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Miss Cupcake V
Please help me understand what's going on.......PLEASE!!!!?
i know something's wrong with me i just don't know what it is. You see, i go through moods and feelings in like a second. Sometimes i catch myself talking to myself. And i get really angry and do stupid things that scare the hell out of me. Like yesterday my sister got really sick and had to go to the hospital, my mother made me stay home and i don't know why but i got angry and started stabbing stuff with a kitchen knife. Or sometimes i go out on the roof and get dishes and chuck them at the concrete (i've become addicted to the sound of breaking glass) and we don't have a lot of money so my mother can't keep buying dishes (she doesn't know i do this). And sometimes i start thinking about my brother (he's in Iraq) and i get really sick and worried and i can't stop crying. And i start coughing up blood but i don't want to tell anyone cuz they'll take me to a doctor and i'm scared of hospitals and doctors. i'm only fourteen, can someone please help me?If you need any more info, ask, me

oh poor girl i would tel youre mom and go see a doctore mabey you are deprssed i am sooooooooo sorry

Danny G.
You really need to tell someone.... I'm 13 and i'd say this is a serious problem tell your Mom you need a shrink and a doctor.

Frankie T
for the first reason i think is because your going through puberty but coughing up blood is serious you should tell your mom about it before somthing happens

you need to tell a Doctor.

Lola Teh Lovely<3Scenekidzown
Im thinking bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.
It depends, Do things talk to you inside your head?

you need help kid. and dcotors will only help. no poke you with injections . medication and counselling will solve the problem. left untreated, it will magnify into somehting unmanagable.

â™” Posh Spice â™”
Ask a DOCTOR. Or a therapist.

Amy W
Sounds to me like you just need more attention. Tell your mother, you can't go on like this.

Lola, I was thinking the same thing. My husband was diagnosed with both and sounds just like what she is going through.

Miss S
asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness..
you should see a counselor or talk to your parents, and see a doctor (which really isn't that scary.. you should be more afraid of dying from something that could easily have been cured than having someone look inside your mouth or take your blood pressure.. frankly doctors are a fact of life and the sooner you get used to seeing them the longer and happier your entire life will be)..
I think you should just relax, you're at the age where everything seems like the end of the world but you just don't see how much more fortunate you are than a huge part of the world :)

I think you need to visit a PROFESSIONAL... and soon.

I mean this in the KINDEST POSSIBLE way.

Sounds like your BRAIN CHEMISTRY is "out of whack"... this can sometimes be cured easily.

Why suffer?

Maybe you need a best friend to talk to?

You sound exactly like me.. Im like that all the time..What are you getting so upset for.. Listen love you are having a hormone crisis, Stop beating yourself up.. You can control your temper if you really want to..

devilish truth
more than likeley anxiety attacks. i was the same way for a while..... remember too yoru in puberty still lol

i used lexapro for a while and worked wonders on me. but after therapy and pills and etc i foudn the best thing for me was to just stop and say "wait who in control?". If i found i wasnt in control then i shoudlnt be doing whatever i was doing. I had horrible anger habits and no one could end up helping me but me. now im a much calmer person. find an outlet that is physically exerting, i lift weights, and you will find yourself in much more control of your brain. remember to always ask yourself "am i in control?" focus is everything, you wouldnt be anyones beotch right.... well dont be your own beotch either (at least that was my motto)

The "GG"
It sounds like you may be experiencing Bi-Polar Disorder, or an Anxiety Disorder or both. Anything that would cause you to become that physically ill [coughing up blood is NOT normal] you need to have checked out. I totally understand your fear of Doctors and hopsitals, I still have panic attacks every time I go inside one, but this is something that needs medical attention. If you don't get some help, you will probably only get worst, and since you obviously want it to stop, it's time to buck up and get to the doctor.

your completely normal your just letting your anger out i let my anger out by punching stuff.

Masked Musketeer
You need to talk to your parents.

Asking strangers on Yahoo who knows nothing about you is useless.

you really need to see your family doctor, he can help you. this question sounds from the heart so print it off and let your doctor read it. please do this as you do need help and don't worry about being put away as that wont happen. best wishes.

