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Self harm, Think i'm losing it?
i started about 2 3 years ago ermm it started off first time ever was at work. then when i started getting depressed and was numb and panicie. now i do it for them reasons plus i see the scars and just seem to want more. I get mad when i cut and there not as deep as i want and when a cut is all i do is say yes and smile over and over again. no one ever sees my cuts or sees me cut ever i seem to keep looking and touching them. Something can't be right with this. Have i lost it?

First of all, self harm is DEFINITELY not the way to go when you're feeling really low and depressed. I know you get pleasure from cutting, but there are so many other things out there that you can enjoy too, without the dangers of hurting yourself. Your problem is harming you both physically and emotionally, and you don't deserve to be hurt like this.

Have you seen a doctor or counsellor about your depression? If not, this is an ideal time to do it. You are clearly feeling really down right now, and you don't have to suffer in silence. Sometimes it can seem like talking through your feelings is getting you nowhere, but it's good to know that others understand the pain you are going through and that they are there for you; it proves that you are loved.

Unfortunately, recovering from depression is a long and painful process, as there is no "magic" cure. Trust me, though, you will get back to your old self. There are so many opportunities for you to seize - you just need to find them. Maybe try doing something really simple at the moment, like joining an exercise class or a group for something else you are interested in. It might seem like absolute torture for you at first, but this will allow you to meet like-minded people and it will gradually improve your confidence and feeling of self-worth.

Just remember: no one deserves to be depressed, and cutting yourself is only adding to your problem. Please stop, for your own sake. Good luck. :o)

ellie_rtg g
Your not loosing it - your stressed! Try using a red felt tip pen as the anger will still surface but you just dont cut.
Good luck.

cutting has changed in the past few years at one point 20 some years ago when I first confessed that I was cutting immediatly I was sent to treatment for abuse issues because at that time that was about the only people who did cut were abuse survivors now cutting has become almost an addiction with alot of the younger folk some cut to fit in and others just cut so that they can show off their scars the sad part of all of that is that the true cuttters that are abuse survivors are going to be harder to pick out because with a society addicted to the cutting epidemic an abuse survivor just gets lost in the shuffle

If you have the gumption, please see a counselor and talk about what is afflicting you, what the underlying reasons for you to want to seek a release other than speaking to someone about your internal pain.

if you're self-harming then the best thing you can do is see a professional, they'll be able to help you out better than a random person of the other end of an internet connection

its scary but you knee to get help not that it will help unless you want to stop

NO you are a person who feels hurt and you are taking it out how you feel on your body, you are punishing yourself. you need to talk to someone about your pain you feel, someone who will give you love and care and understanding. and help you to heal. I pray you will go and talk to someone. remember God loves you and you are very precious to him. you need healing and i wish i could be their but thier are people who care. Turn to someone don,t live your life carrying this pain. You are too special.

you need to have someone to help you with depression.

Go and check yourself into a secure hospital with Mental Health Facilities as soon as possible before you go over the top.

Self Mutulation can be the result of several causes, even to draw attention to oneself, which is not your case since you take every effort to be certain no one sees the scars.
Here is an excerp:
Some people injure themselves to release tension or anger. Others do it to control racing thoughts or to "feel more alive." Some find injuring themselves takes their mind off an underlying depression or anxiety. Some say it's the only way they can get people to pay attention to how much emotional pain they are in. Still others hurt themselves because they hear voices commanding them to.

You need to turn to the phone book and call your Mental Health Agency and actually follow through with an appointment, during this time you need to "Reveal All."
Do not get ego ridden by labels, hoping for the worst label or anything of that nature, it happens often. "Do not assume you have depression until you are diagnosed as such. Be prepared to be in a hospital for a short period of time to evaluate your condition, and diagnose you, as well as, determine what medications and degree of councilling you will require.
Also, remember the only choices here are no help and you will die eventually from this behavior. Seek help, which means you must put effort forth to arrive at the place you want to be.
Try to keep a journal of your daily activities, places you go and your feelings in regard to that, people you are with, and those feelings. Write everything associated with you and your feelings, and activities in this journal. take to mental health with you, this is necessary. Remember to include dates and times for each entry.
I wish you truly, the best of luck and remember help is available and you can get better if you seek the help that is out there.

Love of Truth
Obviously you are in a lot of mental pain. Please do not confuse this self destructive behavior with self worth. You are worthy of everything good. I suspect somewhere in your life you started to believe you were not worthy of everything good and hence started done this path of self destruction.

