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 sometimes i feel suicidal. . .?
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Suicidal and Completely Lost. Help?
How do I start this? Hmm. Well, it's safe to say, that by writing this, I have no where else to turn to for guidance. So I turn to you, the mass public, for help. I am in high school, an Eagle Scout, a football player, and the rest of that garbage. In the recent two years, I have gradually become less of a person, shall we say. I mean that I have depression with which no drug or therapist has yet to defeat with me. As a result, I frequently entertain suicidal thoughts. Why shouldn't I? After all, I am that invisible "middle" child that has failed to amass very many friends (none of whom are very close to me) and also failed in every school endeavor so far (student government, debate, and football captain.) Call me a bitter little sad sack but this stuff has gotten to me, not to mention fanning the flames. Anyway, I have no one to talk to, and if I confide with my parents, they will simply lose it. They believe everything is fine for me again. I do hide emotions well. (That's one skill, I suppose.) Now I realize that high school life isn't everything. I know that. When you grow up with no "best friends" you become very aware of the future. That's the problem, though. I don't wish to be a part of the future. If I should choose to die tonight, several family members will mourn for a while and then return to life. Everything will go on, just like it would if I remained here until the end. For that I am expected to "be happy" and live? I feel so empty and no one (who cares) can help me. So I ask you all, what can I do with this empty life and resist the urge to check out early?

[email protected]
Don't mind if I do.

You bitter little sad sack!!!

F** your past,The future is in you f****** hands

is there anything you want to do in your future?

if not, you must be spoiled and your parents gives you everything you want

Hang in there man. They're loads of poor people in Africa and Asia and South America etc. who are starving, thirsty, and are ill, yet they work so hard and carry on and on in order to try to achieve success and opefully dream to come to a Western country. I dont know what you've been through, so I cant really blame you completely. But take time to reflect on things, and watch inspirational or motivational films such as 'The Pursuit of Happiness'. Commiting suicide would ruin the lives of others who love you. How would you feel like if your mum commited suicide?
If you need anyone to talk to, tell me to reply on Additional details. I willl come back to check.
Good luck

lisa a
Hi, it will get better x You need to see a doctor and get anti depressants, it often takes a while to find the drug that is right for you, and counselling. Also, find a new hobby you enjoy.
It will also help a to exercise ( it increases the happy chemicals in the body); eat healthily; take fish oils and a multi vitamin. Take time to relax and do the things you enjoy, you only feel no-one cares because you are depressed. People love and will miss you.
Try a new club or volunteer work to make new friends. Hypnotherapy may also help if you can afford it x

Terra et solis
Contact The Samaritans. The first link is UK, and you can also email them from anywhere. It is confidential.


Here are links to NYC and Boston phone lines, or you can search for a group in your area:


I suggest emailing them because they will establish a Q&A dialogue with you that seems very simplistic, but in actuality will help you to separate out your issues into something more manageable. You are dealing with a lot of different questions, which has your brain stuck in a loop that you are trying to get out of. You can get out of the loop by unraveling the issues you are facing. Each of them can be dealt with effectively so that you can have a realistically fulfilling life, instead of trying to deal with stereotype images of creating and maintaining some type of hard to achieve perfection that is perpetuated on television and in music and films. Your life is normal, but your perception of it is being twisted by the fiction you see presented as real life. That fiction is not to be aimed for or used as a goal. It is unreal and unachievable, and leaves everyone feeling undervalued and with no sense of their place in the world. You have a very real place in the world, and many gifts to receive and give, but you are going to need help stripping away the myths of conventional society. You should absolutely tell your parents how you are feeling. They can and will help you. Your life as you are describing it is partially the product of parents who do have the skills and mentality to help you. If they did not, you would be describing a very disordered and dysfuntional family life, which you are not. Your parents will be an unending supply of help for you now and in the future. You need to see a psychologist to unravel your issues, so you can start to release old patterns of thought that are weighing you down and keeping you from seeing things as they really are and really can be. This happens to a lot of people, and there is an enormous amount of help available, but you have to be brave and ask for it. Life is the gift of a challenge. You are always being tested, and every time that you fall and get back up, you have won another test. Suicide just ends the challenge and there's nothing to be gained at all. "Friends" was a TV show. It wasn't anything like real life. Don't worry about the best friend thing. People have friends who are really acquaintences that come and go like the wind. We most of us ever in our lives only have very deep relationships with a handful of people, and they are few and far between. Treasure those, and don't feel that you need more just because you hear people talking about it - they are talking about the fantasy, not real life. People rarely talk about what is real - they want to be admired at all costs. Life really is much, much more measured and much less dramatic than what we are lead to believe. It unfolds slowly, with many challenges, and a few satisfying and fulfilling rewards. It is only when it's about to be taken away from them that people understand how precious their life is. See things from the perspective of a person going through a crisis - if only they had some food to eat and water to drink, they would be happy. You have so much more. Learn to be content and to appreciate what comes your way. If it's hard - it's a chance to take on a challenge. If it's easy and good - it's a nice reward. The sum of it all is a life well lived. You are normal - you just need a few helping hands right now and your challenge is to ask for the help. I believe you can and will do this.

