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Brit <3
Ugh! I feel like crying?
It's Sunday and,yet again,Im scared of going to school tomorrow. I have anxiety and being in a classroom makes it soooo much worse. Please give me some ways of not thinking about anxiety or things you do when your having an anixety attack.
Additional Details
No Im not having serious mental problems to the point where I have to be homeschooled.

anxiety is difficult. Of course, you can go to the doctor and be prescribed to something but I don't believe it that. I do breathing exercises and try to exercise more often.

I used to suffer from anxiety after my brother died. Some ways to deal when you start to feel one coming on is putting on music you know, and singing it outloud. Focus on the lyrics. Also, touch. If you have a cat, or a soft blanket just touch it. What I was told from professionals is that you should focus on your five senses and what pleases them. Good luck. I know anxiety is horrible.

count backwards from 1000 it will kepp you focused on something else

I hated going to school myself and had really horrible anxiety problems in high school. I tried listening to music on the bus on the way to school to try and calm myself down/focus/psyche myself up to go into school. It wasn't foolproof...but it was something.
Also, there are medications you can take to lessen the anxiety, but I'm not a big fan of over-medicating.

Jazzy Girl
The worst thing is an idle mind, which means doing nothing. Keep busy, the busier you are the less time your mind has to do nothing and just start thinking and anxiety is where this comes from. Try reading a good book, talking to someone, playing a game, watching a few movies, get out of the house, something, anything to keep your mind busy. Take care and good luck! School is hard especially is you have anxiety attacks and things of that nature but dont panic.

talk to me [email protected] i can help u thru

Jolene R
talk to friends be your self and be a flirt! make life the way you want it !

REmember that life is just 60 odd years of living
if u screw up 1 year of it, it dont matter
Be happy

think of a friend or a person you like

Breannon J
When I have an anixtey attack I try looking around the room and try to focuse on different objuects. Ex The chair, the window, the door, the shoe, and on and on until it's gone. So that may help. But as far as having one just dont forget to breath it helps, and remember that school is nothing to be afriad of

hey girl...even i had this thing durin my school days...
just be cool n calm...forget abt tmrw..but only aftr u do elemantary stuff like ur HW..packin ur stuff etc...
aftr tht relax...listen to ur ipod...read archies or sumthin..or a girlie magazine...hav a chewing gum..chilllll...
thts hw to fight anxiety.

Jenna Hun :)
I hate school too, i feel really stressed too, but when i see my friends my days clears up, think about all your friends and maybe that guy you like!

Doktorr Hoo
I agree with the breathing exercise tips - if you can tell yourself to calm down and relax. You needn't face this alone though - isn't there anyone you can talk to?
I read somewhere that, before confronting a stressful situation, the best way to relax is by watching your favourite comedy show.

Carson A
Hey, I have the same problem too. I sometimes get real nervous all sudden on public areas. Sometimes my legs shake when walking in the school hallway, and I can't even speak clearly all the time in public, but when I practice to myself I am completely fine. Don't worry too much, a lot of people have this problem. Just think about it this way people do not really pay special attention to you in the public most of the times unless you do something special.

sunny s
1st off.........hopefully your parents know of your anxiety...that can be trated...if your in that situation.....if it a specific thing at school.........again tell your folks..........and they'll take it from there............so with that said..........take a h20 bottle take sips when you start feeling edgy....b 4 class starts let your teacher know that you'd like to step out of class fo maybe a min or 2 when this happens...go in the rest room splash your face..or do some stretching....

Is all of your homework finished? Sometimees that can worry you.

I used to have this same anxiety problem. Eventually you will realize that no one in the school will be thinking about you the whole time. They are worrying about themselves. Also, once you are there, think to yourself "I am here now, there is nothing I can do about it. It will be fine." etc.

Try your best to feel confident.

Twilight Love
i had the exact same problem i used to pass out during class. My advice to you is bring a bottle of water to school everyday, if you can sit near the window, every chance you get to go to the bathroom GO, bring a small brown paper bag to breath in and out of, and take things easy. Don't rush through anything. Stick close to your friends and tell them your problem. My friend Alyssa used to calm me down every time i felt i was about to have a "moment".
I hope this helps and Good luck!

Exactly the same as me i have anxiety's and also PTSD!. I don't go at the moment but has your's got an support base?

