill give u a thumbs up!

max w
who knows or even cares?


pretty cool! I love giving thumbs up or down,
I can't wait to get to level 3 and see what's new

taxed till i die,and then some.
It is really scary level three is worse still,i am coming up to level four soon must get some stabilisers and oxygen

it's like being a step above level one. but not quite as good as level three. LOL

Christie L
I'm on level one and as long as i know that I am answering questions because I think that I can help someone I don't care one little bit if I ever get to level two. People who answer questions just to get points should not be allowed on yahoo answers in my opinion. They see it as some sort of game and put very little thought into their answers. Imagine the guy who asks "should I kill myself?" and gets 10 answers with one word ................yes. I ask you people hungry for points was his death worth it?

Let the rest of us know when you get there!!

Shannon V
i really don't see much difference. ussually i don't pay attention to the number of points i get i'm here to help out people and learn some myself.

It's all in the mind.
Go for 'Best Answer %', I reckon it's more important then 'levels'.

[email protected]
Same as level one!

Thats a silly question.Why are people so worried about points.Their like an empty glass,there not worth anything.I like helping other people,thats why I am on Yahoo Answers.

dave p
sad really,means the secretly inserted yahoo answers chip has eaten deep into your brain and you will now spend all your free time answering pointless questions trying to gain points lol

keep tying

i dont know im not there yet and feel as though ill never be

Almost a Mommy
same as one...and why did you send me that email and what did you mean by it?

Oh, it's shagadelic, baby! Champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries! Playmates in the hot tub! Bearskin rugs everywhere...if you know what I mean!

We're waiting for you!

It probably feels good to have the power to control the thumbs. I wouldn't know though, I'll tell you in 9 posts time.

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