High school is crappy. It will get much better in college. Lots of new people and a chance to make new friendships. You are smart and athletic so you have more choices in life than most of your peers do. Your schedule sounds exhausting. I think you might just have too much pressure on you,too many school functions ,drop some of them so you can have enough time for a good social life.Are you involved in all these activities because you feel like you'll get back the attention that your other siblings are getting? Try to get some counseling or therapy, you need someone to talk this all out with.It's confidential and nobody needs to know that you are going to get some help..You seem very sad and depressed. I know you feel like if you are gone that your family and friends won't miss you for long,but that is so very wrong. Your parents will grieve for the rest of their lives and feel like they they caused it.You have a place in this life. When you are feeling depressed,call 1-800-273(talk) 8255 .There are people waiting to listen to you and not judge you. You don't have to give your name . Call whenever you want and talk for as long as you want. Please try it at least once.
good luck

hey buddy, hi.

have you watched the movie worlds greatest dad?
then go and watch it if u haven't else watch it again..

u know wot.. i might be soo far from you and your world out there but can feel and understand wotever you are going through out the...

u have called yourself nothing... y do u think so eh?
i say u are so enthusiastic guy out there but have no recognition for wot u do... u atleast participate in few things, do works even though u fail and try hard to live... but there are people out ther who don't even bother to be good and use themselves... u r better than millions of people who are livig a useless life...

every humans go through a tough time.... this is yours, the only solution is to find yourself and the satisfaction your soul and heart needs... at this moment if you wanna start having a good life, just try this...
go out and help the one who is facing problems worst than you....
u'll get to know wot u have to do... its true,,, and can creat miracles.

Brian Chrysler
Hm. How about you stop crying about what you can't do and start living with what you can do. Get closer to your select group of friends. A deep friendship is worth more than 1000 acquaintances. School is important, but "failing" is not the same as "useless". A failed course means you didn't understand the material because the teacher explained it wrong. Are you interested in any subject in particular? Take it up as an extracurricular or possibly a career path.

This might seem "religious zealot", but find God in some way. Even if its nontraditional. It will help.

And people WILL be effected if you end it. Do not panic. It will be alright.

Ellis Bontellis
No way that your family would mourn for "a while" and then forget about it. Just realize that life is a gift and you have a lot of life left in you. SO many experiences which you have not experienced yet. I've felt like that a few times in life, but I know theres much more in store. Don't think about death, think about what's to come. I wish I could help you more, but feel free to message me if you need someone to talk to.

hes right just give it time high school was hell to me too but now that i look back it wasn't **** you'll realize that later just breathe and chill out your young live it up while you can don't stress over the books sports classes and all that junk so hard cuz trust me things could be ALOT worse

it's a very tough situation to be in, i know from experience. you may believe that your family members will just move on in life, but i guarantee you they will not. it will be a big issue within your family and could quite possibly cause a rift between everyone. what you need to do is find something worth living for. whether you try to make more friends, perhaps by trying online first for a friend. maybe someone you can email every day, someone who can help to just make you smile. life is precious and can be taken at any second, there's no need to take it yourself. find a hobby that makes you anxious to want to wake up every day. if you enjoy cooking, biking, creating, anything that can help keep your mind occupied. do you want to learn the guitar? or perhaps be a writer. you've clearly got the knack for writing, i can see that just within this. put your emotions, your life's problems down on paper. your situations could perhaps save another person from suicide. there's a big world out there to discover and rather than taking that opportunity from yourself, go out there and explore. you might be surprised as to what you find. if you want to talk, let me know. :)

