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PEER PRESSURE HELP!I dont know if I should try it atlest ONCE.!?
Could you get addicted to weed if you only tried it once!
I dont know if I should do.Its just guna b 3 inhales.?!
Additional Details

I wont try it :)

The collector
You won't get addicted to weed.. its not addicting... just don't become a pot head. Use your head....

PLZ DON'T!!!!!!!!! PLZ, PLZ DON'T!

Mindy R
You can absolutely. Why have you planned on the number of inhales. Believe me it is not worth it. How to you want your life to end up. Do you want to go to school and be successful and make a lot of money...OR...do you want to be in and out of rehab and jail your entire life? Some people say weed isn't a big deal and it may not be,but chances are that weed leads to other drugs and those drugs get you hooked instantly and ruin your life. If you get caught with weed your in a mess. It just isn't worth it. I almost let it ruin my life at one time.

Zak T
dont do it at all, there's always a chance.

one joint won't harm you
but it is illegal so be warned

it depends. if you like it a lot you will most likely try it again. it does not have nicotine so the weed itself is not addicting but you get addicted to being high. whats the point of just trying it if you are never trying it again? (and you better not) its like giving a kid chocolate for the first time and saying "this is good and it makes you feel good but you can only have it now, never again."
doesn't make sense does it?

I won't tell you yes or no. But, I will say never try anything just because of peer pressure. It will make you look like you are weak and a follower.

Honestly, I think it depends on the person. I've known people who did it just once and never felt the need to do it again after that. But I've also known a couple of people who tried it once and then couldn't stop, and their lives took a turn for the worst after that. Both of them started hanging out with drug addicts and dealers, and I lost contact with them after that. But the last I heard from a mutual acquaintance was that one ended up in prison (he committed armed robbery, I'm guessing to get money for drugs) and one is now homeless because he can't hold a job. What a waste of a couple of lives that were once so promising! Like I said, I know that things like that don't happen to everybody, but why would you even want to take that chance? You mentioned peer pressure -- but I want you to consider the fact that REAL friends wouldn't want to put you in harm's way. And REAL friends will stick by you and support your choice to stay away from illegal drugs. Maybe you should think about hanging out with a different class of people.


you can get "addicted" to anything. and you shouldnt take the chance!!

there are so many other things you could be doing besides killing your brain cells and breaking the law.

really, dont do it. it isnt worth it.

i am personally straight-edge and loving it =D

i hate it when people do drugs. its like they are throwing their life away.
people think they are cool because they smoke, but people like me think it is totally idiotic and uncool for someone to smoke.

it all somes down to you, but take my opinion and dont give into the peer pressure no matter how 'cool' it might seem.


PIC OF HIM NOW..........http://www.bobanddan.net/images/fanSubmitted/fatguy.jpg

No you cant but...

Why give in to peer pressure! show you are stronger than that! weed tastes like crap anyway!

you cant get addicted with just one try but what it can do is want to experience with other drugs. It is said to be a gateway drug. You can get a panic attack on first time smoking it. If you have bad trip.

Hopefully Helpful
No, No, No. Find some new friends. Good Luck.


yes. also if ur gonna be stupid and try it at least dont fully inhale it. ull regret in a few years when u have a brain tumor

no, you will not become addicted. it's not an addictive drug. i can't tell you whether you should do it or not, that's up to you.

yes you can get very addicted to weed even if it just once!!! i suggest that you don't try it! even one inhale could kill you but you may not follow my advice so i wish you the best...

creative_22 :)
If your gut tells you not to, then don't. You would be surprised how many people don't smoke weed. Don't fall victim too peer pressure, you may regret it.

If it is your own choice, then it is up to you, but don't feel like you are pressured into it.

Kelsey L
A: weed is not addictive. i know your D.A.R.E. instructor told you it is, but it's not.

B: you will hate it the first time you try it. it's horrible and nauseating the first time, and you don't get high either

C: weed isn't thatttt big of a deal. It's non-addictive and less harmful than cigarettes. it's less intoxicating than alcohol, it's just more of a taboo.

