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Should i kill myself?
I sorted out reasons to live and reasons to die... I have one reason to live and 46 reasons to die...my life is extremely messed up and its only getting worse...also give me the quickest and painless way to die


Too bright to see
dooooooont do it!!!!!!

silabsoft owner
cuitting yourself shoting yourself i have the same problem

Dark Angel
The US is a country filled with opportunity. Why is it that so many people find it necessary to consider suicide? Is it the fact that when one has the option to gain everything, then nothing seems worthwhile? No one is going to give you a quick, easy, painless way out. That's obsurd. If you are unable to cope, talk with your doctor. It is each individual's responsibility to make a life for themselves and provide their own happiness. They should not expect others to do it for them. You made a "list"? Stop focusing on the negative and use that "one reason to live" to your best advantage.

No you absolutely should not kill yourself. I can think of a million reasons to live. Everyone goes through rough times. Get the thought of suicide out of your head. Life is worth living. You may not think so at this exact moment but it is. Do not do something stupid. Please!

the end
i feel exactly the same as you so i have no answers but just wanted to let you know your not alone.

if you need someone to talk to your more than welcome!

iv been looking up suicide all day and night and seriously thought i was goin to do it tonight but im keeping myself busy even if it id lookin at the things im lookin at.

i cant tell you not to kill yourself because obviously its the way i feel too but all i can say is you've got one thing to live for and that's something right?

Go for it!
if it messed up, why not clean it up... it will get worse if you don't clean it up...

Don't kill yourself...

No don't kill yourself. Now I have had moments that I have felt hopeless and didn't really see why I should live. Death will come some day for everyone but for now it is the only existence you can be sure of. If you die you wont be here to know what people think or what is happening on your favorite show or if anyone misses you or to feel joy again even for a moment. In other words you wont be here to feel anything. Get someone to help you find some answers and if you work on solving things one by one you might just forget to feel bad. Stay around if for no other reason to know what happens tomorrow.

If the one reason for living is another person then think of how bad they will feel and it might affect them the rest of their lives. If you are not sure how they feel ask them. Don't think that you don't matter that much anyway.

Find a purpose. Find something to enjoy. IF you cant feel talk to a doctor and get some medicine to help because what you're feeling is actually a fiction inside your head and you are believing it. I care and I am sure I am not the only one. Take a brisk walk and see if you don't feel better. Talk to someone who you think might care. Get a job. Find a hobby. Focus on good things and fulfillment. I wish I had the right words for you but I want you to learn how to live and not how to die.

i didnt even read what u were going to say.. no

Me & You
DO NOT DO IT! God Loves you and so do many other people. Things may seem so bad right now but they will get better I promise you. Please find a friend, church, teacher anyone who will listen to you and go and talk! Please do not hurt yourself. God be with you!

my friend killed themselves in January this year nothing compares to the pain of wondering weather you could have done something to stop them. I know your feeling low but from the outside, if only you could see yourself now, youd see what a crazy thing it is to do.
im not really one to talk as I sometimes feel that it would be so easy to kill myself, cause once u have made that decison that life is sh**t then it kind of it hard to start beliveing that its good again. I feel bad for you. But since my friend killed themself its kind of produced a change in me. part of me want to join them but part of me can see what an intelligent, good looking, soulful an funny person they were and it just seems a tradgedy to follow in their footsteps cause I feel they should still be here, No one should ever have to feel that life is so **** that theres no way out except suicide but I totally understand why theydo as I feel that myself too sometimes but much less so since Jan 2009. Dont give up just remember that there is a 90% chance that you will feel better in 6 months time...but you have to make an effort one thing I found is that happiness dosent just come to you, you have to decide you want to be happy. even then it dosent come immediately. dont force yourself, but DONT give up onyourself please. if u want anyone to chat to email me [email protected]
I am in the UK and female

You have one reason to live. So no, don't do it.

Don't kill yourself!!!!!

Please do not take your life that so painful And people love you and care about you , Just think how bad life would be without you in this world

vanesssa :)
dont die its not worth it you may be going through a hard time now but eventuallly it will get better TRUST ME

Madison M
no it is a very bad sin.


I know what you are coming from and what you are going though. That was me for 8 years. But the thing is depression and suicidal thoughts aren't you. You could be so much happier and confident in yourself if you would just get the help you deserve and you need.

Death is a solution. But not the solution you should be picking. Again- Life is so worth living if you would just give it a chance. Hope and love are real. You deserve to know what hope feels like- what its like to love someone and have them love you in return.

The fact that you are still alive means that you are not meant to die. You are too young. You have a purpose in being alive. Use that purpose to help people or change the world for the better. Teach someone to read. Build someone a house with Habitat for Humanity.

Life is given to us and we need to use it wisely. We have time to be dead once we have finished everything we need to experience first. Old age really should be the way everyone should go.

Please don't kill yourself. The world wouldn't be the same with one less person in it. The people who care about you would be devastated. Think about what you would being putting your parents through- your siblings- and your extended family. Do you really want to do that to them? They deserve to get to know you.

Don't do it!
Trust me, im sure it may not seem like it but there is much more to life than what you think.

Whatever is bothering you im sure if you try getting help your life will eventually get better.

honey, think. if you found one reason to live. thats great. some people can't even find that and they are still around. in fact, you would be surprised how many people feel the same as you. promise everything will be okay once you get help. try emailing [email protected]
that email address can help tons. believe me, i have used it. and it allows allot of my stress to go away. now, i know you may really want to commit suicide. don't! there are so many people out there in the world that love you. u may not realize it, but people need u in the world. think of what your parents or family would do if u died! think of all the people at ur job or school. think of what the effect u would lay on society. now i know it will be hard to get ur mind off it. trust me, i have tried suicide. it doesn't work and its not cool. DON"T DO IT! just hang in there please! and always REMEMBER TO BE STRONG!

What is the one reason that you have to live? Would you please tell us that?

Also please tell us the reasons that you want to die.

I recommend that you do not do anything that is permanent. Killing yourself is permanent.

I would be willing to bet that if you posted the reasons that you wanted to die on this site, that many of us could come up with solutions to the problems that you have that make you want to kill yourself.

You would probably find the solutions to those 46 reasons that you want to kill yourself.

Then you would have no reason to kill yourself and at least one reason to live.

Before long you would probably find many more reasons to live.

I recommend that you let us help you with the problems that you are having.

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