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am i crazy or am i just blowing this out of ...

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Additional Details
My physical looks are fine. I'm thinking of my personality....

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Some random days I will see it though and I'...

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what does a lack of sleep do too a ...

 Can Depression Cause These Symptoms?
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 Do I need to see a preist??
I am a nice happy-go-lucky person who is quite creative and artistic. Yet i seem to get horrible images smoetimes that flash through my head. I know it sounds mental but its uncontrolable...for ...

 i have sick imagination.....?
help...but please dont tell me: "u need help"or something like that!i have sick dreams and imagination......

 I really want to hang out with this friend. but i can tell she doesnt want to. help me! what should i do?
ok so im 14 and this girl i know quite well is 17. i told her one of my big secrets/problems and we met up to talk about it. at this really nice beach. so we did. but i wanted to meet up again and ...

 Crying- Someone Just Called Me 'Butt Ugly'. Am I?
I do photography and posted a self portrait for comment in the photography section, and someone said I am butt ugly, which has really hurt as I already find my appearance repulsive most of the time. :...

 How are you supposed to work when you suffer from severe depression?

 my therapist says I am " horrible" how can i work with her?
She is an NHS psychotherpist and a consultant, she said I was horrible. I have borderline PD ( she actually speaclizes in that) she thinks she is justified in in telling others ( my CPN, social ...

 I need some cheering up from anyone willing to help?
I am going through a really really rough time in my life. I won't list the things that have happened and still happen because thats not why I am here right now. But things have gotten so bad ...

 Where do you go when its 1am & you just want to run into the night to "escape"?
haha Y!A wanted to put this in marriage & divorce, at least i dont have that legal problem!...

 ok do u think this is strange?
i can be doing anything and these poems just come to me like out of no where and usually there good.
Additional Details
others think there rele good its nt just ...

Positives of being pale?
I really need a confidence booster when it comes from my pale skin. I am pretty faired skin, and tan only when i have to burn really really badly. I don't want to tan because of all the skin related problems in the future and i don't want to use self tanners because i don't want to look like a freakin carrot. So could u list all of the positves of being pale skinned?

Anthony K
you blend in w/ a white ***

people with Pale Skin can all Get away with Being Blonde!! and Blondes are Just The Best Lol and all Men Love Blondes haha ! (well Most of the men i no!! ) and being pale, u dnt look as fake as really tanned people!!

well I'm not pale skinned, but I thik that pale skin makes your complexion look cleaner/clearer.
You will also age better.

you are unique....in the end you wont end up with parts of your body missing from skin cancer...and it goes with outfits better

1.Ur hair compliments ur face more.
2.Ur lips will look brighter and plush.
3.Bright colours will compliment u.
4.U won't need to use as much make-up.
Take it from me, you need to learn to respect yourself!
Hope this helps! :-)

Eric P
I'm pale, I don't really see any negatives

I think that pale skin is pretty [=

well, dont worry about being tan, the whole soceity is based on people looking tan and good, but whats so bad about being pale? not every one has to be tan. There are positive sides of being pale, basically, you can look good being pale! Not every one looks good being tan, trust me i know! And if it bothers you THAT much on being a bit paler, just put on a little bit of blush or foundation. If you always get sun burnt, then make sure you use your sun screen, but not too much because its bad for you skin as well, just when you go out and if there is sun then automatically you should slowly tan. I have a friend that claims they always get burnt when they try to tan, but then again a few months later they have a tan on their legs, so dont worry about being pale. just act like you would any day, and slowly enough the sun will just darken you skin by a bit. But not enough to make you have so much skin probllems in the future.
HOpe this helps!

I think pale skin can be really pretty. Pale skin is often clearer and smooth. Sun exposure is not good because you can get skin cancer.
Often sun exposure can make one look older.

☮ Joe's a studmuffin ☮
I think pale people are pretty. you can dye your hair a lighter color which will accent your skin tone and make it look darker if you want.

p.s. the top answer is mean and not true!!!

Being pale skinned is fine. In my case, I like darker clothes etc anyway, so my paleness kind of compliments it. I suppose the downside of it is that you burn really easily. Either wear darker clothes, or pastels, I think. They seem to work well, but anyway, don't worry. It doesn't matter what colour your skin is anyway. Just be happy with it (:

well it's ok because it's mid winter so it doesn't matter

I am pale like a ghost, and I think it is most definitely something to be proud of :) Have you read Twilight?? Those books made me feel even better about being pale lol. Pale skin is so awesome...pale skinned people look like porcelain dolls. I love it so much. I am proud to be whiter than white, and you should be too!!! :)

Its Me!
you can make your eyes stand out more easily, with make up obv
We can blend in to white things
Don't need make up on halloween to be a ghost!
pale people look better than all the umper lumpas in all their tangoedness!

I'm veeerry pale as you can see from the pic (I was called snow white when I was younger). It used to bother me cause I would never tan and looked like a ghost in photos. But I've learned to love it, it make us unique.

less risk of getting skin cancer compared to those who obsessively tan themselves like its ritual

Fair skin is so "in" right now. So, don't worry about it. Just remind yourself that the hottest people alive (*cough*vampires*cough*) have pale skin.

I agree with the person before me. I thought I was the only person in the world who thought tan skin doesn't look good! Pale skin is beautiful especially with a good light blush on your cheeks! Know that tan is not the only beautiful. I am naturally darker (italian) and I purposely try not to tan! And you are totally right about the carrot thing! LOL

porcilin skin.

less acne.
your sweet wont smell as bad(its true!!!)
you look good in red.or black

basement ghost
i have extremly white skin and all my friends tease me about it lol... but u know this is who u r and be proud of it... at least u stand out and people notice u

I personally love pale skin and I wish I had it. It's really beautiful, in my opinion. It's also unique. Don't tan yourself... People are just jealous and they wish they had your skin. :)

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