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 am i weird or its me (huh i cant understand why but i cant kill myself)?
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i tryed to cut my arms
i tryed to eat medics and i ated lots of them
i trewed myself in front of a car the car stopped
hang ...

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Used to cut, should I wear shortsleeves and not care what people think or keep hiding it?
Up until 6 months ago, I was cutting myself for a lot of reasons and my grandparents found out (I live with them), so I haven't since. I have some scarring on my forearms, and I've gone through two summers wearing sweaters and hiding my issues. I'm sick of it. I just want to wear what I want. The issue is, my friends don't know that I used to self injure, and I don't want to lose them by making them feel uncomfortable. The scars aren't red or angry, just light pink lines on my arms, and I'm struggling with what to do.

Any suggestions? Advice? Thanks in advance.
Additional Details
This is for weaver.... my left arm is covered in pink lines and they've faded some, but still quite noticeable. Right arm, I cut less, but since there are less, the ones that are there are more pronounced and recent. Overall, I'd say maybe 4/10. I didn't exactly butcher myself but I still cut kind of deep..

If you say so
Tell them you fell into some thorn bushes.
That's all in your past now.
You don't need to explain it.
Forget about all that and move on with a positive attitude.

come up with a humorous or mysterious answer, like "the bar code didn't take" or "don't ever tattoo a bar code on your arm" or "let me tell you, those gps chips for pets don't work as well on people" or "they're just old scars" or "if I told you, I'd have to kill you" or "don't ever try to jump a barbed wire fence on a skateboard" or "the experiment didn't work" or "I was a chip tester for find-a-pet" or "don't piss off a vampire" or "ever seen a cat on steroids?"

you can also get some funky bracelets to wear that will distract from the scars.

talk to your friends and let them know what happened and why you did cut and let them know that it wasnt their fault,
if their real friends theyll understand and be comfortable with seeing your scar.
If you still feel uncofrtable try some bio oil on your arms it really helps

pretty + poisonous
If you are sick of wearing long sleeves, just wear what you want. Your friends are probably already wondering why you wear long sleeves and sweaters in the summer, so I'm sure they already suspect the truth. If they are really good friends, it won't matter to them.

You might want to tell your close friends the truth. If strangers ask about the scars, say you got in an accident and don't want to talk about it.

Have you addressed the issues that caused you to cut? You could reveal to one of your close friends what you'd done, and how you feel about that, so when you choose to wear short sleeves you have someone "on your side" if someone asks or makes a comment. If someone reacts badly, give them some space... they may just need to come to terms with in on their own. I know that doesn't sound fair. Chances are, your friends could be dealing with some of the same issues you are going through. They may have dealt with it differently, or thought about cutting themselves. Good luck to you.

Hopefully Helpful
Maybe you have reached the point where it's time to dress the way you want. You might be surprised that people might not notice your scars. I have certain scars and people have not commented on them. One friend did ask me about a scar. As it turned out this person also did some self harming. In another few months your scars may be even lighter. I hope you will be able to feel free enough to wear what you want. Best Wishes.

Wear what you want to wear! I usually wear bracelets to cover up my scars on my wrists, but I'm forced to wear long pants all year round because i have no other way to hide my scars on my legs and ankles! I understand how annoying it is to have to hide scars, you feel so self conscious all the time and it's harder to just relax and have a good time when with your friends!
I've recently stopped wearing bracelets, I'm sick of trying to hide my scars, at first it is really awful, you feel like everyone is staring at your scars, truth is, they most likely won't even notice! If you're worrying about them people are more likely to notice, and if someone does notice, just tell them you don't want to talk about it!
The first time you go without long sleeves i'd advise you have a long sleeve jumper or something with you in case you decide your just not ready yet. And choose you company wisely, close friends maybe, avoid family until you build up some more confidence!
Good Luck, hope it goes well!

Do what suits you.

Be prepared if someones asks about them.

It really depends on how comfortable you are you may wear short sleeves and people with the same problem may ask for help and how you recovered. Others may ask questions that may have a family friend that may need help or might want to know how to understand more. If this would bother you than wear long sleeves. Life is to short to worry, from 0 to 10 how bad is it, from 0 to 10 and ten is a nuclear bomb how bad is it.

