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Please answer. Is this true?
i told my school counselor im depressed last month. i didnt tell her i think of suicide everyday since last year. so i was wondering, next time i see her, if i tell her i think of suicide, but i know ill never ever do it, or if she asks me about it and i say i think of it but will never do it, will she call the police or someone to take me away to a mental hospital? i know she told me a long time ago everything is confidential with her, but by law she has to tell someone if i might hurt myself and i heard that some ppl get taken to hospital for suicide problems. does she have to tell someone to take me to a mental hospital for help?

cant answer that ha ha

wow you have serious issues

Dakota H
she does have to tell the police by law if ytou tell her that
but as far as mental hospital
i dont think so
they might do a psychiatric evaluation of your mental health
but i dont think youre goin anywhere

At my school they said everything was confidential, however, when you threaten your own life they notify your parents - just warnin ya!! Any it's not worth mentioning suicide if your not truly considering it!


Mark J
i thought they take people to councilors

masha chanel
tell her. maybe she can help you, help you get out of it. if not, prescribe you to some medicine? idk everyone gets depressed but if its like a wholee year then something is wrong

just tell your counselor you think about it.
but you would never have the guts to do it.
and your just wondering what it would be like

and if your counselor does tell someone
you can sew your counselor

hehe haha
She will take some actions concerning your mental health if she will estimate your mental health as bad.

Joris D
The police?? Tell her how you feel! Telling her you think of suicide without the intention of doing it is called a craving for attention(witch is not wrong) which is the reason you are seeing this woman. Tell her how you feel a different way. You crave the response or emotion that people care about you or what you are doing or who you are etc... Proven by this message that people do!
Stop worshipping what you think people think of you and start worshipping what you think of yourself! There seems no reason not to

I don't think so, not unless she thinks you could really hurt yourself. I'm suffering from depression, but I haven't told anyone. I haven't seen anyone, but I feel so down all the time, and wanting to die. I admire you for having the courage to tell someone. I've told one friend who's suffering too. at least he's getting councilling for it. She might have to tell someone, but I don't think they'll send you to a hospital. not unless she considers you a threat to yourself

Tell her youve thought about it but you could never do it. She cant tell anyone unless you say your thinking about doing it. Be honest with her. And there is no way she can tel the police or your parents. she can only do that when she thinks your going to off yourself which it sounds like you arnt. Just make that clear to her

Brendan V
She will have to tell your parents or whoever your guardians are, but they may not take you to a mental hospital. I went through the same thing but my parents wanted me hospitalized and I was underage so they had the right to do so. If they feel you should be hospitalized then they may do it. If not they may just arrange for you to see a psychiatrist to help you. I hope I helped and I will be thinking of you. Good luck to you!

No. She will not have you taken away. She is there for this reason! Talk to her. And don't forget baby... Tomorrow can always get better.. and one day it will. Hang in there.

honestly... I think ur melodramatic... If you're thinking of suicide yet at the same time know that you're never going to do it then that means your sane enough and have enough mental wellness to understand that is stupid and that you would never do it. Hence, i wouldn't tell the counselor that. I've gone through depression as well... so I know how you feel, don't think that I'm trying to be mean or anything... because I know how that feels. You know... whenever I'm depressed, I think about all the things in my life that I have. And I know you hear this a lot probably... but it helps to know how much fortunate you are compared to other people around the world. Just the fact that you have a counselor and you're able to talk to people... that is something MILLIONS of people don't have, and those millions of people would do anything to be in the state that you're in. So be thankful, and try your best to be positive. Another thing that helped me was spending time alone in nature and reflecting on my life and all the good things I've done and thinking about my dreams for the future. Being outside, in a beautiful environment is something that really helped me.

I hope this helps. Take care, and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

kap k
First thing you must do it justify your suicidal feeling, what prompts to think of it, you should tell this to your parents or the one close to you. Life is not that bad, just think of what you did all these years and what you could do, and why not now, good times bad times all are part of life, just go out to some slum near you, sit in the street and look at a beggar and compare what you have and he dose’ nt. Make a point in your life, to help someone in need you are better of many others who are deprived of. Think what change you can do around yourself. Kill the feeling which wants to kill you. Just imagine life is a bit more beautiful than you thought, be occupied think of others, come out of it. Do what you wish to. And see in matter of days its all over, and you are happy as ever.

The simple answer is no. A counsellor can only call the police or psychiatric ward if you say that u actively plan on hurtin or killin someone or you have a clear plan to kill yourself. If you say you're feelin suicidal they can't act on it only by counsellin u. Durin uni i was the same and the counsellor just really listened. So dont feel worried to tell the counsellor how u feel.

