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Suicidal, have asked for help and nothings happened?
I don't know what to do anymore.

I have told my GP and Key worker how I am feeling. My psychiatrist says theres nothing else can be done. I have rang the samaritans and the crisis home treatment team on tuesday night, crying about how awful I feel and how I can't cope. They just told me to go take some of my medication and go to bed and that my key worker would ring yesterday, she didn't. I went to see the person on duty in the mental health department and cried with her for an hour because I feel desperate and she just told me to keep ringing home treatment. I left feeling dead, hopeless and lifeless. I duno what to do anymore.
They always say if your suicidal there is people who can help but I get the impression there isn't.

I am 21 years old but please dont tell me I have my whole life ahead of me, theres nothing worse to hear right now.

I have depression and Borderline personality disorder and am on medication which my psychiatrist will not change.


Paul S
I recommend getting a hobby.

I think you are seeking some form of attention and you need seeing too

What more can they actually do? What kind of help would you like?

Most of the time we just need someone to step in and care for us as if we were a child again. Make meals, bring drinks, DVD's etc. Do you have a parent or relative that could do this?

Sammie M
Ok I think you should go to the doctors and explain how unhelpful these "proffesional" people around you are.

You need to sit down and think to yourself...what do I hate in my life so much?
If its image - you can always loose weight, dye your hair, wear make up, change ur clothes
If its your job - start looking for a new one and sign up to agencies
If its your home life - confinde in a friend and get out more, go to pubs or even the gym and be socialble, or join a club. meet new people

You have to think there are people with disbailities etc. think how lucly you actally are and you are 21, young and its not too late to change your life.

Have you ever thought about working abroad or travelling, you need to set yourself an aim and work towards it, put all your time and effort into it and distract yourself from your depression!

just please sit and think to yourself.....ok whats so bad in my life atm that i cant change?

Maybe you need to get an

Stop and look around you!
You are not alone most people suffer depression at some point in their lifetime and they get through!
I have been there too I had no one at the time, yet I clung on with everything I had!
Sometimes I'm amazed I did and If I told You what happened, well you probably wouldn't believe me and I'm not about to tell the world!

Get yourself out there in any way you can, take one day at a time and do a little more everyday!
Help someone out!
Make their day for a change!
It will make you feel better I'm sure
You are the one to turn your life around x

I have found that there is no one with a instant answer to problems. I have also learned that when my life was at its worst, it's harder to find someone to help right at that point. Extreme emotional pain seems to overwhelm most people. The thing is, we can't always find people just when we want them, but you can find God. I learned that when I used to have panic attacks. No person had answers or help that worked, but I experienced God's presence and help and found him to be very real and very available. No diagnosis or trauma overwhelms him and nothing is impossible for him. Sometimes he uses people to help you, but ultimately he helps when there is no one else around. He doesn't disappoint us when we sincerely cry to him.

If you really want to get better listen, consider, and do as many of these suggestions as meet your needs. You must find profesionals, shrinks, physicians, social workers, counselors, and every single professional you deal with, make sure they listen and treat you and not your symptoms only. Get different professionals. It is not unusual to go to several profesionals before getting the help you NEED. Think of yourself and getting better. Talk to friends and do research, call clinics and hospitals to get the best references for you. You are too good to suffer as you are. You Must do daily prayers and read at least one verse of the Bible each day. DO YOU WANT HELP, CONSIDER THESE WORDS.

hey hun sorry to hear you're feeling so desperate.
Don't listen to those morons who insult you or say that you're doing this for attention, they know nothing of the suffering you're going through.
i really don't know what to say, other than to go to your GP and insist that they help you, and tell them how desperate you are. or even try and get help from a hospital - perhaps even admitting yourself into the hospital might help? so that at least you will get attention and help focused on you like you really need.
i'm sorry i can't help any more.

please hang on in there. as you can see, many people on here care about you, it would be a great loss if you were to kill yourself.
please please keep going.
i'm always here if you want to talk.
stay strong, stay safe.

Hmm, I feel for you. And despite me only being a psychology student I strongly recommend you see a professional psychologist. Sure it might cost a bit, but he or she will get to the very root of your problem. It is better to get things off your chest by talking about your problems then having to suppress them with medication. Taking your own life will have a massive rippling effect on the people you know. I don't care how you rank my suggestion, but that's all it is isn't it? A suggestion.
Good Luck


Im really sorry to read about your situation. Im shocked! I, too thought that there is help out there to keep people safe when they are suicidal. Sometimes even mental health professionals find it hard to recognise someone who desperatley needs support.

Im not sure about what your living situation is now, but have you considered asking your psychiatrist or GP to see if its possible for you to go into some kind of supported housing? I live in a foyer which isnt especially for people with mental health problems but I find the structure and stability here really helpful to my depression. You might feel this way too, and in supported housing there will be staff on hand for you to talk to and discuss your feelings. Im sure your psychiatrist would welcome a fresh idea as he seems to run out of new things that HE can try.

