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Matilda G
Reasons why I am ugly.?
1. Naturally dark brown/black hair.
2. Naturally thick, wavy, voluminous hair.
3. Brown eyes.
4. Light skin.

*Sighs*. I am such a plain jane. Do you ever think people with my features are ugly?

I am a 21 yo Caucasian female and I look plain, boring, sinsister and grim while the blonde girls get fun, bubbly and happy...

well Not really i mean i like a girl who looks good but i also it dosen't matter what hair color or anything you have a tip can be is you can wear color contacts or dye your hair another color and shop and get some nice clothes if you want to be tan then go tanning at a tanning both or the beach but don't do it to much or you will get freckles i have freclkes and i hate them answer mine http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AnryIUJx95V6PopCKe6stQbsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081201195441AAhR01S

♥My *Aiden Born* {10~20~2009}♥
Theres nothing wrong with you. Your beautiful the way you are. I'd date you. lol

Brown hair
Blue eyes
Tan/ from the tanning bed, lol
5ft 4in
Wanna date?? lol
Im 19 also. ;)
Email me: [email protected]

Then get some blonde highlights girll.

let us see a picture
imagining you isnt working out to well...

That was a fine cigar!
You should get some self-confidence and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

That's what really makes a person ugly.

You basically called me ugly with that description D: I straighten my hair, dye it auburn, and wear make up. As for being a brunette... did you know blonds age faster? You should get wrinkles at a later age than blonds! Unless you keep worrying! Then you might get worry wrinkles, so be careful!

marshmellow dance
i agree with the person above me, JL or something.

Its up to you if you want to be beautiful.
besides , no lectures necessary because were the same age. i mean my two year old son knows better than that.

love yourself chicka. accept flaws and make the most of what you've got.

upload ur pics but i'm sure.
ur not that ugly right?

Try changing your hair doo* however u spell that)
and going to a tanning boothe
and dying ur hair
and dressing better
and wearing better makeup

anyone can look good unless they are deformed.

Fatness can go away by exercising tooooo.

A makeover can work for almost anyone!
A little pump to your wardrobe and style can boost the way you look! :)

well i think that the guy below me is right. you seem to self conscious and not confident enough. if you think your ugly then your not going to give you self a chance and thats a big turn off. and if that doesnt help, die your hair or do some thing totally different and go to a bar or club that you never been to and meet some new people

You sound beautiful to me. I think the problem is that in this society we all judge who is pretty or not based on a very narrow value system which is subjective. Don't try to look blonde and tanned. Embraced the features you have and bring them out. The contrast of alabaster skin and dark hair really stands out, so play that up. Don't try to make your hair straight, bring out the natural wave. Many people would love a thick, full head of hair. Most of all, love who God made you--God does not make mistakes. When you really embrace who you are you will really be at peace. btw, Julia Louis Dreyfus has all of these features and people think she's gorgeous. Good luck, God bless and be happy!!!!!! You are too young to be so down. Enjoy your youth while you have it.

Syd Barret
Get some breast implants, that'll help your self-esteem.

Sara V
More than your description of yourself, the fact that you describe blondes as being "fun, bubbly, and happy" which are things that have nothing to do with looks make me thing that you are so self-conscious that it prevents you from being those things you mentioned about blondes, which make people more attractive than just their looks. If you feel beautiful you will appear that way to other people.

dont worry so much or your hair will fall out! :p
i sorta doubt that you look plain, boring, sinister, grim... etc.
we're all special in our own way.
your features are actually pretty nice
God made you the way you are for a reason.
HE thinks you;re beautiful and its His thought that counts.

brunettes are better than blondes girl dont worry

OK, SO Either this is true or you have low self esteem. You have not included a photo so we really won't know but,,,, if you are unhappy with your looks then why not go to the salon and tell them that you want a make over,,,make up and all. Then talk to a fashion conscious friend and have them help you pick out a really nice outfit.

it's all about your attitude and how you carry yourself. If you feel ugly and are not happy with yourself people will pick up on that vibe and feel the same.

Don Carlo
Blondes r WAAAY overrated!

Send me a pic!

cuban much?
o shut up this is not even a question

nothing wrong with pale brunettes. i'm one too!

most guys aren't as worried about looks as your aura. they're repelled because you think your ugly, and project that, and the depression adn negativity that goes with it. boost your confidence. Your beautiful and you know it, and now they have to know it too.

they don't get the guys because they're pretty, it's because they KNOW their pretty.

My wife has dark brown hair. I have always been attracted to women who have dark hair, they are much more interesting and have a bit of "mystery" to them ! Your other traits sound normal.

Go to a cosmetics counter at a department store and aks for advice on appearance. The cosmeticians LOVE to help, it makes their day ! Then, take away the advice that you like, (buy a lip pencil or something small from the department store person, for their time) then go to Walgreen's or wearever and buy less expensive alternatives to the expensive department store cosmetics.

brunettes are awesome too! Don't let them blondes get you down. Besides THICK hair is awesome. Do something cool to it. And don't let your looks get you down. Live your life the way you want to and don't let what other people think affect you. You rock!

I myself am a brown haired brown eyed girl.... at times I must admit I wish I were blonde too. But hey being brunette isn't that bad, it's a sour personality that truly makes a person ugly.

theres nutin wrong wid u :)

Hey. Stop being pathetic and be happy. Deal?

dye ur hair if ur gunna be like that jeeze

Jon W

if you really think its about the hair why dont you dye your hair blonde?

↑ Қεℓℓчcσpтε? ♥
you are ugly because you think you're ugly.

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