Technically no. Last year i told my school councilor that i was suicidal and i had cuts on my wrist. They honestly can not do anything about that because that is not there field of work. When i told my councilor, she referred me to a therapist to talk about these things. But to be honest it never worked. I went to the therapist, got help, then thought i didn't need to go anymore. Wrong. 4 months later, i OD on meds and when to a mental hospital for about 2 weeks. But if you never try it. Im sure you will be fine. Iv been where your at and trust me. You don't want to be there anymore.

Robby B
Your a long way from a mental health institution. You have to be at the stage where your self harming and commitment under the Mental Health Act is the only way to prevent you from causing yourself injury/death. There is a long road between thinking about suicide and carrying it out. The counsellor does have a duty to inform A Qualified person Normally a Doctor of your mental health problems in case it becomes necessary to prescribe you drugs for treatment etc. The best treatment is for you to tell the counsellor the problems so as you can both talk about them. Talking about your problems is often the first step to recovery

Nick W
if you said you were going to do it she would have to call a hospital, and at the very least you would be on a lot of pills. They might put you in a special place to for your body to get use to the pills. I had to go to one, it was only for about a week or so and it was not that bad. I got lucky though, some people had to stay for 6 months. I did not have any symptoms, but some people did. I was only 10 when this happened, all the other people were around my age also.

First of all, it's only confidential as long as you don't tell her that you did something illegal, or have been thinking of killing/injuring someone else. Also, if you're under 18 and your parents are paying for it, she is obligated to tell them if you're hurting yourself (cutting, doing drugs, et cetera).

She won't ship you off to a mental hospital or call the police if you mention thinking of suicide. I think you should tell her, but also explain that you're not going to actually do it, that you've just been having thoughts about it. That way she will be able to help you out better and may prescribe you some medicine to help if you want the medicine.

Book M
well if u know ur not, then dont tell her, the *** move would be to report you if you said were not going to do it but just thinking about it. If i was her i would just talk you until you felt better or we came to a conclusion. If you know her on a personal level then she'll understand , but otherwise she will call someone if you tell her that, with school shootings going on you dont have a chance of keeping it secret. so my advice is to be prepared to be taken to a hospital

You can tell her that you think of it all the time, but you must stress the fact that you would never do it and tell her why you would never do it. If you say something like, I would never do it, I couldn't do that to my mom, my family, whatever, she won't tell anyone. If you said something like I can't figure out a good way to do it, she would probably consider telling someone. Many people think of it very often, and many people like you and I would never actually do it. It's a common thing for counselors to hear. If it's much different than that for you, then you should still tell your counselor, but there's no guarantee that they won't tell someone. It's up to you. I'd guess, though, that in your case, you probably won't be taken away. Good luck

Agent Razor
I think mental hospital is too drastic, but yes she does have to inform someone if she feels you're potentially going to harm yourself. I think you should speak with someone about your depression as there are many people available to help you. Don't keep it bottled up.

If she is convinced you wouldn't do it, she won't call. Same thing happened to me.

She wouldn't call the police and there is no such thing as a mental hospital that will take you away against your will.

She may call your parent(s) or some other guardian in order to cover her own liability tracks. She may also recommend you see a professional psychologist.

But, no. The Storm Troopers will not be showing up with their straight jackets.

You won't get taken to a mental hospital if you think about suicide and she certainly won't call the police. You should tell her because, until you do, that's a part of your depression that she can't help you with. I had a problem with depression (not suicidal thoughts though) and it took me at least three years to tell my therapist. For those three years I didn't get the best help I could have (it was still helpful though, don't get me wrong) because I wasn't honest.

I can't guarantee that she won't tell your parents, but I keep thinking that, unless it seems like you're going to do it or are seriously contemplating killing yourself, that it can stay confidential. She might strongly advise telling them though. Actually my therapist didn't make me tell my parents although I did end up telling them.

Miss L
I would maybe ask her how confidential your sessions are and what she is and isn't allow to report or share with family or police and go from there. Let her know you want to confide in somebody, and that you do trust her, but you have no desire to deal with police or hospitals, you just want someone to listen.

You really can't trust many people. I can't speak for her, but I can speak on behalf of my girlfriend.

She went and spoke to a school counselor our freshman year of highschool. She admitted of having an addiction to Marijuana. My girlfriend stated she was ok with the counselor contacting her mother, only if she must, but to please leave her dad out of it, for she next to never see's him. Anyhow, the school counselor immediately contacted her mother, fine-and-dandy, spoke with her, and her mother even asked the counselor if she could please leave her father out of it all as well.
The counselor proceeded to contact her father and filled him in on everything! When somebody needs help, they need to know they can trust someone they are confiding in, and it made the situation worse.

Maybe tell her a while back you had thoughts of suicide but none real recent, just to test the waters. Sorry if this isn't much help, but good luck and I hope you get some sense knocked into you.

Besides, there are cooler ways to die!

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