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 how many people are awake right now?
Well i'm in Texas and its 1:03 in the morning, i can't go to sleep,
But what time is it where you guys are at?
Additional Details
I'm in fort worth, Texas....

 What to do if you are feeling suicidal? Seriously?
I'm ...

 Can teenagers under 15 have depression?

 How do I stop myself from being tired?
I don't know why but I am always sleepy during the day and wide awake during the night. I have school in the morning and I am so tired. I want to know how to be wide awake during school. If it ...

 I'm going to visit my friend in a psych unit tomoro. What can I do to make her feel better?
She's suicidal and has a personality disorder....

 My 7 year old so was HALLUCINATING! Help me!?
This morning at about 5AM In in morning, my son woke me up to seeing bugs spiders and flies and aunts crawling on the floor and spider webs. He was up for about 1 hour trying to convince me that ...

 Daughter been told could have mental illness like bipolar, she gets top marks at school. How can this be right?

 I'm insane?
have u ever woke up at like 6 am and heard little kid voices laughing or crying? i think i'm losing me ...

 How do you stop hating yourself and everyone around you?

 Is this normal? I don't know if somethings wrong...?
A lot of times I'll just start feeling sad for no apparent reason. I cry pretty easily and also sometimes I'll just start crying for no real reason. I've been under a bunch of stress ...

 Please help me understand what's going on.......PLEASE!!!!?
i know something's wrong with me i just don't know what it is. You see, i go through moods and feelings in like a second. Sometimes i catch myself talking to myself. And i get really angry ...

 Over emotional and crying for no reason...?
For almost 2 weeks I have just been an emotional wreck and I just don't know why. I mean just crying for no apparent reason, over a commercial even...i am on antidepressants...and have told my ...

 Do I sound strong or weak?
I'll make this as short as I possibly can. I'm 17 and a guy. I've lived with am alcoholic dad who was abusive towards my mom. My entire family is crazy and doesn't really care ...

 What is the least painful and possibly the quickest way to kill yourself?
With the exception of a gun shot to the head....

 What Would You Do If A Crazy Person Tried To Kill You?
what would you do just an interesting question
watch this vid, what would you do?

 is there any point in living?
hi my life is relly bad i ave no friends at school i all ways get bulled i can't sleep a night becuse of this, what shall i do cometing sucide or to stay alive....

 Am I insane? Paranoia?
I think I have paranoia.
I'm 14, and I'm constantly seeing pictures in my mind of dead bodies falling through the walls at me.
When I'...

 i would burst into tear for no apparent reason?
I'm really sad every day and i would burst into tears over stupid things. Is it depression?...

 Is this a condition? Is there a name for it .lol?
So I notice I tend to be a little overly emotion during certain times of the day, where I feel I'm more vulnerable than usual. It usually happens mostly at late hours of the night. I will do or ...

 Be honest. If you're not mentally ill, how do you view people who are?
Any of these:
schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anti-social personality disorder, major depression, borderline personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and all others....

Pollon & Lord
One ..two..three..four?
Can I have a little more???

go italians...gooooooooo!
Additional Details
oddio stanno rispondendo anche gli inglesi XD

Scott M
i don't give a dam, next stop it's vietnam, and its 5,6,7 open up the pearly gates, ain't no time to wonder why.... whoopi we're all gonna die


one two three four five six seven eight nine ten there I will stop. Go for it!

What the ***?

Ugo U
e vai...............

WHAT?? Is this supposed to be a cheer?

The Midnight Captain
what about the MEXICANS!!!

Pam B
"No more soup for you!"
The Soup Nazi

Say what!!!!
hip hip horray. hip hip horray.

5,6,7,8,9 ...Ti amo italiani; tutti sono bella, splendida e intelligente.

uh ok

Project: Erebus
At first I thought u meant the song but no I don't think u need anymore suger.

5 6 7 8 9 tennnn ai lov iu!!!!
bom bom bom bom bo bom sail de scip!muahahhah!

incredibile che non sappiano cos'è,in fondo era dei Beatles....insomma!è come se noi non sapessimo chi è nilla pizzi!che gente!

obviously theres a reason why this is in mental health...

grumpy old git
Why Italians?

Hopefully Helpful
"Open Up The Door Some More!"
"Don't Come Knocking At My Door!"
"Now It's Time To Mop The Floor!"
Listen To Me Roar And Roar!
"It's A Shame That I'm So Poor!"

Psychologue Psychopathe F.C.
Hoyman, are you sure of that Sparta is in Italy??
For Romeeeeee! =P
Lest go italians, conquer those answers-lands!

White Light Bagnino felicissimo!
L.A. is my lady

The Rocket Queen
five six seven eight ten i love youuuuuuuuu
ho dimenticato il nine...sono na capraaaaaaaaaaaaa XD

mi coalizzoooo!!!!!!w italy

god seiv (6v) the quinn
faiv non sacciaiv

la donna immobile
pollon you can have all that you want!!!!

I want English people at my feet!!!!ahahah

odiosa, pedantesca & acida
perchè la mia canzoncina non la pubblicano nè qui nè in italia?





i have no idea what you mean? :-s

Italians do it better!

Fve..six...seven...eight....I LOVE YOU bam bam bam bam bam lalalalalalalalla bam bam lalalalalal!

Hey you,English!Do you know who is Pollon????She is daughter of a God!!!

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