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 how to control angry?
i am 23 years old unmarried girl.i am a very simple.I am a good girl,sometimes i get short tempered and say anything very badly to my parents and later i realized and say sorry to mom and dad.please ...

 Do some people like feeling depressed?
I feel what i think is depression but i like the feeling of being solitary? Is that somewhat common?...

 Am I going crazy?
I have wondered many times if I'm going crazy.I'm paranoid.I always think that someone is going to hurt my feelings or that someone is out to cause me some kind of harm(mostly emotional).L...

 Is it weird that i talk to myself?
like i do it all the time and sometimes i play the role of other people
sometimes its out loud other times its in my head

am i crazy or am i just blowing this out of ...

 What should I do if someone is threatening my life?
Allright so i use 2 smoke weed alot ( i know it's bad i quit now) well when i use 2 smoke i bought it from this guy but he gave it 2 me and said i could pay him later but he didnt give me the ...

 What's so bad about cutting?
I've read many questions involving someone cutting themselves and with each came a million comments explaining how you need to stop, and how you need to talk to soem peopel about it. (Even on ...

 What do you do when you can't really think of anything positive about yourself?

Additional Details
My physical looks are fine. I'm thinking of my personality....

 How to improve my self-image. Hating the way I look but not doing anything about it!?
I keep hating the way my body looks, even though everyone else says i'm beautiful and pretty. For some reason I just can't see it.

Some random days I will see it though and I'...

 Name as many thing as you possibly can that you can get addicted to?
ANYwhere from cigs to sunflower seeds..I wanna know somehting to get my mind off smoken!!...

 what does a lack of sleep do too a person?
what does a lack of sleep do too a ...

 Can Depression Cause These Symptoms?
Forgetfulness, tired, hopelessness, swings with feeling over confident and then feeling like a failure, fatigue, being very sleepy. A big one I have is the inability to think clearly and learn. I ...

 I truly felt alone in school. Please help?
I was pretty social in middle school and then highschool was a mess. I was going through alot of things and I didnt talk to anyone for a year. They didnt talk to me. It made me very stressed and ...

 Do I need to see a preist??
I am a nice happy-go-lucky person who is quite creative and artistic. Yet i seem to get horrible images smoetimes that flash through my head. I know it sounds mental but its uncontrolable...for ...

 i have sick imagination.....?
help...but please dont tell me: "u need help"or something like that!i have sick dreams and imagination......

 I really want to hang out with this friend. but i can tell she doesnt want to. help me! what should i do?
ok so im 14 and this girl i know quite well is 17. i told her one of my big secrets/problems and we met up to talk about it. at this really nice beach. so we did. but i wanted to meet up again and ...

 Crying- Someone Just Called Me 'Butt Ugly'. Am I?
I do photography and posted a self portrait for comment in the photography section, and someone said I am butt ugly, which has really hurt as I already find my appearance repulsive most of the time. :...

 How are you supposed to work when you suffer from severe depression?

 my therapist says I am " horrible" how can i work with her?
She is an NHS psychotherpist and a consultant, she said I was horrible. I have borderline PD ( she actually speaclizes in that) she thinks she is justified in in telling others ( my CPN, social ...

 I need some cheering up from anyone willing to help?
I am going through a really really rough time in my life. I won't list the things that have happened and still happen because thats not why I am here right now. But things have gotten so bad ...

 Where do you go when its 1am & you just want to run into the night to "escape"?
haha Y!A wanted to put this in marriage & divorce, at least i dont have that legal problem!...

Weird habits you have that you're not sure anyone else has?
well maybe you know some people do it, but whatever:
i always step on every crack on the sidewalk.
weird habits- what are yours?

MJ phan
look what i keep doin in my vid... can you figure it out?
thats my habit


ya gotta copy n paste

Hannah C
I do the same thing, I also have to count out every step when I walk down any stairs, i stick my tongue out when I am concentrating, when I drink stuff at home, I have to spoon it in my mouth with crushed ice, whenever I'm bored I start to sing completely random songs that pop into my head.

Wicked Seraph
Avoiding every crack in the sidewalk.

Playing a weird mental game when I'm a car passenger where I imagine that I'm running alongside the car; I jump whenever I reach a stretch of concrete, only running in grassy areas... >_>

Make up random mental conversations/act out a random scene in my head

My food cannot touch. The peas cannot touch the meat, and the meat cannot touch the potatoes, etc. It drives me crazy if they even remotely touch one another.

... I'm a creature of very strange habits.

chewing ice and my finger nails...(but EVERYONE on the planet has weird habits.)

Chris: An Atheist With A Plan!
I check my zombie survival kit every week.

