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Really really depressed someone help?
im 13 and a guy everyone picks on me at school all because im short and look like crap i have no friends our family barley has any money my parents are really old i get really bad grades at school when i try as hard as i can no one even trys to act like my friend im not eating much and i feel like i have nothing to live for except for my family.

sad story.......get into something you like. pick a hobby and go for it. after you find love in something love eventually finds you.

Oh no ! You have me.I happen to like short guys.Those people dont know what they are missing. Im also happy that you expressed youself dont get stressed about it.Yay , and eat ok .You great no matter what anybody says ! Your your own person . If no one else loves you i do because you just you and beautiful the way you are

Aubreigh S
Wow, I feel the same way, except I'm a girl. Everybody picks on me, one of the reasons is because I'm short, the other reason is because I'm ugly. I made some friends, but I used to have no friends. My family has barely any money. My parents are old. I get good grades, but my grades are definitely not as good as they used to be. People don't even try to act like they're my friends. I'm not eating much. I have nothing to live for, except my family and my favorite singer. My favorite singer went through a lot of the same stuff you and I are going through. Do you know who T-Pain is? When he was around our age, he had barely any friends, but it was because he was fat. His family was also very poor. His daddy went bankrupt. It was actually a very sad situation. I almost cried when I read about T-Pain's childhood. I then realized, that's almost exactly what I'm going through! Right? I think you should definitely learn more about T-Pain and listen to his music. A lot of his songs talk about his experiences in life. You should check out "Fly Away". That is one song that tells about his experiences in life. "Going Thru A Lot" also will make you understand what he was going through. Another one you should listen to is "Sounds Bad". That one is probably the best example of a song that tells you what his horrible experiences were. That song is completely true! When his family was poor, they really were running their house on a generator, because their light bill was two months late. Also, when he said he had no good food in the "fridge-i-dator", that was true, too. His family was so poor that all they had in their refrigerator was some old mayonnaise, which T-Pain was eating right out of the jar. I know what it's like to be poor and T-Pain is an example that shows that you can become important and well-known if you just try your hardest, no matter how poor you are. He is rich now! He used to be overweight and poor, but now he is well-known and respected.

Sam B
Find something your really passionate like painting or drawing or computers or something along those lines. If you focus your energy towards those things you'll feel yourself working towards a goal. Remember how great your family is and love them unconditionally. Maybe introduce yourself to people at school or focus on school

Kaze Dreamer
Show some of your personality around and don't just hide behind your poker face.

If people see who you really are, they definitely will start to like you.

And you'll grow taller - you're only 13!

The first step to feeling better about your looks is maintaining good hygiene. I tell you this because I went through what you're going through, and I had bad hygiene because I just didn't care. It made me feel WORSE. So wash your face, brush your teeth, wash your hair, shower, you know. Just smell good and look clean.

Next, you need to go to a teacher with this stuff and ask for help. It happens to everybody, everybody feels sad, especially teenagers. People need to reach out and look for support when it happens.

-- and also, next time someone picks on you, just tell them to get their finger our of their nose so their brain can breathe (booger-picking morons!). Or just say, "Seriously, eff off, don't you have something better to do?"

I'm sorry to hear this - why don't you take up a new hobby? That will keep you busy and give you some focus....I would also suggest talking to an adult that you trust, a school counselor perhaps? Don't worry, we all felt that way when we were your age, and I can honestly tell you, these feelings will pass...Just hang in there and really try to stay positive, you are worth it! Best of luck to you....

Kayla Mae
You should try going to your guidance counselor at school. I know it might sound lame, but the are trained and there to listen and help.

society will treat you poorly if you are ugly ( no offense) try to look as nice as possible and have good Hygiene , make your personality make up for your looks be kind and generous, this will make you feel good as well as others. don't think about not having anything to live for being human is a rare gift that you shouldn't waste .( not to bring religion into this) ok so you commit suicide and go to hell (if it exists) is eternal damnation better than having no friends?

