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Okay really embarasing....................shy.......… can't help it...
Um, I am like, mentally stable, don't worry.........but I am sooooooooo scared of people. Like, when I see people I don't know.I like hide, or totally try and ignore them. they just SCARE me. Just regular people. But when ever I am on the phone, or on IM or something, I am not scared at all. Its weird. Like today...in school..we moved seats.
I formerly sat next to my best friend, and now I sat down in a little group with stangers..it was too much for me I guess......I just burst into tears and ran to the nurses office. I was really embarrasing to come back the next, day ESPECIALLY sitting next to the people. I just kept quiet and didn't do anything. On halloween, I am so scared of the people coming and trick or treating that I go to my room, and shut the door, and read a book, too. I am just really embarassed to do this! Is there anyone who can give me suggeastions on what to do, and what this could be?
Additional Details
ps. Its not a disorder,...Im not a nut............I went to a doctor and therapist..........they just said extreme shyness...........what do u think.....?

i can relate to you, youre not a freak.lol. naw im just playing but yeah....you just have this fear of rejection, and im like that too, but not like you totally..cuz you past shyness girl..damn girlbe a little more outgoing. well just know youre not alone ont this one.

You have social anxiety disorder, I'm guessing. Even though it means interacting with a stranger, you should get counselling. It sometimes gets better with age, but do you really want this to drag on? I've struggled with it, but I refused to let it control my life. Fighting it helps to beat it. In fact, instead of avoiding people, I became a cashier, which means being in constant with people. I now regularly, and easily have conversations with people I don't know. You have to be stubborn.

^v^OH! BATS^v^
I think it is a psychological thing. You need to learn why you are like this. It is possible that a certain situation happened in your childhood that triggers this effect. I used to be like that too when I was in Grade 1 to Grade 3. I remember just crying suddenly without any apparent reason. All I remember is that I didn't want to go to school because I felt alone with strangers whom I don't know. All of that vanished though when I started having friends. So, my suggestion to you is to immerse yourself to people. Make a lot of friends and just communicate with other people. You don't have to be scared of them. Good luck.

I can't imagine what life must be like for you! I don't have any answers, only a suggestion:

Try to get yourself out into public more and make it a 'rule' that you have to speak to one new person every day. For example, if you are in the grocery store, go up to an elderly person and ask an appropriate question. They will love the attention and you, my friend, will find it less and less intimidating to speak to people!

I wish you well - Happy New Year!

you just have a fear of getting to meet new people. Wow you need to face this fear and go on with your life

answer more questions -- get over your shyness

Kollege Gurl
i think it's insecurity, you aren't happy with yourself and you think that other people look at you the way you see yourself, but u have to realize people are gonna see you the only way that you let them see you, not everyone is out to get u or talk bad about u or judge you, just be yourself and let things roll, talk to people more, make an effort, i'm really sorry it's so hard for you i can't imagine how bad it must be, but good luck ok? i hope that helped at least a little

then it is probably extreme shyness..

racer 51
seek the help of a good psychologist. you need to talk to someone who can really help you. life won't be much fun if you keep living it this way.

Well you need to boost your confidence and work on being a 'room mover' I suggest drama classes to open you up and get rid of that fear of strangers. That would so help you out and if your in school isn't it on break now?

It's called social anxiety, I used to have it until I just gained confidence one day and held my head high and now I am always the center of attention......I know the feeling, but with a little determination you will get through it....GOOD LUCK!!

you're being paranoid or you have social anxiety disorder... I'm not 100% sure. You should talk to your doctor or talk to your parents about it. It always help to let someone know about your situation.

lol...ure probably scared of people because of something that happen in the past...ure obviously not shy in im or what-not because ure not seing a person...ure just seing letters

Hi, Look into www.neravam.com then ask your Dr.

Yes it is a disorder, and you need a second opinion. Either you have an irrational phobia of humans or you are suffering from social anxiety disorder. Get a second opinion, because you are definitely not normal.

dear extremely needing for reassuring....