ok well , first of all . you should stop thinking of negative things and start thinking of the amazing times in life you've had. make new friends. why not? friends are really important, they help you through alot. and dont think about suicide. life is VERY short. and your still a young man , dont you wanna get married and have a beautiful family ? dont you wanna raise kids ? even if you fail your classes, dosnt mean your a failure, you just dont wanna try & i understand because your going through depression. but please think about the good things, but all the nagative things behind you & throw it away. Everyday of life is special , you learn new things little by littlle, you make new friends, you learn new things to do, & things that make you happy or sad. life is hard but everyone gets threw with it . you just gotta be strong enough to face that your gonna be going trought difficult times but nothing should ever put you down, life is a really valuable thing. i promise you, in a few years or months , your gonna be happy. god wants everybody to be happy . and he's gonna help you with everything and give you the best things after <3

dood there is sooooo much to live for... and think about it you have two siblings and two parents why would you put them through that??? look dont do it... it is very selfish and is the absolute worst thing you can do... dont do it... your life will get better... I promise and you could focus your attention on skills like... idk design or something you love to do... make it so you have something you really would like to do at the end of the school day... go online and make a list of all the places you would like to go after you graduate... there is many thing you can do... and there is so much in your future if you in highschool now

Have you spoken to a counselor at school or anything? It seems like you are in desperate need of guidance. I'm in a somewhat similar situation right now, although I am in college. I have set up an appointment with a free counselor and I feel it is the right step for anyone in our situation. Also, just because you may feel isolated in high school does not mean you will be alone forever. Everyday is a new opportunity to meet people. Also, your family will not simply "mourn for a while," they will be absolutely crushed, even if they may not seem very emotionally open you are their son after all.

Just from an outside perspective, none of the problems you have listed seem like justifiable reason for suicide. I don't mean to downplay serious trouble that you may be going through, I am just trying to provide a more objective assessment of your current issues. I'm sorry if this doesn't help much. As someone who has been in your position before, I really do hope you start to feel better.

Speaking of Segues
We all die eventually. Any loved ones and family members will always mourn for a while and then return to life. The question, though, is when that person dies, and was it of their own volition? True, you don't know what life has in store for you, but that's the point. Things might get worse, or they might get better, but there's only one way to find out which was they're going to go.

There are people much older than you with far worse problems. Drug addiction, homelessness, completely broke and unable to file bankruptcy because they've filed it before, starvation, being thrown in prison for asking for another newspaper to read... it might help if you traveled a bit and got some perspective on other ways of life, and you could see that it's just a matter of changing your outlook on things. You can't look at everything as a failure; you have to look at things as an opportunity to start again and do it right this time. As a clean slate.

But, if failing all that you're truly worried, and you're thinking it's serious and not just a cry for attention, then you can go to any hospital nearby and check yourself in. Or phone the police non-emergency (or, depending on if you're holding a gun as you call them, emergency), and tell the hospital or police officers that you're suicidal and worried that you're a danger to yourself. You will be checked in and put under watch, and provided with counseling/therapy and made sure that you cannot harm yourself.

Killing yourself means the story ends now, in the middle of a chapter. It's up to you to decide whether or not your story continues until the end of the book. And even if the book ends up not having the most positive outcome, or the outcome you hoped it would, at least you were able to see it through, witness things you never could have dreamed you'd see, and allow yourself and your life the opportunity to continue to see what has yet to come.

You're a football player, so it's like your coaches tell you; quitters never win. Sure, if you play the whole game you might still lose, but if you give up and quit, you definitely lose. Isn't the "might" better than the "definitely not"? If you think the "might" is worth the shot, then check yourself into a hospital and you'll receive the help you need.

I agree, life is a gift. I also suffer from a depressive disorder and have turned away from modern medication. I also grew up the "ignored" child in my family (my siblings were hellions and I was not) and because we moved twice a year I didn't make many friends.

I also gave serious thought to killing myself, and actually tried once. Then one day, I just decided to grow up. I quit dealing with my siblings/family drama and decided that I couldn't rate my happiness based on my place in any one person's life. You have to be completely honest with yourself and really decide who you are going to be. It's a really difficult process. High school is not everything and it will go by much more quickly than you realize.