I also believe sometimes people physically hurt themselves to distract them from mental pain. It gets them out of their heads by shocking them into the present moment. There is a safer healthier way to gain presence. If I may suggest, read a book called the Power of Now by Echart Tolle. This book helped save me a world of grief, and if you take it seriously I believe it can help you too.

When it comes to any health issue they need to be addressed in a (w)holistic way. There is no one magic bullet. Start by right desire followed by right thinking which cascades into right eating, sleeping, exercising, etc. If you can accomplish this you will find yourself acting rightly and in a manner that brings joy not only to yourself but overflows out into the world.

I know it can take lifetimes to reach such a state but step by step we can move ourselves in the right direction and see immediate results by such willful direction.

I know you are hurting and probably need some help. I suggest asking around for a good psychologist. You may even need medication.

On an alternative medicine level there are many herbal, nutritional and homeopathic options. For example most people are depleted in magnesium which is a natural muscle relaxer. When we are stressed our levels of magnesium go down. You are obviously mentally stressed which is intricately connected to your physical body.

If you are experiencing anxiety the amino acid GABA could help and or Kava Kava could help mellow you out. If it is depression you might try the Amino Acid Tyrosine or the herbal Saint John's Wort. In all probability you are experiencing all these symptoms. At least get on the magnesium and from there try to isolate if you have more anxiety or depression and alternate depending on which is more prevalent.

In your case these supplements will only temporarily help alleviate the physical symptoms. This may give you some breathing room to gather the strength to address the root of your issues which obviously stems from some past psychological issue.

Remember you have to start at wanting to get better. Nothing can be accomplished without this desire. Once you are aware of what you want it is only a matter of setting the right things in motion.

For now I will leave you with a simple exercise that will help get you out of your head and ground you into the world. Every time you feel like you are going to freak out bring your attention to your breath and just notice it. It will naturally start to relax and deepen on its own. Also try walking while noticing the soles of you feet. This as obvious as it is, is missed by most people as beneficially grounding. Take seriously what I say and I believe in all probability you will be just fine.

If you need advice, an ear, or just a friend please feel free to e-mail me. I know what extreme mental pain feels like and I truly do care.

hun you should go see a specialist.
is it blood or scars you like to see? if its blood you could draw all over yourself with a red pen. and if its scars..is there any make up you could use to make one?
as you know it becomes a kind of addiction. please go sort it out now. dont make the same mistake as me.
good luck. email me if you want xx

you shud seek help from perfessionals, u r depressed and need to be checked up, many peopel get this but its not worth ur life being miserable, pik ur self up as a new yr resolution and start ova, gd luck.

Saudi Geoff
You said it yourself. Something is not right. Go talk to your doctor.

I believe this is a syptom of something bigger and I would hazard a guess that it is something like bipolar disorder, You really need to talk to someone in the field. I am bp and I used to do this scince recieving help I do not get as depressed as I used to. go ahead take the first step

yes you have started to lose it but you recognise the fact so you are not completely lost just yet go seek profeesional help before this self harm develops to suicidal tendancies

You haven't lost it, I am a mother to a teenager who has just experimented with this recently, within the first week thankfully she told me, i had no idea how to react.

I rang my doctors who wouldn't give me an appointment for a week.(Helpful as ever)so they gave me the NHS number for advice, 0845 4647 (Shorter number than you would expect i know) if you would rather say you are ringing about a friend and you want advice they may be ok without a name of the person, I was put through to a nurse who specialises in this field (and had personal experience with a daughter of her own, so she said) she was brilliant, very clear & very positive, I dont usually have good experiences with nurses or GPs particularly.
For children/teens i was told to ask through the GP for an urgent referal to CAMS (Child & Adolesent mental health service) There must be one for adults,

On the day my daughter told me, through shock I said if she didn't do it anymore i wouldn't take her to talk to anyone, on talking to the NHS advice nurse i decided to take her to our GP to put it on her record and let her know it is a serious thing, she promised me she wouldn't do it again, the last cuts she did were deeper & throbbed all day which is why she said she decided to tell me.
We went to the GP but decided that it is on her file and she has kept her promise not to do it again, the GP agreed to put it on file but no referral was neccessary as long as i keep any eye on her. this has been about a month so far.
We lost our little dog a few months ago who she had grown up with from a puppy, this could well be a reaction to something she didn't know how to handle, I may be grasping at straws with the dog thing, I have been advised it can become a habit, the secretiveness is a buzz, there is always a reason or trigger that started it, you will find that trigger / reason if you look, the answers wont all come at you in one go, but you may well begin to understand why it started. I hope this helps, please ring NHS for advice.