D: an inhale is called a hit.

E: don't do it if you're that hesitant, only do it if YOU want to. it's all about what you want/ are comfortable with. people don't actually judge you if you don't. they don't care that much, believe it or not.

No weed is non addictive and its actually beneficial to you. The medical uses for marijuana outweigh the harmful effect of it 112:1.

Impossible Green
No, you cannot... That is, you can't get chemically addicted.

If you have the sort of personality that tends toward it you could get mentally/emotionally addicted to it, but your body won't be addicted.

I believe it has something to do with weed's long "half-life"... I'll stop before I start getting too technical and nerdy about it.

I would suggest trying it if you want to, but not if you're only going to try it because your "peers" want you to.

Okay, I hadn't read any of the other answer until after I posted this one and now I feel I should add some more information.
The chemical in weed that gets you "high" is called tetra-hydro-cannabinol or THC. Your body naturally produces different types of "cannabinoids" and THC (also a cannabinoid) uses the same receptor sites that the cannabinoids produced by your body do.
There are some cells in your brain that sort of function as inhibitors for parts of your brain (I believe they are in a sort of sheath around the brain stem). The THC bonds to receptor sites on these cells and inhibits THEM. Since they were inhibiting your brain, when they begin to inhibit it less it is comparable to speeding up a computer's processor. (This may be why some people feel like time slows down for them.) This is hardly a technically accurate description, but I think it gets some of the basics across.
Another suspected reason for weed not being chemically addictive is that it is a cannibinoid. A type of chemical your body already produces and breaks down on it's own.
One last reassuring thing to say: You can't overdose on weed. In order to over dose on it you would need to extract pure THC from the weed and inject it directly into your body.

iL Papa
A DARE cop taught us four very helpful and important steps to handle situations where we are offered drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. The first step is to define the problem. The second step is to assess your choices. Third step is to respond to the problem. The fourth step is to evaluate your response.

hawaiian mike
lmao at all the "nooooo don't doooo it"'s
that's on you,some people like it others don't,
i happen to like it,no biggie,but i can take it or leave it

don't do from peer pressure

not if you're uncomfortable. you'd be fine, but if you're worried then just let it go.


whoa i would NOT try that! even just three inhales, u nevr no and u presonally probly dont no how strong ur body's immune and selfcontrol system is...
w/e u do, b careful

Robert B
Well, anything that's enjoyable can be addictive. Weed is not particularly physically addictive, though.

Trying it once won't get you addicted, but you're "trying it" to see if you'll like it, right? And it follows that if you DO like it, you'll probably do it again, and in fact, keep doing it. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll be addicted. I started playing video games a long time ago, and I still play video games, but I'm not "addicted" to video games because I enjoy them in moderation, and my video gaming doesn't prevent me from fulfilling my responsibilities or enjoying other things in life. But some people do play video games in excess and could be said to be "addicted" to them. Weed is no different.

Peer pressure is seldom a good reason to do anything, though. Consider the possible consequences of your decision and decide for yourself if you're curious enough about pot to try it. Like all drugs, pot carries with it certain dangers, but it is really no worse than alcohol or cigarettes in terms of its effects. More significant are the social and legal consequences of smoking pot. Do you know where your pot is coming from? Because it's illegal, only criminals sell it -- some of whom might be involved in other criminal activity (some of which might involve violence or exploitation) -- is that something you want to support? Another risk is the fact that marijuana is not regulated, so often you can't be certain what you're buying ... the pot could be laced with a more dangerous (or addictive) substance.

I wish pot were legal (and there's really no good reason why it shouldn't be), because it's the sort of drug that I'd enjoy every now and then (alcohol really isn't my thing), but on the whole I don't think it's worth the cost and risk.

kay kay
i dont think u do but dont give in to wat other people are doing because you are only harmin your self

if you don't want to don't
peer pressure is loser
weed isn't however addicting
but DO NOT try it only because someone else wants you to

I have smoked tons of weed done lots of other drugs and never once because someone else wanted me to.

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