You say that you are hiding emotions well...I do the same thing, I learned that what that meant is I wasn't being honest about my emotions at all. Hiding them is to keep you from dealing with them, not out of fear of sharing them.

Start small, find one thing that makes you happy (even a little bit happy) and do that every day. Pretty soon you will find more and more that makes you happy. Try meditation, it is wonderful for finding balance. Don't change who you are to fit what you think people want. This only makes life harder down the road.

The future is only as good as you make it.

Hopefully i'll get this posted before the @$$ holes start sending you hate mail. Well as i'm sure most people on here are going to say DON'T DO IT!!!! I know life seems pointless and full of nothing but pain and worthlessness and nothing you or anyone else does feels like it's making a difference, but you're a teenager. Unless by some crazy chance things stay the same, life will improve.

Hear me out,

I'm 19 and was medically diagnosed with depression when i was 11 years old. I've been on tons of different medications and yeah they do help, but they can't cure it. Idk where yours comes from, mine is a chemical imbalance in my brian (I don't produce enough serotonin so I can't feel happiness or any other positive emotion very well on my own), but if you haven't yet talk to a psychologist about any drugs you haven't tried yet or natural/herbal stimulants. I went down suicide road many times (I probably could think of over 100 ways of doing it using just the items in my room alone) and the scariest moment of my life was when i was w/some friends on top of a parking structure and i leaned over to look at the construction equipment below, but i didn't stop leaning. I'd climbed up to the top of the railing and was more than halfway over when one of my friends turned around and screamed at me to get down before pulling me off. I didn't think they really cared or would even notice if i disappeared. But they did, and it saved my life.
I guess what I'm saying is that sometimes you don't know how much people really do care. You have friends and they're there b/c they do care about you. They might not always show it, believe me i know, mine hardly payed me any attention and were out right rude until i confronted them about it. Since then they've been much better. Sometimes you just have to confront people when they don't treat you right.

On the failing at everything note, i think the problem is that you haven't found your niche yet. Since i was little my parents had me in various sports and always pressured me to be a straight A student. They'd compare me to my little sister, asking why she could be in all AP classes, an honor roll student, and an athlete and i wasn't. Having ADD grades were harder to achieve and i hated sports. Through messing around w/different hobbies i found stuff i was good at. Art mostly. So i don't think it's that you're not good at anything, just that you haven't found what your good at yet. You say you're good at hiding emotion and playing as though everything's fine. I recommend you try acting. It takes some practice and it's hard to get good rolls (sadly most drama teachers have a select few favorites and only cast them in the good parts) but it's fun and you can make a lot of life long friends that way. Use it as a chance to become someone else for a little while, taking the character and living their life. Who knows, it could be your thing. Also try meditation. It relaxes the mind and body and brings you to a state of peace.

Another thing, being the middle child is always hard, but soon your older siblings will be in college and more attention will open up to you. In the mean time, trying doing things one on one with your parents like seeing a movie, going to lunch or just hanging out somewhere. They may not be the coolest people in your life (or they may be, idk lol) but they'll always love you no matter what. And i do mean know matter what. You could become a street junkie and they'd still care about you. You need to get in their faces to get their attention.

So all this probably sounds like a load of blah, but just try some of it. I understand when you're in the depressed mind set everything seems pointless and like a waste of time, but it's that mind set that makes you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. The best way to get out of that is with distractions. My personal way to deal with tension is concerts, particularly rock. Close your eyes and lets the base wash over your body, feeling it in every bone and muscle. Then rock out! I don't recommend moshing just because you might start releasing anger in a violent way and someone could get hurt. Other things that i found helped were tearing paper and hacking the $h!t out of a paper plate (use an exacto knife if you can, it works the best and you're less likely to stab yourself) and when you're starting to wonder if life's worth living, think about the people in your life who would miss you and what they'd have to go through emotionally if you killed yourself (just 1 should be enough, but think of as many as you need, not "how many might care or might notice" b/c that'll just bring you down). Think of the hurt and pain they would suffer from your loss. It's more than you think. If you can't stay alive for your sake, stay alive for theirs'.

