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Should I commit suicide?
I am REALLY thinking about suicide. Nothing is going right. I was in the middle of suffocating myself, and then my boifriend at the time had called, and i had told him I was going to kill myself, and he was calling me every 5 sec.(literally)!!! First of all how do I tell him that he basically saved my life, and then should I kill myself still. I mean, my parents are getting a divorce, we are moving (and I really LOVE the house that we are in now), me and my boifriend (since January 30, 2006) are having relationship problems, and my grades are dropping in school. What should I do???!!!?!?!?!?!?!?

No! I had a friend attempt suicide several times. It was awful for her and for me. Nothing is that bad. God created you for a purpose. Even if you don't really understand the purpose yet, there is a reason you are on this earth. Please don't do it. I am praying for you.

why do it? then you won't be alive to see things get worse! seriously, there are people out there who care about you. look how many people responded. they all care and they don't even know you! suicide is very selfish, all the people that love you will be very hurt if you do it.

I know you have heard this many times before but you really shouldn't commit suicide
In your life you are going to have many times where you don't want to be alive any more
But think about all your friends and family you will leave behind. Think about all the people that care about you.
Be open with your boyfriend and tell him how you feel
It's okay to move. Yea sure your going to miss your house but think about all the new grand oppertunities in your new location
For the fact that your parents are getting a divorce i'm sry to here that.The fact is if they want to have a divorce you can't stop it.

I know some ways you can be able to stop from killing your self
take up any activity ( swimming helps me) Something you can take your suicidal feeling and turn that into energy

write in a journal if you can't let it out oraly put it on paper.

Break up with your boyfriend and start a new begining.

Just don't commit suicide



you dont wanna do something like that,i know it all seems helpless but it isnt,all i do when i feel down is think like a child,ever wonder how they get over stuff so quickly
cause they express it right away and forget about it just as fast,been workin for me for 36 years,take care of yourself

Above all else, DO NOT KILL YOURSELF!!!!! Nothing is worth that. There is help out there for you. There are people you can talk to. There are so many people that love you and would not want to see you do this. You and your boyfriend may be having some relationship problems, but I'm sure he still cares a great deal about you. Your parents are getting a divorce because don't love each other anymore, not because they don't love you anymore. No matter how they feel, they'll always love you. Try calling 1-800-722-5385. It's a line that's confidential that you can talk to someone. I've though about suicide before too, I was an abused child. YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS!!!!!

Your boyfriend stopped you for a reason. And you are having these feelings for a reason. Just remember that there is nothing in life that you can't handle. Do you have someone to talk to about this? I know it can be hard to talk to your parents, but I'm sure there is someone who will help you through this. Everything will get better! Believe me, I have felt the same way. Here check this website out, it helped me a lot!

Suicide isn't neccessary i have worst problems then you and i dont even think about that just pray that your problems will go away a little bad news shouldn't bring you down

Don't EVER commit suicide. Nothing is that bad that u actually kill yourself.

you know i have been having some of the same problems and my ex-boyfriend saved me from killing my self to. i deal with my killer thought a certain way but don't do that its a bad habit(cutting)hope you feel better and some good stuff starts to happen.

Shadows mommie
killing you self is never the answer to a soliation you have to meet freinds who can help you with you problems someone who you can talk to that will listen if you want i could listen to you i am really good at helping people and being a good freind but truth is sometimes i feel the sameway until i find someone who listens to me.if you want to talk to me about a problem you are having e-mail me at [email protected] ok i hope you don't kill yourself.

I think that if you really wanted to kill yourself, you would have done it by now. I think that you are just feeling a little overwhelmed right at this point. Do you have a close friend that you could talk to? If not, there are hot lines out there that people can talk to you. Look in your phone book. Don't ever try to kill yourself though. If you don't succeed, it could haunt you and others that love you for the rest of your lives.

Don't ever kill yourself. It's not worthy. You should really talk to someone. Think of how upset people will be if you kill yourself.

