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 Do you think I'm dumb?
I make Ds' in History and English and F's in Geometry. I used to make A's and B's in English and History. My grades have dropped since I've been constantly bullied since high ...

 i cant stop cutting myself.?
I cant stop, every time i do i just break down. Has anyone else been addicted to it and been able to stop?...

 Cure for depression that doesn't involve pills, god, or a dumb hobby?

Additional Details
I said no god and no pills! So all you pill poppers and god lovers please pay attention....

 How does one get over someone who broke their heart?
Even after a lot of time has passed.....even after therapy, self-help, moving on with life in every other way.
Additional Details
WOW, I can't believe all the wonderful answers and ...

 How do to feel comfortable with myself again?
different parts of my identity have been killed
by me and others. and I guess the natural maturing from teenager to adult. I'm just turning 20 soon.

so many terrible things ...

 I've been acting really weird. Please help.?
Ok, well For a while ive been acting pretty strange and people are taking notice.

Here's whats up. (At least read the whole thing through before answering)

-I am severely ...

 I'm a Lic. Massage Therapist I worked on a client and she seemed to get aroused? Answers from women are best!?
So I worked on this client the other day she was in her early 30's has a boyfriend and very attractive...I'm in my late 20's and some would consider very attractive. Not that it ...

 How do you deal with stress?
I've been really stressed out lately and don't know what to do.
which makes me even more stressed.

any ideas?...

 Help! I have school tommarow and my sleep schedule is way off! How can I go to sleep easily tonight?
During weekdays in school time, I usually go to sleep at 9-10 Pm. However because of winter break I went to sleep at like 3 Am. however, tomorrow School begins, so my sleep schedule is way off!

 I'm worried about my daughter and don't know how to help her.?
My teenage daughter is withdrawn, has phobias about ordinary things and is depressed. She has been for about five years. I've been to counsellors with her, 2 psychiatrists, and our family doctor....

 My boyfriend just hit me again and I think I had a seizure but he wont let me go to the hospital, what to do?

 i need help...im scared.?
hi. okay so this might sound weird. but anyways.
i really wanna tell my teacher or something about how ive been cutting, but im scared, how do i not be scared anymore?...

 I have heard it said that we only dream in black and white. Is this true?

 Going back into depression. :|?
I've been so down lately. So much has happened to me recently, and it's so overwhelming. I think i might be going back into depression.
I used to go to parties and smoke and hang out ...

 i cant sleep, someone is watching me?
i havent slept in 3 days because i think some one is watching me. iv aways been a paranoid person. to me there is always some one following me, listening to my calls. in the past three days its been ...

 Do you think it's selfish when people tell depressed people not to commit suicide?
I mean here you are, living your nice perfect good life and probably has no idea what depression is like, and than you tell the depressed person to keep living his or her worst nightmare and that ...

 how can i stop cutting/burning myself?
iv been cutting for the last 2 years and it keeps getting harder to stop iv tried to commit suicide at least 5 times in the last year i talked to my brother a little about it but never really got ...

 How do I stop thinking about doing drugs?
I cant stop thinking about doing coke. Ive been to rehab. I really want tot stop I just cant get it off my mind....

 When I talk to myself, I usually get a responce. Is that normal?
I have to think it is because I'm too insane for the crazy house....

 HELP!! looking for intelligent comments only!! Serious question!?
What is the disorder called when your mind basically makes up something for you to fear? And what about if you jump from one absurd thought to another & another causing you distress!! exp. Fear ...

POLL : Do antidepressants really help?
1. Yes, ( i took/take them)
2. Yes, ( i never took them, but i know.)
3. No, ( i took/take them)
4. No, ( i never took them, but i know.)
5. They dont help as much as they harm.
6. Cant say

option one .
but when i run out i feel really rubbish , so i try not to take them .
they will never fight the cause of your depression unless it is 100% because of chemical inbalances in your body x

Meaningless Existence
1 and 5 my mother takes them and if she runs out or doesn't get a higher dose every time her body gets immune to it she will act more depressed, angry, and mean then she did before she ever got on the pills i only took them for a very short time and they made me feel really sick all the time!

kmuggee {MCRmy}

Famous On Y!A
certain kinds work for certain cases.

Man J
nope - the placebo effect

buck f
yes they do for most people.about 80%it helps.but teenagers are more likely to have problems this it being more thoughts of killing themselves


Boss W
they do but it takes along time its not like a high wich i firts sought out but everyone needs different doses and some brands work better for everyone....try paxil or celexa...it did it for me


josie K


yes it releases hormones and stuff like that

For me I would say 3, just because they were treating me with anti-depressants when I don't really have depression, but if you are truly depressed they can certainly help.

semi-charmed life
yes. Never to em but i know they do

Q.T.Ο€ Reuben
1. Yes, I take them, but all they do is block suicidal thoughts so counseling can work.

My answer for myself is 1. They work for a while then they start to weaken. I'm currently taking Prozac with Abilify. I feel so much better than I did a few weeks ago. Sure some of the side effects are horrible but they go away after about a week.

1. They never helped me as much as I was led to believe they would. But they do make you feel a little better.

They are only going to help if depression is properly diagnoised. It depends on what works for you, which medication and the mg are important factors.

Susan C


4, my mom took them and shes had no luck


1 :)

Princess Jennifer

NO...I dont think so. I think maybe at first but then your body gets used to them and you are even worse off.

my best friends husband takes two different kinds...one is also used for his back...and hes the most depressing person you'd ever meet.

tiTo 87

It's all in your head.

ms bell
I'm going to say yes, but only up to a certain point. I've tried them all at some point and they only lesson the symptoms. I'm still depressed.

Option 7...sure, for a time but then what?

3 no


Jethro C

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