Bud's Girl
No, you have not lost it. This problem is more common than you know. I also started doing this a few years ago. I know the rush you get when you see the blood come out. I know that, at that time, feeling the pain and seeing the red is extremely satisfying. And I know this is a very dangerous habit and there are other ways to get your feelings out. A very scary one I did was last Christmas, when I wanted to cut my wrist- not to die- just to see the blood squirting out. I had to go to a mental health facility for my own good. PLEASE contact a good counselor, psychiatrist, psychologist. Explain why you need to come in. Tell them how strong your feelings are to do this. If someone doesn't want to see you right away, try someone else. Some doctors don't realize how important it is to address this. It's as if they think it will just go away. I'll be thinking about you and praying this doesn't go further. I've been in Counseling now for a long time. And I also attend a DBT group once a week. This is dialectical behavioral training. You learn how to react different to negative situations, and I've been going since last March. It really helps, and it's been months since I cut. Some other people in the group are cutters too, so don't think you're a freak or anything. As I said, please get help right away. I know my scars are embarrassing now. You can get to the point of not wanting to do it anymore, too. I wish you the BEST of luck! P.S. If you have a strong urge and can't get a doctor, go to the E.R. and explain what's going on. Don't be embarrassed, your life depends on it. Good Luck!

No, you haven´t lost it.. I know EXACTLY how you feel.. if you have the chance, talk to someone.. It will probably help!

talk to sum 1 hun self harm is not healthy

According to the reading I have done regarding hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), the brain, when it senses that blood sugar is low, will do sometimes strange things to get the blood sugar (glucose) out of storage and into the blood stream. Adrenaline is one sure way to do this. If cutting and the pain that results causes you to get an adrenaline rush, then low blood sugar is probably the cause.

Suggestion? Put off cutting for 30 minutes. Go to the kitchen now and get some protein, meat, a can of tuna (salmon is better) or whatever, and eat it. Also have some carbohydrate, like a handful of chips, an apple, or some carrots/celery, and also some nuts or peanut butter. Eat at least 2 ounces of the protein. Then drink a glass of water and do something else for 30 minutes. You may find your need to cut has lessened a bit.

Chronic low blood sugar can also cause self-esteem problems, anger management problems and a whole bunch of other physical and mental nasties. You may want to check out the symptoms link on www.hufa.org, and see how you check out.

No, you are absolutely not losing it, I promise. You need to talk to someone though, like a friend, doctor, or parent. Please do this, you could accidently kill yourself, and I'm sure your friends, and family would all miss you very much. It can get better, it might be hard to do it, but you've got to start by telling someone.

Please stop doing this to yourself. My daughter was doing this and as her mum i was devastated, it hurt me that she couldnt talk to me about her problems. It also affected the way my daughter dressed, she couldnt wear the short summery skirts and sleeveless tops as they showed her cuts and scars, i was lucky as we formed a closer bond and she talked to me more and didnt feel the need to cut herself anymore. Cuts healed, scars faded and summer clothes wearable again. Please find someone you can talk to. You might cut yourself too deep one day and regret it. If you dont your family will! Seek medical help asap if you cant talk to a friend or family member. I dont think youve lost it, i think your in need of love and friendship and you need something else to keep your mind occupied. Good luck

you need to find some other way to deal with your stress and depression.You are not mad! you just dont seem to be coping well wih what life has thrown you recently. best confide in a close friend about what is upsetting you, or go to a counsellor who will be happy to help.

You need some help, girl. Talk to someone.

no you havent lost it. it probably started off with stress, then into depression. you are just looking for a way to let it out. which is normal. look for help with a close friend or family member. or even maybe a therapist. the first step is admitting somethings wrong. the next step is yours to choose.

Cutting is a sign of that you do have lots of emotional pain to address. You probably want to see a professional.

lola p
talk to someone
and your doctor
get anti depressants

I use to know someone who would cut themselves and it got worse and worse and they said it was an addiction, you need to go and see someone about it, like a proffesional, otherwise you could end up cutting something you shouldn't, like an artery.

Not totally, because you are reaching out.

You really need to see a counselor fast before someone finds you dead in a pool of blood with a smile on your face.
2-3 years ago,...you are way past the due date of seeking help, go now and save your own life.

Hurt is never good, even if you're used to it.

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