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RE QUESTION Yes or No....Would you ever put either/both of your parents in a Care Centre/Nursing Home???
I noticed a lot of people answered definately NOT


what if the parent was incontinent, agressive, deranged due to altzeimer's etc.

Could you really cope with that 24-7 OR would you actually need professional help.

This was a very interesting question and I don't think most people took in to consideration the 'reality' of saying NO.

Personally I would like to think I could nurse them myself, but when it comes to poo/wee and seeing the loved one so helpless, mentally I couldn't do it alone.

I couldn't do it but then I wouldn't want to home them either. My parents have always said to me that if they got like that then they would want to be "put out of their misery" and so would I if I were in that situation! I only wish they would legalise euthenasia in this country. What right does anyone have to say that a person cant be put out of their misery if their life is non existant and they dont want to be a burden on their loved ones?

Depends on the situation, but generally i would say no.

We must take care of them by ourselves..when we're just a baby, they also took care of us so we must repay them for everything.

I've thought about if I had to take care of one of my parents and it's a tough question to answer. I love my folks but I also want to have a life of my own. Then again, they gave up a lot of their lives to take care of me and guide me.

I have mixed feeling when I think of my parents' mortality. In one way I owe them a great deal and in another way I feel like they could have done a lot better at raising me. I ended up so screwed up and I am still trying to make sense of it all.

I don't blame my folks for all the mistakes I made but they sure did play a part in my development.

I guess if it came down to it I'd take care of them if I could.

I wonder who'll care for me as I seem to have the early onset of Parkinsons.

I look after my sister 24/7 with help, so I know that I wouldn't be able to cope with having to look after our parent(s) as well, but if things where different I would like to think I could cope, but if I couldn't the kindest thing would be to put them in a care centre/nursing home, but I would DEFIANTLY make sure it was a nice place, and I would see them regularly.

admited farter
I'd steer more to a home nurse if one exists, I think they do. Home seems like a better place to die. Have your parents ever expressed what they think about nursing homes? It seems like the relationship between someone and their parents would be a factor. If some one had a lot of issues with their parents growing up in how they were treated by them, it'd probably make any easier decision to put them in a nursing home. I can understand someone who doesn't wanna deal with their abusive parent anymore.

There are other options for you:

Why dont you think of hiring a day or night nurse? These people can help you in shifts. This way you can feel that you are doing your part without having all of the workload on yourself. Your parents are still at home and you are still caring for them, but with some help.

Amanda S
I want to go into geriatric social work so this is a question that I've dealt with quite a bit. I think that a lot of nursing homes are substandard, with inadequate care and improperly maintained facilities, which is why so many people are hesitant to allow family members to stay in them. If you find an outstanding one, however, than I would say utilize it and it's resources. It's impossible to try to maintain a life (be it personal or even just work related) dealing with a family member with those type of issues. I would love to see more people able to take care of their parents when it comes to that time, but the reality of the situation is that most people are both mentally, physically and financially unprepared.

Just let my mine try it,i have told em that if they ever
contemplate the idea the dog shelter are million heirs lol.
But i honstly don`t want ay one to put up with me if i was
that bad,i love em to much, so in i go.

I don't believe it!
No, for a start my dad is dead. My mum has family close to her so if she had any special needs she would be okay. Not that I don't care for my mum, I'd do as much as I could, but I live nowhere near her and I have my own health concerns to think about.

yes, if they were a danger to themselves or others

Catherine S
Incontinent, I could deal with, probably. Aggressive; my Dad was aggressive and I know from experience I could take him on (I have, and at least not been defeated, even if I haven't won). Deranged would be incredibly sad, and very harrowing, but if I had a circle of support, such as friends and other family there for me or to help me, then I could just about cope, if I had somewhere to escape to.

The only time I might consider putting them in a nursing home would be

a) I knew the home well and it was familliar, and people were treated as individuals and cared for well and in that way too.

b) I was financially unable to make them comfortable and they would be more comfortable and better cared for in a nursing home. I would visit regularly - at least every few days.

c) I was for some health or emotional reason unable to deal with looking after them. If they had lost most cognition this would not trouble them, and if they hadn't, I know they would be more upset to see me destroying myself.

d) It was emotionally harrowing for me, and I was being dragged under and had no friends/family that would support me, and no means of escape. That would be harmful to myself and since I was the carer, harmful to my parents.

If I needed help caring I would probably try and get home help as well to help, and carers' benefit, as well as seeing if there are any volunteers or people I could pay to help look after my parents at home, and if it turned out this worked, then I would use that. If it didn't seem to be working, then I would think it would be best for them and for me if we considered integrating them into a nursing home, gently and gradually, so they felt comfortable with it as well.

I came from the heart of family care givers; The decision to deny my life in the work I chose, and to give to my parent, was a difficult and painful choice to make, yet I learned what family meant. I spent 6 days and 10 hours from each of those days sharing with other family members, the quality care and last moments of life within our living family group my mother had remaining to her. She gave her best years to us and now these were her worst, she gave her love when we were at our worst and we gave our love to her when she was at her worst. I can not think of a better reason to experience pain and suffering than to give back what was given to me.And when I die; I will be in rest.

vospire s
I'd have to. If they need care 24/7, I wouldn't be able to afford to stay home or hire a private nurse to take care of them.

I was faced with this exact question.
It takes something to care for a parent who changed your diapers, then having to change theres.
My father "Lost it" there at the end. There was no way I was putting him in the hands of strangers.
Strangers are just that. Even when my father did not know who I was and would yell and scream over things that were not there or things he thought was going on.
Most of the time he did not even know who I was.