You're not sick nor mad!!!! Don't worry.... you just need to stay in your own limits I.e. in the universe as you know it and as you builded it up around you and you're afraid of changes.
If you really want to meet new people, you'd rather do it in a sheltered vironment like a music class or an art class, when you share an activity, you have time to discover people while sharing a common interest and little by little you can know them better and find real friends to share with!!!!!
You don't have to change yourself, just accept the way you are and deal with!!!!! People talking a lot and "showing off" don't always have a lot to tell..... Think that with just a few real friends you can share a lot with are a much better value than a loose attitude towards all the neighbourhood!!!!!

I wish all the best

Despite what you may have been told, it sounds very much like you have something called Social Anxiety Disorder. And despite the name it doesn't mean you are basically "disordered" - it just means you have more of a challenge than most people do when it comes to dealing with other people, especially strangers. I think you should get a second opinion from a counselor and ask them if they can screen you for Social Anxiety Disorder. Then you can start to get better with counseling, medication, or behavior therapy. Good luck!!

Here's a great site for more info and help:

I'm sorry but it is a disorder. I feel similarly. My doctor diagnosed me with some adjustive disorder with anxiety. I fear change and when faced with it I withdraw from the environment so I don't have to deal with it. I've done the thing where I bolt from a room before too.

Wow. I can totally relate! I'm afraid of phones, people I don't know, unexpectedly seeing people I do know. It's like I'm always trying to find an excuse to not go to a party, etc.

I've been trying to deal with it on my own. Calling family members on the phone, and answering when they call me. Finding a distraction - such as tapping a foot, making a fist - to keep myself from running away from people.

And if it's too much to be friendly around strangers, then don't be! Just don't make eye contact, pretend they don't exist.

Good Luck. You're not alone. This is a problem, but it is something you can work out - just give yourself time.

Countess Bathory
Sounds like you are Social phobic and it a real phobia. There are medication for that and help.

that's social anxiety. I have it, too... fun, huh? heehee... you just have to find ways to force yourself to be around people to get used to it. It's just an artificial fear. :-)

Sorry sweetie. I've read your extra detail. Sound like text book social anxiety disorder.

It sounds to me like you are just very very shy. Try thinking about WHY you are afraid of them. Did something scary involving strangers happen to you when you were young? Are you afraid of them hurting you? Pray about it, and God will give you the strength to overcome your fears. I hope I helped you out! GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS! =)

Night visions

I can understand cause I'm a shy person too....do your best to talk to them if they talk to you. It will get better by time. You seem to be young so it's probably low self esteem. Just trust yourself and do your best .

if you already went to a doctor, you are not going to get better answers here. sounds like social anxiety, but a doc has to do your full psych history.

Munya Says: DUH!
It's called xenophobia and yes it is a disorder. But you are not a nut. And you're right, you can't help it.

It sounds like you have social anxiety disorder. It is a condition that is treatable and something you should look into.


Just because it says disorder does not mean you are nuts, and extreme shyness is a form of this disorder, don't dismiss it just because of what it's called.

Hope this helps hun.

I say extreme shyness too. Because i used to be that way, though not Quite so extreme. Well, if i were you i would hold my head up high and purposely put yourself in situations where you have to talk to people.its not as bad as you think---really its not.start off with the pizza guy you know say a few words then chat up the lunchlady at school or your neighboor for a minute then move on to someone you dont know at school. it will get easier as you get older i promise, because when you get a job its simply unavoidable.good luck

you may have Social Anxiety Disorder. It is treatable, talk to your doctor.

u feel that all people dont like u , that is why u try to hide from them to avoide they looking and hating to u
u think people hate u and u feel sometimes that they may hurm u
u didnt used to talk to many people when u were young may be its a problem of ur parents may be they made u avoide talking to anyone , or its ur problems because u had bad experience with some people made u hate to be with anyone
and u want to be alone all the time

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