Nelly S
You might be bipolar. Tell someone you trust, a school counselor, a teacher- an adult. You need help now, you will feel better soon. You may harm yourself or others if you don't get help now. Nothing bad is going to happen to you once you seek help, but something really bad is going to happen to you if you do not seek help. You might have a chemical imbalance which can be corrected with some medication or therapy, it is 100% treatable, you will feel much better and relief once you seek professional help.

jason b
try, growing up.

you need to tell your mom immediately and make an appointment with a doctor. coughing up blood is not a good thing at all and as for your mood swings, you might need to see someone personal to talk to. since your doing really violent things, it might get worse and next you could hurt yourself or someone else. Maybe your going through something really stressful in your life (your brother being in iraq? maybe your mom not including you in going to visit your sister made you really angry?) and your keeping your feelings inside cuz you don't know how to handle them. I think that you don't know how to release your feelings in a healthy way so you do things like that. I think you need someone perfessional to talk to you to help you cope and deal with your feelings in a healthy way. good luck!

you need to tell your mom and see a doctor.

It sounds like you're going through a tough time, and I'm gonna say what you're gonna hate me for saying, are you going through alot of physical change at the moment? Because it would explain strange feelings and urges through hormones. Just ride it out, do what makes you feel better and if you like PM and I'll talk with you about it for aslong as you want, I'm not a dirty old man or anything like that so don't be worried but I found myself in a similar situation to the one you do at the moment and know I could really have used a friend to talk to.

u should control ur self. i was like u before. i cant control my self, very emotional. my parents never ask me to see doctor. they told me its hormonal crisis. u are 14 y.o, ur age is the time for hormon to grow , time to understand and know ur self. what u want and what u want to be in ur life and after life. just trying very hard to control ur self when ur upset come. deep breathe, and let it slowly and feel it. for me, its helpfull. i know its very difficult. when u want to chuck ur mom dishes, hold it, and think with another u like, or make u happy, maybe about something happen at that day.. u can share with me more if u want to my email: [email protected]

i am JUST like this, and i have couhed up blood plenty of times. i kept it from my parents, and that just made me even more stressed, although i kinda dont lie when other eople know about my personal problems! (like my prents) as for the anger, i et rly mad but i stop right where i am and clench my fists as hard as i can to the point where my ands pop and crack and hurt, but it stops me from like u said stabbing things with a kitchen knife. and for the crying, i get rly depressed by death, which i have recently lost a good friend and 3 grndparents, i used to just cry for hrs in my bed and cough up blood, and the freak and stress over that. you just need to relax and think about what you are doin and think thats not goin to help ne thing and find somethiogn to calm youdown, like listen to music whenyou think your goin to ry, not slow though... i listen to like fob or the devil weras prada or escape the fate.
iam also 14

Medical doctors are not qualified to make psychological diagnoses and will probably put you on meds. Not the answer. At least, not until you talk to a licensed psychologist who works with teens.

Sounds like you need what's called a psychiatric evaluation. (Just because it says "psychiatric" doesn't mean it's for crazy folks. Keep that in mind.)

Brother in Iraq, mother doesn't notice dishes missing and being smashed... Sounds like there's trouble at home and a lot of anger and frustration built up inside you.

You might have a school psychologist you can talk to. If not, a counselor or even the school nurse might know where you can turn in your area for help.

The best first step is for you and your parents to see a licensed psychologist.

Your problem is a mental one and you need to see your doctor. He/she may refer you to a professional in emotional problems. All that you may need is some medicine and someone other than your family to talk too.
Most likely you won't have to go to a hospital unless you are deemed to be a danger to yourself or to other people. From what I read I don't think that you have that problem.
I wish you the best.

Lola C
there are a number of things this could be attributed. first, i wonder if you have been under emotional stress or have something traumatic happen in your past. do you resnt your parents or family for any reason? also this sounds like it could be rapid cycle bipolar disorder. in a manic or mixed episode you can be very agitated and angry. you are causing your body physical stress becuase of all your emotional stress. there are underlying causes to these things so i think you have to be honest with yourselfm, are you mad at anyone, do you have bottled up feelings, are oyu struggling with resentment? and all these things could be magnified to a great degree by mental illness. i would say go to a clinic (look online for places in your area) so that you can be anonymous. maybe also a social worker. as hard as it will be to talk to someone it will help you get a grasp on whatever is going on and especialy if you feel uncomofrtable talking to your parents/people you know you have to do somethign about this or it will get worse and worse and worse, i promise. you dont want to get to the point of self harm, suicide, violence or drug use. those are what happens top problems like this left untreated. think of hw unhappy you are right now and let that push you to get help, you can't do this alone

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