Good luck and take care.

Go to hospital, demand you need help.

Try to keep focused on anything other than yourself and how you feel. Maybe a good movie, help someone. Just get your mind off you, it will help a lot.

All the best, hang in there. Things WILL get better!

Athren the Glorious
Listen your not alone, and by that I mean in terms of how pointless life can be. I could explain to you how things such as world peace and poverty could destory this world. I can tell you the only universal truth I know that cannot be questioned which is Life consumes life so that it may live.

The more you learn, the more you realize you don't know anything. And truth becomes a downward spiral testing out limitations, pushing us towards that edge.

I have cyclothmia, panic disorder, and quit taking my pills ages ago because therapy did not work for me either. The only thing that keeps me going is using this depressive knowledge that I am burdened with. To keep in mind that I see the evils of this world, and there are people out there so far more deserving than I to die.

I do everything within my power not to become what I want to be, for I do not know...I lack that ambition or understanding. Yet what I do know is what I hate, those who are less than me who choose to be so. Why should I be so selfless and self sacrificing when these people walk among us dragging others down. So I become the opposite of them, and consequently enough I become better than everyone I know.

You can talk to me about how you see life, for I would love to hear it. I could share any insights with you as you can with me. So even if one of us chooses to do the final deed. We live on through each others words, so please do not deny me such a honor for when you face death itself you learned something dreadful.

But I will be honest with you, I danced with the devil himself and failed which is why I am still alive. Still questioning what is currently keeping me going, which is what I told you. I can inform you of the cons but it has plenty of pros. And I am sure you lived on this earth to know that the greater good is not all good, and so to say people will suffer. So with any choice we make, there will be a negetive effect.

Please, please dont take any action towards ending your life. I understand that you feel desperate and alone right now, but those feelings can, and are very likely to, change.
When your key worker didnt ring, did you try to ring her? Do you have anyone in your family who could ring home treatment and/or your key worker for you to explain that you are not getting enough support? Do you feel that you need round the clock care at the moment? I realise i am asking a lot of questions, but i feel very concerned for you. Perhaps you would like to email me, i'd be glad to help if i can.
email address on my profile.

Please ignore an helpful comments. Some people just can't understand. I am going through the same thing. Sorry I can't help much.

Wishing you luck.

Cassie T
I've been in exactly that spot. I'm bipolar. I was suicidally depressed, and no one was listening to myself. I started cutting myself and planning my suicide. I tried to have myself committed, but they turned me away because of my insurance and because I wasn't foaming at the mouth. So the night they turned me away I overdosed, and wound up puking it all up. It was horrible.

For me, the nature of my illness is such that if I wait long enough, assuming I don't kill myself first, it will lift on its own. But I don't know if that's the case for you.

I would go to the ER and tell them you want to be voluntarily committed for suicide watch. Argue with therm. Plead with them. Refuse to leave until they do something about it, at least evaluate you for outpatient or a med change.

This is the hardest thing to do when you're depressed, but you have to be persistent and stubborn and hold your ground. Don't let them ignore you. They are there to serve YOU. And if they won't, then they aren't doing them jobs.

Email me if you like. I'll be pulling for you. And I hope you feel better soon.

Go to your nearest ER and put it on them as to how much help you feel you need and would like to be admitted.
If that doesn't work- call 911 as a suicidal person and let that operator know your begging for help.
If that don't work - in most states a friend or family member can contact the cororner office (via 911) explaining your situation and recommending your need for admission to a facility.
Go to another MD (physch.) ASAP.
If your current MD said there is nothing else that can be done - he/she should be reported for that or should have given you some referrals for further treatment if he/she feels he/she can no longer treat you.
Open up to a friend/family member in depth as to how you feel and beg for help.
Go to a church - doesn't have to be the one you always go to or if you never go to church seek out one ASAP - and talk with a person over there.
- Key Note - you are able to pull yourself out of this black hole!! It is finding your way out that is the ***** of life. Try by all means necessary to walk for a few min- draw, write, punch holes in paper if you have to - all means necessary to keep you occupied and doing things for you!

Get hold of your GP and tell them that you are desperate and do not know how much longer you will last without doing harm to yourself - they should be admitting you to a psychiatric unit within the region you live. Then to feel better also mention that you feel like approaching a lawyer that deals with medical negligence - and specify that should the worst happen - he will be allowed to sue the local health board for negligence out of any estate you would have left- amazing how quickly you get a reaction with both arguments. You are going through a very dark time in your life but try and see a little bit of a glimmer at the end of a very long, dark and arduous tunnel journey almost like a re-birth of yourself.

Huge Hugs.