I have a horrible habit of using hand sanitizer on after touching a door to a restaurant before eating, or every time I'm in a doctors office, I'm squirting sanitizer on my hands again... but I'm not a germaphobe. It's just a comfort thing. Also, I'm crazy for my perfume... every time I leave the house I have to squirt myself - even if I did 30 minutes ago.

kayla =]
i like always move my leg when im sitting idk why i just feell i have to move.i brush my eyelashes with my finger idk. i wrap my hair around my finger. i get head echs yes its so common somtimes i call it a habit. i twirl my pencil. almost always use only a pen. i like to rewrite things

Trichotillomania (Hair pulling), Dermatillomania (Constant Skin picking in one area)

i like make little missions in my head. like for example im calling somebody and the phone is ringing, ill think i gotta go grab that shirt before they answer! and most of the time i bet things on my self completeing the missions like if i can do this mission ill get a lot of money for my bday lol.

i have to crack my knees every day...i'll go crazy if i don't i don't know why it just feels good

ken n
I check FML everyday hoping that one day my story will get approved. I posted my story one year ago and it still hasn't been approved. FML

i pick the hair off my fingers and the hair around my ear and lip.

idk it hurts but it feels good lol

i always look in my shower when i go in the bathroom to make sure nobody/nothing is there.

by bed is against my wall, and i always sleep on my left side, so my back faces the wall, and I always have the image that if i slept on my right side, someone would would come and stab me in the back...ya i have vivid nightmares....

i'm an EXTREMELY fidgety picky person. i touch/pick/grab/feel/poke/manipulate anything i can in any way. i know a lot of people dont behave this way, because i also have a bad habit of studying everyone in the room.

I write words in the air then erase them, I know its kinda weird...........oh and crack my fingers but that's not really unsual.

i tickle the tip of my nose with the hair on my forearm. its weird. done it since i was very little, and i still catch myself doing it sometimes.

Francesca <3
bittting my nail polisshh off. even if i get it done at a slaon
UGH annoying happppit/

i like to people watch.
i like to pick at the dead ends of my hair.

Tiny Werewolf
I tend to lock myself in my room, listen to music, and pretend I'm someone else. (for example: a werewolf...) I think I need help.

The volume on the tv or car radio or anything that digitally shows the number the volume is at has to be on an EVEN number or else I freak out about it. I hate this freakin habit i have but I cant stop doing it. lolz

I subconsciously stick out my little finger when I'm holding/drinking out of a glass (but not a bottle).

I have synesthesia, so when I enter a new room I automatically scope out the entire place for colors (oh! a clock--Red! Picture-frame--Grey! Wall--grey! The guy picking his nose--Blue! Megan--Green! The word PEOPLE on the magazine--purplish blue, red, and white! Etc...)

I peel off layers of my finger nails (weird, right? I never bite them, I just peel the individual layers off, one by one...really bad for my nails, I know.) when I need something to fidget with.

I only turn clockwise (only very rarely do I turn counter-clockwise).

I ALWAYS have to have some form of entertainment while on the phone with people--the computer, TV, radio, magazine. I may not pay much attention to the entertainment, but it has to be there (I get ancy and feel like somebody is watching me if it's not on).

And I pace while on the phone, too. I go in a circle (clockwise) around the room, placing my feet in line with certain points on the furniture, the same every time.

I can't listen to people (lectures, for example) without bouncing my leg, and I sometimes fidget. I learn and remember more from vocal lectures if I'm doodling or otherwise engaged while listening. I can't sit and listen to something and actually hold my attention to it.

I blink my eyes while thinking.

I always hit the P, the question mark and period, and the backspace with my right ring finger instead of my right little finger.

If possible, I will do whatever it takes NOT to open a public door for myself or others. I sometimes wait for someone else to open it (this takes a while), or I run to slip in after somebody just before it closes. If I do open it, it's normally whenever I'm slipping through and even then I use my body or foot. I don't even think about the germs on door handles or anything, I just have an aversion to opening doors that are not in my own home.

I HAVE to smooth out rumpled up rugs. I can't NOT fix them.

I constantly touch my face and hair, smoothing and fluffing. I have acne because of it, and then I'm tempted to do it more and the problem just gets worse.

I try to push my glasses up on my nose even when I know they don't need to be pushed.

I try to match my walking pace and footing with the person I am walking with, and if there are squares (such as on tiles or sidewalk panels) I try to establish a pattern. If I have to go back and forth in a place for a while, I have to put my feet in the same places every time I pass them.

I look for faces and pictures in everything.

I constantly notice unimportant things about my surroundings and then connect them with something else in my head.

I make up different scenarios before do things (such as meet people, go to a new class, etc.) and write mini scenes in my head as to what will happen and how people will react. I turn little events in my life into stories. I constantly think up ways to make my life more dramatic (ways I could react to such and such....)

I can't listen to a song without singing to it or choreographing a dance to it in my head, or writing a story that correlates with the lyrics.

I have to arrange the shower curtain so that two little hooks are bunched together on each end of the shower rod and the rest are evenly spaced before I get it.

I constantly ask for affirmation from the listener when I am talking.

When around seniors or grandmotherly relatives, I subconsciously make my voice more high, girlish, and child-like.

I say ow or ouch when I hit something or fall, even if it doesn't hurt. I've even done this when witnessing someone else hurt themselves.

When drawing a person, the first thing I draw is always the right eye.

When I regularly sit next to someone, I have a code of which side of which people I have to sit on, or else I get upset.

I never finish what I'm eating.

I don't know if I have OCD, but I seem to have many habits and standards....

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