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Suicide. . .?
My best friend is seriously comtemplating suicide. He has been having suicidal thoughts for several months and have been confessing them to me, and he says that he is going to take his own life to end all of his pain. I love him deeply and I couldn't bear to see him kill himself; I beg him not to do it, but he won't listen to me. He won't listen to anyone else, and he won't call the suicide hotline, either. I tell him I love him and that I'll always be there for him and I'll always listen, and it seems to be helping, but he's still contemplating suicide. What can I do to influence him to get help? Please give me suggestions.

If your pleading thus far has not convinced him then it is your responsibility to go to his parents or guardians to force him to get help. It is better for him to be mad at your for this than to have him dead. I was in the same situation at one point, your friend is not in the right mindset and no rationale thought is going to change his mind. Intervention at this point is the only thing that you can do before it is too late. Do not wait on this or try to fix it yourself, this may be bigger than you.

This topic was discussed in my one psychology class today. You can actually call a therapist's office and ask them what you can do to help your friend. You can also offer to your friend to set up an appointment for him and go with him to it (so that he feels supported and doesn't back out at the last minute). You're correct that this is a serious issue, a lot of teens commit suicide each year, and a lot of them talk about it before actually doing it. Stay strong and call a therapist to talk it over, over the phone.
Best Wishes!

go talk to a counsler. . . .
ohh and tell him to watch the music video hold on by good charlotte
oh and tell him once hes 18(if minor) he can do watever he wants and its not that hard to wait.

take him to a mental hospital...

just convice them that they can get throught it and they dont need to throw all of their life away. and tell them that you will always be there to support them if they ever need someone.

just useless to throw a life away.

Your friend needs outside help. Beyond what you can give as a friend, someone who can get him into a place where he cannot hurt himself and help him heal from all that is hurting him. Talk with a school counselor and tell them what you know. Or dial 911 and tell them you have a 5150--that says to them that you know of someone in your presence who is going to harm themselves. Your friend may not understand and feel betrayed, but this may save his life and one day he will be able to work it out.

Andy Mcnab
My friend has recently started cutting himself, I feel the same way. You need to contact the school guidance office, tell them. This needs to be taken very seriously and delt with quickly and effectively. He needs counseling and meds, act quickly before something happens.

Equestrian Girl
if he is seriously thinking of doing this, u need to get him help right now! even getting your parents and his involve would help! maybe an anti-depressant if he is in so much pain. but you NEED to tell somone! do it for him! in the long run, he will thank u...

Your going to have to get him help. It will be hard, but he needs to see a professional doctor and I bet medication.

I can kind of relate, my aunt once attempted suicide. We had no idea she was so depressed and how far it had gone, and our whole family regrets not being there for her and getting her help. I'm sure you don't want to feel that hopeless sensation of guilt and regret.

After the incident, I learned a lot about depression and what to do. You NEED to get help, even if the person doesn't want it. You're doing a good job of supporting him, and continue doing that because he needs someone to count on. Call the suicide hotline yourself, ask them what to do, and they'll help you. Do whatever it takes to get him help, before it's too late. He may not trust you for a little while, but it's a small price to pay for the life of the one you love.

Best of luck

gotta luv da Li
I've been very close to suicide. If I ever tell anyone, the unsaid but real message will be get me help, psych ward, ECT, anything. I have bipolar. I have never attempted. I have never told anyone how close I was until after the fact. Silence is when you don't want to be stopped. Talking about it is when you do. Tell his parents. He is asking this of you.

This is not good.
Did you tell him everything you just said here? Start with that-if you haven't.
TELL SOMEONE! Anyone! Someone that can do something. Teacher, principals, co-workers, parents, ANYONE!
Watch him carefully, make sure you are with him almost always.
Try to make him happy.
So him the good in life.
Figure out what's bothering him.
But you MUST contact someone who cares/can help this. Hire a psychologist if you have to!
Every life matters.