You can get 'scar' cream that matches your skin tone, try that.
Wear what you feel comfy with and well done for posting what must be a very touching subject for you.

Try using bio oil or vitamin E capsules (break the capsule in half and rub the liquid into the scared area) if you reduce the level of scarring then you will forget about it even if its not that noticable to start with.. until then id just wear wat your comfortable wearing and if your friends are uncomfortable being with you because youve had issues then i dont think there real friends!! Good luck

I was the same as you, but I can wear short t-shirts now it's out in the open.
Wear what you want, you know yourself you have stopped cutting and that you feel better in yourself.
Your friends might not say anything at first, mine didn't, after a week or so they asked some questions, all I said was;
(something along these lines anyway)
"I was having a rough time, I'm over it now, I feel a lot better, now you know, so there isn't much point going on about it"
They may feel uncomfortable, but I have thick scars, my friends stare at them at odd times, but it's all ok.
You do what you think is best.

It REALLY does not matter what other people think! If you want to tell them you should but you dont have to hide it!!! Feel free to wear short sleeves or have a look at some of these alternative which look fine in summer.

*Kaftans with long sleeves still look summery.
*Bolero's can be worn with nearly anything =)
* Wear a shirt-dress. They are really in at the moment

http://www.valleygirl.com.au/p-1645-volume-sleeve-cardigan.aspx in white =)






I don't think you should be ashamed and you should wear whatever you want. Be prepared that people will stare and some will ask, even strangers. I used to cut and i wear short sleeves as i have to at work. I went to my GP and got a referral to the red cross who gave me camouflage make up to try and make them less obvious. I'm now less self conscious about it, but given the choice i'd wear long sleeves. But it's up to you. As for your friends, they should understand, just try not to get defencive if they question you about it. You never know they might already know and just haven't brought it up.

Wear what you want. Just do it.

You owe nobody any explanations. It's in the past.

But if the only reason you're not cutting yourself is that your grandparents caught you, you should probably see a specialist in behavioral health. Cutting's not normal.

Glenn0 :)
just wear what you want and when your freinds see them laugh it off and tell them you were depressed and did it ages ago, if you seem like your not worried about it then they wont dwell on it, and besides if they have issues with your personall life then there not true friends, i used to cut myself and i got scars still, i just dont give a damn what people think, no one except you know what stuff you have gone through in life and everyone deals with life differently so to hell with what people say and think, take care and it's good to hear you have stopped cutting. cya :)

David G
I completely understand what you are going through.

I was so depressed I got to the point where I cut my face. I stopped myself before I went too far, but I have a scar.

Unlike you long sleeves won't cover it up.

Vitamin E and other lotions will help them disappear, but the best advice I can give is to act like they aren't there.

Most people won't notice, or will be too polite to say anything.

For the people that do notice, I politely tell them it's something I don't want to talk about it.

Acting self conscious about it will actually draw more attention. People will wonder, why is she wearing a sweater in summer? What is she hiding?

Dress in whatever is comfortable for you.

you shouldn't give a toss about what people think of you!!!

because if you do, it will only bring you down

just do what makes you happy

Hey Tanith,

I stopped cutting two/three years ago, and I had BOLD thick purple scars. I decided that I shouldn't havw to feel ashamed anymore, and started wearing them uncovered Some people had a good look, but so what? They need to see that it's something that happens. The sun is really good for fading scars. Mine are flesh coloured now, and people are amazed how much better it looks. Self-harm lacks understanding, and I am very open about it, as I think that getting up and carrying on proves to people that it's not the end of the world and they shouldn't write off people who have harmed. I say wear what you want. It's time to be who you want to be, and let people think what they want. Don't let anyone dictate.

Real friends will at least try to understand.

And well done for stopping. It's not easy =o)

I have a feeling that you do it for attention purposes, acting like you don't want people to know. Your crying out for attention of some sort. You need to get to the bottom of your problems and figure out whats going on in your head. You may need to go to a psychiatrist.

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