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 I'm sat here alone in my flat feeling so miserable & don't know who to turn to for help?
Iam not receiving the care & support i think i should be getting via the Local Health Authority.I have just made a complaint to the local trust & got the reply back today.Everything is just ...

 Whats wrong with me??? Do I need help or what?
Well lets say I'm not a very happy person. I write as some people say disturbing poems but it just tells how I feel about my life and everything around it.
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 How the hell do I get out of Iowa?
I have been stuck in this state for 30 years!...

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 Is it normal to feel like a failure when you can't help somebody?
I like to help people. Sometimes a little too much, I get in the middle of arguments a lot because I hate arguments. I help my friends when they need it. Whether they need to talk about cutting, or ...

 Dont laugh...can you actually be addicted to chocolate?

 My doctor prescribed me prozac. Does this mean I am crazy?

 Amnesia?! Please help, easy ten points!?
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 I'm scared whats wrong with me?
I have been stressed for a long time, i also have derpression
but this moring i woke up feeling really sick and felt like i wanted to faint, also my mother who is diabled fell over this moring, ...

 My sister who is 18 years old cries every night for no reason and is always moody and sad and emotional...?
i think she may be depressed but about what? her life is good, no problems at all, she doesnt wana talk to a counsilor as he/she wud b a stranget then...help, any advice plz?!
Additional D...

 do adults/parents think teens being depressed is just puberty?
i took online depression quizzes
and i got pretty bad scores
i want to tell my parents
but i dont think they'll believe it because i act silly and stuff at home
i feel like ...

I watched a scary movie couple days ago and after i just cant sleep, i'm noot like a normal kid, i'm jittery, very gloomy, i.. i hate it!, but This may help: I'm sorta young, and ...

 I want to try weed, but i'm still not entirely sure...?
I just want to try it, i'm the only person out of all of my friends, cousins, who hasn't.. I feel kind of pressured yet again I do want to try it. I'm afraid but they all say that ...

 suicidal thoughts, got out of the hospital for attempt in december?
I am feeling suicidal right now.
I have called my therapist and talked to her.
She asked if i wanted to go to the hospital.
I was hospitalized for a suicide attempt mid-December.

 I am scared!!!?
I am pretty sure i have postpartum deprssion. I am going to the doctor tomorrow moring. I am scared she is going to take my baby away or put me in a mental hospital. I don't feel i am a harm to ...

 i need this answered in like 15 minutes haha pleasee thank you!!<3?
ok well its 345ish now and i have to get up at 5. if i go to sleep now will it help me at all or is it just better to stay up?? kayy ...

 sad songs about depression?
for some strange reaosn all i can listen to is sad, depressing music. even when i'm feeling relitavely happy.

how do you know when you are medically depressed ? if theres such a thing....

 Weird habits you have that you're not sure anyone else has?
well maybe you know some people do it, but whatever:
i always step on every crack on the sidewalk.
weird habits- what are yours?...

 Positives of being pale?
I really need a confidence booster when it comes from my pale skin. I am pretty faired skin, and tan only when i have to burn really really badly. I don't want to tan because of all the skin ...

 Should I commit suicide?
I am a thirteen year old boy. My life has been poor from the start. I am always unlucky, I have no friends, no girlfriend, i'm not strong at any subjects, not good at sport and my family hate me....

I ♥ Cupcakes
That's it...I'm done with life. My doctor can't see me and I just can't take it?
I am beyond depressed.. I am in bed now like I have been for who knows how long. I am on my laptop just sick of life. I wanted to see my doctor before I lose it and I can only see him February 4th. I told the secretary that I feel like I really need to see him and she said February 4th or nothing..so she was useless. I have a good doctor but can't see him. If I can wait two and a half freaking weeks before seeing home, hopefully I will still be here. I am at the end of my rope. I can't get out of bed, can't eat, why bother getting dressed, why go out, it is out of control. I am just sinking to the bottom right now. Every minute gets worst

Call 911, but leave us alone.

there are other doctors try to see one of them

You should call the suicide hotline. 1-800-SUICIDE

go to the emergency room they will help in the meantime

take it one step at a time.. call a hotline help number http://myjellybean.com/advice/hotlines/hotlines.htm

dont do anything stupid, someone extremley important in your life will be devastated call a hotline and talk to someone best of luck God Bless

Call a helpline, or call back and tell the secretary exactly how bad you are, in no uncertain terms. If these don't work, do this:
Stay in bed. Try to eat something, but don't worry about getting dressed. Don't worry about anything. If you have to stay in bed for the next two and a half weeks, so be it. Just do that, whatever it is you've got planned, whatever commitments like college/work that you have. Don't do anything that you can't handle, just don't commut suicide. Wait it out. See you doctor when you can, and try to get back on track.

Taken from a blog on geocities:
"My suggestion for living when you feel like this is: DO SOMETHING. I know that sounds completely retarded, how do you find the desire to do anything? But think about it, you are thinking about committing suicide. That is such a huge step, a huge action you are about to undertake. You do have the ability in you to commit suicide and therefore you have the ability to do SOMETHING. But just try making that something different than suicide. Take a huge risk, or don't. Throw caution to the wind. Take a drive and don't come back for two days. Eat an entire gallon of ice-cream. Why not? Who cares? You hate life anyways, so who cares what you do. Steal a candy bar from a store. Maybe you'll get caught, maybe you won't. But at least you'll be alive. Do something you would've never dreamed about. And once you do that something, do something else, and something else. Eventually you'll find that while you may not stop hating life, you'll be able to tolerate it, and you'll discover that occaisionally, you'll actually find joy in a few little things. Don't rush... Just work on trying to tolerate life for now."

