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Ok this was an acciden't see im a cutter and i ended up cutting a little to deep now its bleeding and won't stop. I think i am in shock i am in a lot of pain and right now i cannot feel anything. Once again it was an accident and i used a razor and i am so scared i know i am not going to die because ive done this before but my parents aren't home. Their cell phone is off and i am in a panic because it won't stop bleeding please help. And currently i am in an RTF program and im just home for a home pass... please help me.!!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!???? AND PLEASE HURRY!!!

If you cut that deep you could be susceptible to a pretty bad infection... is it somewhere on your body that you could go to a walk-in medical clinic and claim that it was an accident to get some antibiotics and perhaps stitches (if it really is that deep)? I'm not going to go on a rant about the dangers of cutting because I know that isn't what you need to hear right now, but right now you should focus on getting that stitched up and disinfected. If you don't have a car and aren't capable of driving to a clinic, put pressure on the wound and pour some peroxide over it (yes, this will probably burn like hell). Once it has stopped bleeding, put some antibiotic ointment on it and bandage it well. It would be even better if you have a friend or family member that could come get you and take you to a clinic. That's all I got!

Good luck hun!

this is causing me concern you may need medical attention and soon.

wrap it apply presure and goze stop the bleeding!!!!!!!!!!!!

you could try calling an ambulance but for now get a wet paper towel and put a lot of pressure on the cut to stop it from bleeding

How are you doing now? I'm sure everyone keeps looking to see how you are. Let us know please. We all care. =)

get off the computer????
call 911
see a therapist....

Hurry, hurry hurry. Hurry but stay calm.

Wash the wound QUICKLY with water and soap, no matter how bad it stings, if you have neosporin apply that, if you have paper towels, wrap your wound in paper towels. Tape the paper towels on with tape.

Call 911. Explain the problem, no matter how embarrased you are.

Make sure that you can calmly explain the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't be crying and out of breath and scared. Remain calm and talk slowly, taking deep breaths.

Let the wound bleed on the paper towels and REMAIN CALM STILL.

If you have wrapping gauze, wrap the wound in gauze and remember to put petroleum jelly or neosporin on the wound before you wrap it in gauze. Not too much jelly or neosporin tho, cuz the gauze can slip off.




Free spirit
call 911 right now... and take a CLEAN cloth, place it on the wound and apply a bit pressure to stop bleeding

John B
Call 911 and hurry , dont wait do it now, quick!! 911

David WK Chan

Call 911 and let us know if you are alright.

morgan !
cover it up with lots of cloth, then go to the emergency room and hurry. or call the police, and do it quick.

put as much pressure as u can onto the wound tie a shirt or towel around it really tight, keep calm and breathe as relaxed as possible. now get off this computer and go call 911 or 999 wherever ur from. there are gona help you! u must go to them i no u dont want to coz ur scared but u must let them help u, people want to help u are cared for and shouldnt be doin this to urself.


As a former cutter, I can tell you it is a very stupid thing to do. When I was 15 (years ago) I accidentally cut my arm open! It was a very deep cut and I ended up needing an ambulance and got stitches and staples. It was a very stupid thing to do, and if you don't watch out you could end up doing the same.

Wrap it up, and if it still doesn't stop bleeding, call *somebody*. If you go to a hospital they will probably end up putting you on a 3 day hold, but if you're cutting like that you probably need it.

Seriously, STOP CUTTING!

EDIT: By the way, when I split my arm open it didn't hurt at all. When you're in shock it doesn't usually hurt. I have no way of knowing how deep you cut, but seriously, stop. You will most likely end up splitting your arm open like I did, and if you're alone then that would not be good at all.

When I split my arm open it was an accident. A few weeks before that happened I cut semi-deep and that one bled for a long time.

I can't say it enough, stop it!

louise a
call 911 or 999. but also plase wrap something around it. a bit of material that is clean and wrap it round very tightly. try to stop the bleeding. try to relax. as tyou will bleed less if you calm down. i hope your ok. my friend used to cut and i understand how hard it is. i hope you beat it. but call the hosital and get yourself sorted. they wont judge you. im a student nurse and we are thre to help ppl that need it.

Melissa S
let everyone know what happens later.. theyre prolly waiting to see what will happen.
but yea wrap it super tite and go to a neighbors house (like what that one person said) if not call someone who can drive or someone you can depend on.
good luck

you need to call someone, 911 or someone you can trust to help you

Amelia Y

call 911 now, and use a rag to apply pressure to try to stop the bleeding, where is the cut, artery or vein?

I ♥ Cupcakes
Call 9-1-1 right now. Pick up the phone and call and the ambulance will be there shortly.

cookie monster
999 or go to the hospital

and how can you type if you are bleeding

I Like my Oat meal lumpy
911 and tie a cloth tightly around your wound to slow the bleeding.

Cassie o
wrap it up tight and keep it above you head..if you can and walk to the neighbours or someone close, and call the ambulance

Killer Queen
Where is it? Put pressure on it very heavy. I mean HEAVY. Really put your strength into it. Then go to a neighbor's and tell them you had an accident and call 911.

Donna <><
call 911

Happy Gappy
Raise your arm over your head.. Run it under cold water and get to the hospital!

Get off the computer because if you are still bleeding you are making a mess. Call 911 and get to the ER you may need stitches or you may have hit a vein, blood vessel or something worse. While waiting for 911 put pressure on the wound with a towel and do not take it off to look at it to see if the bleeding has stoppe. When you return to the RTF you need to talk to your counselor and your peers about ways to cope with your feelings without cutting.

whatefer u do DONT TAKE ASPIRINE. Get a Cloth and some cotton pads if you have. keep the wound above your heart if possible. apply as much pressure as possible with the towel. and you should eb fine. your not a hemopheliac right?

First- get a towel from the bathroom and apply pressure on the wound and hold it above your head for as long as possible and try to sit in a comfortable position and relax.
Second- If it's bleeding a lot call an ambulance. You may have cut a vein and might need stitches. If you do, you'll be out hospital in no time.


̉‰â™¥Zainab & Ameera's Muma
get a clothe and cover it with cold water and press it against the wound tightly until it stops! if it doesnt stop then you gotta go to hospital you might need stitches... make sure you keep it clean too, dont want a nasty infection, if the clothe doesnt work, add more details and let us know and ill try help you more!!!

Wrap it tight. NOW. And walk to a neighbor. Let them take you to an urgent care facility.

The Lady
Standard first aid practice for a deep and bleeding cut is to apply pressure directly to the area until the bleeding stops. It necessary you may have to go to the Emergency Room for stitches. In an emergency when you cannot get to an ER you can pull the cut together and apply super glue to the top.

The best remedy is not to cut. There are a lot of new theories on cutting and it is no longer assumed to be just a function of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Get help, tell your counselor, just the idea that you occasionally cut deeper than you plan is a sign that this is out of your control.

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