Ya know, it's important to be honest with yourself about the causes that are creating the comfort level you experience when it is required for you to go to school. I suspect you are doing less than acceptable which is displayed in your grades. Speak with your instructors, ask them if there are any extra assignments that will raise your grade if you complete them in a accurate and scholarly manner. Let go of your fear, and find positive methods, that if completed successfully, will raise your GPA, as well as your confidence, and self esteem. Good luck. The independent variable is honesty.

vernon t
simply understanding that these attacks are based on false beliefs will go along way in helping you to deal with them. fear:
F..alse E..vidence A..ppearing R..eal

Anna W
so sorry to hear that you feel like this about going to school. Have you spoke to anyone about the way you feel, maybe it would help to talk it through. I know it is easy for me to say as i have never suffered from anxiety attacks, but just try picturing yourself somewhere other than where you really are. Imagine that you are doing something you really enjoy, for me it would be going for a good gallop on a horse down the beach. sorry not to be of much help.

Talk to your school counselor. They can give you some resources to help you with your problem.

The LG
I can really empathize with what you are saying. Going to school for me was like torture. I got through it by isolating and reading a lot. Many nights I could not sleep from anticipation of having to go to school the next day.

I would suggest that you talk to your family about how you are feeling. It sounds like you're developing a possible anxiety disorder and that needs to be nipped in the bud as soon as possible or it may end up ruining your life.

Good luck

i seriously think i have anxiety disorder so when i get anxious i just open my notebook and write a really long note to the person i care most for...it does help

Avoiding your anxiety will only make it worse. Dealing with it is the best way to go about things. Talk to your parents, a professional, or school counselor. Get help and figure out why you're feeling this way so you can feel better.

I completely understand how you're feeling. I had the same problem when I was in high school. I am now 27 and still have that problem, but when I am in a public environment or a college classroom, my anxiety isn't so intense because I get a little used to it. Just try to make yourself believe the opposite of what you think. I always thought I was being judged by everyone, but one day I realized.. you know what? These people mean nothing to me, I don't have to impress anyone, just be yourself and if people like you because of you, then good, if not, screw them!

First off anxiety has Never killed anyone. I am a 32 student and I also have class tomorrow and I just don't want to go. When I attended college in 94 is when I started to suffer from anxiety and panic so you are in good company. I first was given anti anxiety medicine and it works but any drug has the potential for negative effects so be cautious. Next if you have a good friend in your classes confide in them,that way if you have a hard time in class you can turn to them for support. On that I never told my Professors of my problem but I am sure they are well versed in these matters and would understand if you explained your situation. Something I will tell you to never try and that's do not use alcohol to fix this problem. I wasted 7 year and too much money trying that method. I found that the more I learned about this common condition the more control I got back over my life. I am glad to hear you asking for help and not hiding away,I felt very alone and misunderstood at first, thank you for being brave and sharing your struggle
Sincerely Dreaminbig! oh and if you feel like sometimes you are going, crazy you not, your just growing up in a crazy world

Jesse D
Definitely go see your doctor. She can recommend you to a psychologist, who can talk to you about your anxiety and give you different ways to deal with your problems. Also, talk to your doctor about getting medication to help you sleep, so you'll be able to get the amount of sleep you need without constantly thinking about school.

For the last two years of high school, I woke up every morning and cried because I absolutely hated school, and sometimes had anxiety attacks. I had a really hard time sleeping too, knowing that I had to go to school the next day, and still do, even though I'm in college now.

i get what u mean but the only reason i was feeling that way was because there was some really mean girls that were givin me a hard time. on sundays i felt the worse but on other days it was just as bad. the trick is to keep busy. and usually when i got to skool my true friends would make me feel better, like make me laugh and whatever. so just try to stay busy and dont worry 2 much. hope this helps. <3

p.s. reading helped me a lot. i got to switch roles and be who ever i wanted to be. most importantly i got to rebel... in my imagination that is.

I have the best remedy ever that a psych doc gave me for anxiety that really sounds odd, but it works. I'll tell you it and then tell you why it works.

When you are on the bus or in class, think of the best thing that you can that you love in your life, that makes you feel good. Once you do that, put both feet firmly on the ground. No one has to notice that you are doing this. It's a trip. It's called grounding.

You see for some reason, you feel like you have to run away from being around social settings or even where you have to be put on the spot to answer questions. Putting your feet firmly on the ground grounds you in a weird way. You stop wanting to run. Your breathing slows. Watch, it works. You can even try it at home or in any anxious situation!

Good luck

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