Get in touch with a suicide hotline yourself.. You are not equipped to handle this, and if he is successful in his attempt, you will feel bad for a long time. They wll be able to give you better advice than you are likely to receeive here.

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I know you don't want to hear this but you need to tell his parents. As a parent it would be crucial for me to know if my children were contemplating suicide. Be a friends...SPEAK UP!!!

Outdoors Kid
Sit down with him and have a really serious conversation...

Ask him if he really wants to give up, if he never wants to grow up or live his life dreams. Ask questions which really make him think about second guessing his thoughts. then reassure him that living would be great... If you're Really in love with him close the conversation with something like "I'd really like to see us get married someday."

If this isnt working... this is a last resort... you need to seek further help and get him antidepressants or counseling or something.

Good Luck! I hope you see this through.

/ I don't know about your friend, however in many suicidal people, the brain is chemically imbalanced which produces these thoughts and feelings which are very real.

Medical treatment with anti-depressants produces the right chemical balance so the person thinks rationally, and doesn't have these thoughts and feelings.

Idk how you can tell your friend to get help, but maybe YOU should call the Suicide Hotline for him. You won't feel guilty if you do. They are the professionals who know how to help your friend live a normal happy, and healthy life.

keep telling him you love him!!
one question do u love him more then a friend if so tell him that im sure he would love u enough not to leave u alone like he planed...
... try calling the suicide hotline your self they might give u advice on how to do this...
...because i may seem smart but i dont know any thing

I had suicidal moments in my life but something my Dad told me always stuck with me. He said that the men that jump off tall buildings change their minds halfway down. Oh, the horror! I could just imagine that. Nothing would be worse than changing your mind and wanting to live but being too late to save yourself. Get him to picture this. But also call the hotline and get advice and maybe you could stage an intervention, get everyone who cares about him to confront him. Suicide is really selfish. The people who suffer are the ones left behind.

You need to tell someone. maybe your parents or his parents or someone at school. he needs help and sure he might be mad at you for a while but he needs help and fast.

All you can do is continue in what you are doing. You could call the hot line yourself and ask them what to do. good luck!!!!

I don't know how old he is but tell his parents, call the police before he does any harm. He needs to be admitted to the hospital. He has issues. Do it before it is too late.

Jordan D
Suicide is NEVER THE ANSWER. Just tell him that, and if he doesn't listen, you HAVE to tell someone immediately.

Ziggy Stardust
Have you went to his parents or someone that is a parental figure about this? That is about the only option you have left. You have tried to reach him.

you should really tell someone else so they can get help for him; like a coounselor. i feel bad for your friend because i know what its like. he'll hate you at first, but in the end he'll thank you

Lindsay M
I used to be the same way, and one of my friends told my mom about it and they got me psychiatric help. I was bitter at the time but really appreciate what she did for me, because after getting help, I improved so much. Hope everything turns out ok, good luck.

Joe Shmoe
If you were his shrink you'd be compelled by law to report him (to the police I presume) for his own protection. You'd best take it seriously and intercede on his behalf.

Well, show him a really fun day, and maybe inform other people you think would help about this. (you know who they are)

Also, if i were you i would call the suicide hotline and get there advise on this situation. Just because you arent the depressed one dosent mean u cant call.

Get help....talk to someone....take him do a doctor....and try to be w/ him all the time (ofcourse u cant).....so get help from anyone.
he has serious issues!

slushpile reader
tell someone. tell his parents. NOW. TODAY.

EDIT: I came back to check on this as this is something (as you can tell below) very close to home to me. I'm not kidding. Any advice other than to TELL HIS PARENTS and OTHER CARING ADULTS RIGHT NOW is bad advise. Please. Please. PLEASE. Call his mom and dad and tell them everything you just wrote. If you really care, then you know his life is worth more than his trust. Tell someone. If you can't bring yourself to call his parents, then tell yours and have them call his parents. Before its too late. I can assure you living the rest of your life thinking you could have stopped it...

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