DONT KILL URSELF...i've thought about it soo many times and then the next day i realize that if i had i would've made a huge mistake....think of the ppl u would hurt and ur family and friends.....find a counselor or a best friend u can trust and tlk too...but PLEASE!!! dont kill urself...my cuzin knew a girl who died(not by suicide)and my cuzin is devastated and that was a couple years ago...she is still sad and upset...so please dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its never worth it and ill tell u why! all this horrible stuff is happenening because soon good things maybe great things are gonna happen and normally u would never think that they weren't that great but since u expreienced so much pain before it allows u to appreciate when things are going well. suicide has never been an answer because one day maybe more than one, but defintely ONE day ure gonna thank ureself for not doing it! whether its because ull get to do soemthing awesome or because u end up having a family. but there will be that one day u thank ureself and remember that everyone thinks of killing themselves sometimes but theres just WAY more to life that u have to experience so give it time ull see brighter days for sure! i promise.

nah dont kill ur self hu if things are that bad an u wanna talk give me an email xx

definatly do not kill yourself. Just either look at the posatives in life and take risks(without killing yourself!) So please dont

no its leaving the people you love or that care about you a mess to clean up and a life time of guilt wether they are to blame and so go to emotions anonymous or a counselor

DONT COMMIT SUICIDE!!! You were put on this earth for a purpose with out you doing what you are suppose to do there would be an empty part on the earth. we NEED YOU

i have been in your almost exact position. A few years ago my parents split, my best friend moved out of town, my girlfriend left me, about 15 people took their aggression out on me, and many other things happened. I was pushing a knife into my chest when my brother walked into the room. I couldn't do it in front of him. I eventually talked it out with a few people, and over time the wounds got better. I obviously didn't kill myself, and I believe the hard times and the attempt have made me a stronger person. I now help many of my friends and their friends that go through suicidal times. That has made my life worth living, the helping people through the times. My advise is don't do it. You will get through the hard times and better ones will come. Life isn't easy, and it really isn't fun, but there are reasons and those few precious times that make it all worth living. Find a close friend to talk to about everything. You will be okay. Remember how precious life is, and also remember that killing yourself will not only hurt yourself, but devistate the lives of everyone who cares about you.

No please don't kill your self you have so much to look forward in your life so please don't.

Plz dont commit suicide!! Get help as soon as possible! i once thought about it but lucky told some one! ur boyfriend must care bout u if hes ringing you! please think about this and dont make the mistake of taking ur own life!! xxxXxxxXxxx
Claire 16

You have to be able to rise above what is stressing you out and making you want to commit suicide. Nothing is worth losing your life over. Your parents are getting a divorce, its not your fault. Yes they were married and had children but sometimes relationships dont work. People constantly change and there is nothing that you can do about it. You have to be able to make the best out of this situation. Ok so your moving, great change in environment is good. You will find new things to do and meet new people. Your parents are trying to do what they can to make you happy, but remember no one is perfect so they arent always going to get it right. Your boyfriend cares about you enough to want you around. Why would you want to give someone up that wants you to be with him. Take some time to talk to which ever parent you feel more comfortable talking to and let them know how you feel. Get some counceling cuz you arent the only one with this problem. But most important of all Be strong.

ღ lauren ღ
Chill out! This isn't something you should be killing yourself over. This is your only life, and the only one you get. Whether you like it or not, suicide is murder in God's eyes, and you know what that means.

You were sent to Earth with a purpose, just as everything in our body has a purpose. Please don't give up, now. You need to focus on your life. My parents have been divorced for 9 years and my mom still yells at my dad over the phone. But I have been able to handle it. You can still go back and forth between parents on the weekends, like I do! You do have a say in the divorce decree, too, you know.

I have also just moved out of the house that I dearly loved. But I have been able to find new beginnings. I've made new friends and I have really friendly neighbors in a really nice town. Just think--now somebody else gets to have a turn getting to know your lovely house.

Your boyfriend may be creating problems in school. School is most important in this stage of your life. You'll never get to repeat middle or high school when you're older. And these years determine the success of your life. Let go of him and learn to move on. There are better guys out there! If you're not old enough to marry him, don't bother!

Try to focus most on school. You have the potential to do great! There are people out there doing worse than you, too! Look, I had terrible grades in school last semester. I had to let go of lots of things I once enjoyed so leisurely. And guess what--I'm happy and my grades have pulled up by miles. Hang in there, girl. I am in the same (non-suicidal) situation as you, and I'm still going for what's right. Keep smiling and cherish every moment of life. Please don't do this to others, and more importantly--yourself. Hope this helps. God bless you.


Suicide is very selfish behaviour - you leave others to deal with the problems you caused.

WOW...you really are an attention w.h.o.r.e. DO IT KILL YOURSELF!!! Hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaaaaaa… I laugh at your pathetic life!

DON'T DO IT !!!! Life is not that bad, get yourself some help right away. Think about how your family would feel if you committed suicide. I'm sure you love yourself and remember in life we all go through changes, life never stays the same. Good luck... I will pray for you and your family.

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