Wake up every day asking yourself this question: What can I study today? Write it down on a paper and stick it on a wall in your room. That's your only hope for success in life; that's your only chance of building confidence in yourself.

Hi Ok I am listening you writing this is good you are getting some of the hurt out,firstly will you ring childline free 08001111 and speak to them,this is something you must share with them help is out there,you are a special young man and I was bullied about my height also, when i started big school i wore 9-10 clothes and my mum knitted my school jumper I ate my lunch in the toilets oh I never went to school my grades were bad,now i see my bullies and they have **** lives and I came out better.you hang in there kid .x

▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►Jake◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌
Aw.. You know what I do? Well, I'll tell ya. When I go to school, I let everyone say ANYTHING they want about me. You know why? Because I know that they are nothing but ignorant and stupid people who take their time to actually make fun of someone. And I don't want to see that bring you down. Let people say what they want to say, don't let it bother you too much, because it doesn't matter. I bet you don't even look like crap. Just have confidence in yourself. Get tutors, study hard, and you should do fine... It's OK if you're not the most intelligent person around. I never was either. And for your parents, you might want to consider getting a small job somewhere. Possible a bakery near you might want ya? Try to help them out. I truly have hope for you and your family. Best wishes. (:

Help Me Please
srry to hear that...

You should go talk to a counselor. A lot of people feel this way, you're not alone. There are a lot of things you can do yourself, like exercise, eat better, take vitamins. Your physical health will effect your mental health. If this is not enough, seek counseling at school. Talk to your parents. I wish you the best, hang in there.

Dagny Justice
One day you will remember this moment and be amazed at how far you've come (in the future.) You can take this moment to think what you will do as an adult and what you have to do to be that successful.

you have waaaaaaaaay more to live for than your family. family is so important, try to be happy that you have one that you love and that loves you! things always get better. just give it time, you will grow older and be the "cool" one!!!!!

forget the losers that pick on you. if they were truly happy with themselves, they wouldn't need the "rush" they get from picking on other people. they are miserable.

hang in there it will get better kids are cruel pray god grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change change the things i can and the wisdom to know the difference

take the roses
oh my god that is the most depressing thing i've ever heard D=
*hugsssssssssssssssssssssssssss you*
i'll be your friend
don't be sad
everyone else is @$$holes
i bet you look fine dont worry about what other people think of you okay
=] please feeelll betttter

Im sorry to hear that...try not to worry just think that when you leave school all the 'popular' ones get pregnant or end up in prison i always find that the not so popular school people always end up better in the long run... my fiance was bullied real bad for the same reasons then when he hit 16 he shot up and ended up muscly for no reason i think that some people just take longer to grow but thats nothing to worry about if its real bad is there a possibilty of moving schools were you would feel more comfitable? does your parents know about whats happening? i feel that its best to let them know whats going on as they will end up your best buds when you are older. ok i didnt belive that when i was younger now me and my mum get on really well.... i was left out quite alot at school like i couldnt be bothered and getting kicked out was the biggest mistake of my life
is is possible to see a counseller im sure every school has one and no one will need to know that you see one aswell
it will all work out beleive me... chin up
ever heard of that song from dizzie rascal - fix up look sharp :-)
It always keeps me going when im feeling down listen to happy music and music that will keep you strong school will be over before you know it
i hope all goes well and good luck for the future. chin up mate :-)

Well, try and talk to people. Ask your teachers for extra help. Stretch more and drink milk. Tell those people to back off, then tell on the teacher.

I am really saddened to hear this? where do you live? Do you have anyone to talk to?
Are you having any suicidal thoughts at this time? Please disregard some of the stupid comments on here I am a counselor and would gladly help you find resources for you to talk to.

Pray - There is nothing more powerful!

Justin R
ur only 13, wait for awhile and see

Mr. JackPax
It gets better, just keep doing your best and keep your chin up.

<Captain Practical>
Then live for your family. They are worth it. And so are you.

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