I packed up my stuff and staid in the house I grew up in to take care of him. I do not regret it.
Again never will my family members be put into a care center/nursing home unless of course they are well enough to choose for themselves, and even then I might step in.

You say you may not be able to handle it, however when the time comes you may reconsider.

If they became infirm - I'm afraid so.

As a family 'we' had 3 out of my 4 grandparents at home, only one died at home, one of the others had a string of strokes & lost their facilties as well as her marbles and the other lost his marbles, became violent & incontinent.

The first two (my Dad's parents) we coped with but in the end his Mother had to go into a home even though it broke my Dad & my Grandpa's hearts, but as Mum said she was a lot younger to cope with it all even though me & my brother were younger.

Mum's dad was the last one & after he drove Mum to 2 breakdowns the other 3 of us in the family had to become very forcefull with our GP & social services as they thought give Mum some tablets & she can carry on copeing - even though it was looking after Grandad that was doing this to her. It took over a year to get him into a local home.

All Grandparents were visited regularly, we took things in for them etc, they weren't just dumped & left which seemed to happen a lot.

We don't know what the future holds but I've already mentioned in a round about way that if things get like they were with Grandad I'm putting my family & my sanity first & I suspect my brother feels the same way even though we havent spoken about it. We'd find a good home & visit regulaly but we're not trained carers & can only do so much for them. Having been through what they have they understand this I hope.

I agree with you,its all right people saying no never,but maybe they have never had to do it. I would try my hardest to find the best one available.

I love my paents very much but have both have said to me and my sister that if they get bad enough then to put them in a home, they have even put money aside for that purpose.
You may think that sounds harsh, but we love each other equally and they feel that they have lived there life and that we shouldnt spend the rest of our lives looking after them. Obviously Id visit lol

I would if it was needed.

As a last resort ie: doubly incontinent etc,etc, that scenario needs 24/7 and I just would not be able to cope with it. I think I would wind up cursing and swearing at them from time to time, and it would wind up miserable for all involved.

country bumpkin [sheep nurse]
its a hard decision but for care it might be the only way.

Yes, If I could no longer care for them. I saw waht my parents went through with my maternal grandparents. grandma constantly tried to give grandpa her medicine and her take his and so on. She developed Alzheimers--it was not a walk in the park for anyone. They finally had to give up and place them in a home. We even had an aunt who was a RN helping us and finally couldn't do it anymore.

Cheryl B
Yes, because my parents have already said that they would never expect myself or my brother to look after them.

Yes I would and they know it, and they both said they are fine with it as long as I keep them in constant supply of ciggies and booze. Hey, got to do what makes them happy!Im looking forward to all the thumbs down from the spackers without a sense of humour.

My parent have recently faced this, my dads mum has become so nuts that she needs 24 hour care and she can become very violent so a professional home was the only option.

Yes I would, when it came to the stage where my health was also deteriorating and when I was no longer able to give them the care that they needed at home.
You don't really know until you are in that situation what you will do.

Yes. My father had Alzheimer's and he had to go into a nursing home for the final few months of his life to be managed properly in a care environment because of his behaviour and care required.
It is a very challenging illness and although the family were reluctant for this to happen, it was the best way forward for the whole family including my father.
I think other people think there is a stigma for parents to be placed in a a nursing home but I dont agree.
Also usually in families, the care of the parents falls to one person usually a daughter and the strain is tremendous.

Ginny Jin
I think alot of people who answered no have not been in that situation. Long term it can be very detrimental to your own health caring for a sick relative, day in day out over months and years.

Also care homes have caring well trained staff. Visit one and you might be pleasantly surprised.

I had to make this decision several years ago. My father had altzeimer's. I took care of him at home for two years. The incontinence was tolerable, as well as the aggression, I learned to dodge and duck..I also learned alot of patience and understanding about mental health. It reached the point where I couldn't sleep, because he was wandered, even with dead bolts installed it became very dangerous for him. When he fell and hurt himself I put him in a nursing home and two weeks later took him right out because the care there was horrible. So I kept him for another 6 months. I was an only child, I couldn't find assistance anywhere that didn't cost a fortune, then I realized he was a world war 2 vet. I called the VA..and that's when I got help. They had just built a facility in 50 miles from where I lived just for his disease.Again it was the hardest thing I ever did, because I felt like no one would care for him the way I could...but there was no way I could do it on my own, They say it will kill you before it will kill them and it is very true. If you are going through this look into all of your options and do what is best for the parent...not whats best for you (meaning guilt ) God bless

I can, unfortunately, answer this one from experience.

My Dad had a mini stroke 4 years ago and then started to act 'oddly' and then became aggressive (attacking both my Mum and my sister). He was starting to suffer from cardio-vascular dementia.

We had no choice but to seek professional help and to have him moved to a nursing home (both for his safety, and for the well being of my Mum). Mum, my brothers and sisters visited him every day and helped him have a drink and tried to have him eat something. It was incredibly distressing and none of us could have coped if Dad had been at home and we did not have the support of the nursing staff.

In April of this year my Dad died after 2 years of dreadful mental distress.

It absolutley impossible to answer this question honestly unless you are faced with these kinds of problems and it would be an agonising, soul searching issue. Those who say an outright NO are
A. Not being honest.
B. Understand only the scare monger, media hype stories about Nursing Homes.

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