I hope this helped and didn't just sound like some speech you'd get a counselor. Remember, you're not alone out there and you have your whole life ahead of you. Try

I know you may feel like you don't have anything going for you, but heck, you're and Eagle Scout! Help those new to the scouts by earning badges and stuff you've already done! I know they'll appreciate it. They'll look to you as a role model. And football captain?! the fact that you excelled at sports makes me envy you. I was alternate, on a basketball team, in middle school. Needless to say that didn't last very long. You have so much going for you! Figure out what YOU want to do do with YOUR life. You may want to be a banker and make the big bucks, or decide that helping others is what you want to do and join the Peace Corps. I've found that the older I get, I tend to think more about what I want, and not what my parents want. As long as you're happy, thats all that matters.

Minister ((Christian.))
You can talk to me when Im online check my profile lit IM link. Many people are getting well who have the same problem- without meds.

General info may not be for you but--Hurting people hurt others. It's not you. They are the ones who have a problem. They are sick and being mean makes them feel better. People/kids/parents do mean things or lie to manipulate. They just want the reaction so they can get high feel good from it. The words are not true. I know they can say things that are true partially, but is it right to bring up the past over and over? You have to look at the agenda and not just the words alone to see the abuse sometimes. Abuse is anything that's not uplifting so forget what truth is being used right then.

When you have a bad past/rejection/father gone it makes things start. Anorexia, Bipolar, Cutting, OCD, anxiety, panic attacks, hearing voices can all come from a tramautic past. It opens doors to the negative and they start to dwell closeby, like addicitons cravings. You can talk to me or google "emotional abuse" Knowing the truth is the step to freedom from pain.

Sickness can be a spiritual problem so praying to get rid of negative things of a spiritual nature is often needed after years of abuse. Demons cause many so called mental illnesses that suddenly vanish when the truth is known showing they are not firm.

1. Google online "Emotional Abuse" Read 20+ sites. BULLYING 20 sites
2. Realize its their problem.
3. Google- Diet Depression Soda stops depression from food.
4. Google "Sinners prayer"- stops sadness.
5. Google "Deliverance Prayers"

Click my name to talk. - see profile.Anyone can copy this info above.

Source-- Experience in a ministry

your problems are minor compared to many. wait a few years till you get the hell out of high school. that's when real life begins.

Call an ambulance and go to Emerg.

Your post bespeaks of a mental health problem.

Please go.

You need to get help. Depression is a serious illness. If you can't talk to anyone in person you can call the suicide hot line. If you don't feel you can do that, you can go to a website such as suicidepreventionlifeline.org or save.org. Just remember suicide is not the solution. You may think your family will go on with their lives like nothing ever happened but that's not true. My sister committed suicide when she was seventeen years old,that was eighteen years ago. I was twelve. I have grieved my entire life over it. Another thing you may not know,families with a member who has committed suicide have a higher chance of another family member committing suicide. Nothing is worth ending your life over. As long as you are alive there is a chance to make things better,once you die there is no chance for anything. It won't end your pain. It will end your entire life. Any hope,plan or dream.

I'm in a similar situation. I'm a teenaged athlete, and I'm naturally quite cynical and apathetic like yourself.

You say that you're a failure. Well, based on your abilities to form coherent sentences, you have intelligence. That's a talent, and it's a damn important one if anything is to be of benefit in this disgrace of a generation. You've already proven that you're beyond the "LOLWTF" garbage that's being put out by most others our age. If nothing else can be taken from that than pride, do so. Being proud, while it is largely destructive, is quite a few notches higher than being suicidal.

You seem to be a person operating on principles that don't work. You appear to be socially insecure, which to me says that you place the opinions of others higher than they should be placed. Friends are just people, you shouldn't have to conform to their habits.

You think that no one will care about your death after a while. My Grandfather had his son commit suicide 15 years ago, and I haven't seen a genuine smile come out of him in my entire life. Throw that pathetic thought in the trash.

On the topic of the whole "Being Happy" thing, I think people are twisting it way out of proportion these days. "Being Happy" now entails doing whatever you want, whenever you want. I view happiness as nothing but an electrical impulse sent to the brain. The important thing in life is to have a vision. For me, that vision is to shed light on the horrific ignorance that North America has on life in general--happiness or no happiness. Surely you must have something that matters to you.

Time to shift that paradigm of yours my friend. I'm sure I couldn't have been of much help in this small rant, so feel free to email me.

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