It doesn't matter if you decide to go on normally until your appointment, or if you decide to stay in bed and just live until your appointment. Please just make it.

All the best, I know it sounds stupid, but take care of yourself.

What do you usually enjoy doing or eating?
Maybe close your eyes, see yourself putting all your troubles away in a box, tape it, (you can always come back to them later), then visualize yourself a few years back doing something or eathing something you really enjoyed and you were just in the moment.
After that, get up, take a shower, put on some clean clothes, some make-up, and go do just that!
Of course, if you have children, maybe get them a sitter first. =)
Take it one step at a time, one day at a time, ok?

P.S. Do this until your doctor can see you. I understand there's a trust issue and you'd rather see him.

Get another doctor, someone who can't see you when you are feeling like this is not even worth your money. Talk to your mom, a sister or a brother. And listen, get up from bed and go sit at a park, relax, and you will see that if you look at life with hopefull eyes, things will get better.

Whenever life is getting the best of me, I try to remember this quote that I made up.

"When at the very bottom of the roller coaster, know that the only way it can go from there is up."

I think life is trying it's best to get us, but the strong prevail. You're strong, keep it in your head that you don't want to lose this one. You have friends and family who will want to see you tomorrow, and the next day, etc.

Never give up.

Try to make an appointment with another doctor. Someone who understands that it is an emergency. They are there to help, there are many that will understand it.
I've felt something similar before. Every situation is different. THere are times I wondered why I was around at all. Visit the link I put at the bottom. I visited it more than once to help me through...it helps give far more suggestions on how to deal with what you're feeling than I can.

there are other ppl and places that can help you and if you were done with life you would not be online and asking for help there are hotlines and churches and ER's so there is no excuse not only that there is this amazing man I know named GOD that said you can come to him whenever at anytime you should try him. im not judging you i've been there but you can pull yourself up and out if you wanted to and since you are on yahoo answers i think you do..........good luck and just pick up that lil book called the bible and let it lead you.

Check yourself into the hospital. Then, your doctor will have to come see you. I am sorry you are having such a hard time. I know what it feels like to be depressed. But, I'm assuming, by your name, that you have someone named Emma that you care about. Get better for the ones you love as well as for yourself. This too, shall pass. Trust me, if you will reach out to God, He will pull you up out of this pit. I am so sorry that you feel so bad... is it situational or is it a clinical depression? You can contact me if you need to.
There is a hope.

Yes...you could be pregnant!
so ring back and say u are suicidal and need to see your doctor and she will get you an appointment

Are you on any meds? I know it's hard, but try exercise and getting sun shine. talk to someone that you have there undivided attention and get everything off your chest. Please don't hurt yourself. Remember that so many people are going through the same thing as you. It's not your fault. You just have a chemical imbalance that needs to be corrected. It will get corrected, don't give up!

Fold up your laptop, put on your slippers, and call the operator to get you a cab to take you to the hospital. Try to find a hospital you haven't been to yet. Better yet, go out in your pjs and slippers, leave the laptop, and walk to the hospital yourself, in the cold darkness. If nothing matters, then this won't matter either. Stop and talk to strangers on the way there, tell them you're depressed, see what nice police people you may meet on the way to the hospital. If you are desperate, this is a workable solution.

i see that your name is Emma's Mommy, does that mean that you have a daughter, if so think about her and how devastating it would be for her to lose her mother. You just answered on of my questions and i appreciate it, thank you. I wish that i could do more but i think that you should go to the emergency room, go to a relatives house or friends house where they could be with you, or have someone come over to be with you. I hope all goes well. god bless!

If I were feeling like you are, I would go to theemergency room to seek help hun. If you are feeling suicidal, please get help there. If you are waiting to get in with a psychiatrist, go ahead and go to your regular doctor tomorrow or tuesday. Even if you do end up going to the E.R., it doesn't necessarily mean that they will "bakeract" you. Hugs, and going by your screenname, you have a daughter to live for. Right now though, you need help for yourself.

I wouldn't let it get the best of you. I'd try to call a suicide hot line or something. At least that way they will be able to guide you until then. If its that bad you should get up and go in to the doctors office in person and say it is an emergency. I'd call and tell her how you feel. Tell her that you feel like if you don't see the doctor now something bad will happen. They have to make room. If not that would be really bad on their part. Try to find a new doctor if they cant see you. Anythings better than nothing. Good luck!

Either call the number above or go to the ER, you can find help now.....you don't have to wait, but please don't lose hope!

You know, I couldn't help but notice that your name was "emma's mommy" How would emma feel if you weren't there anymore? Don't be dumb sweetie. Go to the emergency room in the meantime and get some help. Please...

Sometimes the system that is set up to help us does not help till it is too late... As a consumer sometimes we have to take the step to control out own care... With this being said you might get the help you need by checking your self in... Even if we both know your not suicidal but just need help to get things back together... I've had to do it once, and sometimes that is what it takes to get the ball rolling and the wheels turning faster. Down here in FLA we call in "Riding the System"...

What I did is call 911 and said I need help, the officer asked if I want to talk to someone and had me voluntarily committed for 48 hours... They send me home with new meds and scrips... Along with getting me set up with a group... I got the help I need...

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