I know you find it hard to talk to your mom about these things as I am the same. I am just wondering if you was to tell her how she would react to the lack of support being shown by your psychiatrist etc... I suppose I am only guessing, but I think she would want to help her daughter anyway she could because she loves you so much. If talking to your mom is too much how about your sister?

I know I don't have the answers, but I do think you have been doing really well and you have been trying really hard to help yourself too.

I know it's not the same but I am always here for you. And I hope in some way I help.

Huge Hugs
xxx :-)))

Hi SH2007.

OK first of all please do not pay any attention to any of the horrible and un-symathetic answers on here. They are not the opinions of the majority, who are really concerned that you are feeling this way.

It's clear looking at your history of questions that you have been suffering for a long time now and are just desperate for some help.

I also believe that you do want to help yourself as you are on here asking for it. I don't think that you want to harm yourself but the sheer level of the depression is becoming unbearable for you and making you feel that there are no other options - but there are.

Please please please go to your nearest GP straight away and get yourself sat in front of them and tell them in a no nonsense fashion just how desperate you are. If it is difficult to talk and convey this verbally then you could print out all your questions and answers off of here to show just how much you have been struggling.

If you want to email me and talk about anything at all please do so through answers - if you need a friend you've got one ok. I'm not a trained counsellor but if I can help I will do and I want to so please look after yourself and do what I've suggessted.

Stay strong.

Rob :-)

I too have suffered from depression I didn't really tell anyone and I have no idea of how I got through it, and you're right its annoying when people say cliches like you have your whole life ahead of me regardless of true it might be. What you need to do is talk to a family member if you have one. And just talk. hope you'll be okay.
Hope this helps x

blue eyed devil
i know what it like when your having a crisis and everyone seems to busy to worry.

my advise to you is to take yourself of to the hopsital and talk to the crisis team there. they will give you more constructive help than "take your meds".

honestly i have had to do this so many times but at least by going to the hopsital you will get the help you need straight away without having to wait for calls back that never come and make you worse!

good luck

My god! do not listen to Mai19822 obviously she has a perfect life and does not know what it is like to be depressed!

I cannot help a lot but wanted you to know you are not the only one out there who feels how you do. Try and right a list of good points in your life and goals you would like to achieve, (realistic ones! not win the lottery). Start trying to focus on any positive points in your life trust me you will find one, like a close relationship with mother, dad, friend, brother, sister. Try not to be alone if you are alone find a website where you can express your feelings to others. Hoping i have helped a little.

Hiya, I do know how you are feeling as I have felt like this before. The best thing I would suggest you do is go back to your GP and tell him/her literally how desperate you are and that you need some form of help NOW and that everyone is not helping you.

Hey, I understand what it's like. I don't really know what will help right now. It takes 2-4 weeks for meds to work usually, so if you haven't been on those ones that long yet then please wait a little longer and see if they help. Otherwise, I'd suggest trying to get a different psych who will try you out on different meds. Unfortunately it's generally trial and error to find out what med will help you best.

You can add me to your IM if you like, if you want someone to talk to. I don't have a degree or any training, but I know what depression is like and may be able to offer some kind of comfort until your GP, key worker and psych get their acts together and give you the help you need. There is always something else that can be done. Please don't give up yet.

Email or PM me via my profile and I'll send you my email address so you can add me, if you want.

I know what you are feeling as have been there myself and like you I often found the services on offer were just laughable, if only I was in the mood to laugh. It is so hard to get out of the black hole of despair once you are there but please keep trying.

All I really wanted to do was wallow in bed but a couple of really good friends dragged me out (kicking and screaming I hasten to add) and they were right. The things that helped me most were keepng as busy as possible as it stopped me thinking about the things that dragged me down. Exercise in particular helped as it boosts the bodys natural endorphines to pick you up. I couldn't read or watch TV as my mind just wandered back into the black hole but things that involved more focus worked.

You are crying out for help and I think that is a god sign as it shows you don't really want to kill yourself, you want someone to give you a different solution. Stick with your medication, it can help. You are ill and there is no shame in that. The medication is to help with the chemical imbalance that causes your depression and may take a while to really work. I don't know whether there has been a trigger to get you this low but if so the only way forward will be to face it and fnd a way of releasing the emotions. Talk about it, Scream, punch pillows anything that gets it out for you.

It can get better honey but don't suffer alone. You may feel like you are putting things on your friends and family but telling them how you feel and let them support you, they will want to help as they love you. Keep trying the professionals, I eventually found one care worker who I felt really comfortable with and suddenly it made a difference. Don't worry about being a pest to them, it is their job and you need their help so keep asking.

You can make it through I promise. If I did it, you can too. It is hard and there is no getting away from that but I know you want to or you wouldn't have written your post.

I hope I helped. xxx

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