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 I'm feeling blue.....What should I do.... :(?
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 What's the longest u've gone without sleep? I've been up 3 days.?

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 iam just too frustrated........(serious answers please)?
After 17 yrs of my life i realize that there has not been even 1 person on this planet who understands me , knows who iam , not even my mom , she is so wrong about wat i think , she relates me to my ...

 sometimes i feel suicidal. . .?
my family life is terrible, and i go through some tough spots in school. i really don't like my life because of my past and my family and the terrible future i'm bound to have.

 Is this normal, weird, or am I just so weird that I think I'm normal?
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 Why am I so afraid to do exercise?
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 I have suffered with depression for the last couple of years i can't BEAT it how can i do it?
I have been in violent realtionships which is what had caused my depression and ever since i can not beat it. I have been to the doctors and all they do is supply me with medication. I live away from ...

 what do you do when you are depressed?
my dad was in an accident and his knee is shattered. I am so depressed now....

Snape is hot!
No one in this damn world cares about me. What's the point?
I don't give a **** about anything anymore. I just needed someone, and it seems that everyone left me. I can't go on anymore. What can I do?
Additional Details
I really don't care that much about myself. I mean, I do have feelings, and I guess people don't realize that, but other than that, I do horrible things to my body.

Laura J
I envy you. I love it when people stick their noses out of my life and my business so that I can come and go as I please and live my private life without a care in the world.

I don't want to be cared for! You lucky, lucky person, you.


jesus can help you, or you can always run away

D. Jay's Entertainment
Maybe try to improve your attitude and stop living in the past. Your username says it all, you care enough to give homage to a dead singer to use that as your nickname? I mean she died 38 years ago, was a drug addict... is that really someone you should be paying homage to?

Is it a fascination with death? If you are hurting yourself then that makes it very difficult to be around you. Put yourself in other's positions, have they dealt with this for a while? Do you expect them to continue to deal with it, or are you ready to change so they can have a normal relationship with you?

I'm a firm believer that you get back from the people around you, the same thing that you give to them. If you give them depressed, negative attitude, then they won't want to hang around with you.

Reading your post, it looks like you are blaming all your problems on others... maybe it's time to look inward and see how YOU can change instead of expecting everyone else to change.

So what can you do? Invite a friend to something FUN... go out dancing (I don't care if you don't like dancing or don't like "today's" music, just DO IT). You'll be surprised how much better dancing makes you feel. Or, go see a comedian... do something up-beat and fun and see what happens.

i hope you don't do something to harm yourself i not know you but nothing is that bad god loves you i have gone though some really bad times but i talk to god and he helps me though it have you ever heard of the peom footorint if not find it and read it PLEASE

just stay by yourself then..that's what i do..lots of ppl seem to care about me tho but that's just how i am... so it won't kill u

meee :)
think about all the other people out there with even more horrible things occurring to them. u are most likely better off than they are

Email me if you want to talk or pray.

understand that all you really have is you! you must be the most important person in your life. I had similar feelings long ago, but try to find the power and beauty inside of you. when you do others will notice and want to be a part of that. sounds sappy but its true! Im sorry you feel that way. I hope time heals your wounds. and remember no other person should be more important to you then you! GOOD LUCK .

Do you feel your value is determined by if and how other people like you or not?

its easy to let yourself get down and depressed when it seems like nothing is going in the right direction. you are battling a bout of mild depression. the only thing you can do is remind yourself that hurting yourself will not fix anything, it usually only makes you feel worse in he end. my ex-boyfriend was continuingsally depressed and was always trying to hurt himself. i always had to stop and remind him of all the good things that he has in his life and would normally do this on a daily basis. his depression was to the point of even controlling my life! a key to batteling your depression is to not let the depression control you. as hard as it may be, try to go on about your daily life as normal as possible. find things to do to keep your mind off of all the horrible things that are bothering you. it may seem that everyone has left you but what you dont realize is that other people have to continue with their life and if they have children or a family of there one, it is very time consuming. you cant sit around and wollow in your sorrow because it makes things worse. try not to think about those things as hard as it may seem but eventually every day will get better. you need to adjust things a little at a time so that every day you have something to look forward to. most people with depression feel they have no need to even get out of bed in the morning, you need to find your reason to get up and go on with your life. noone has left you...have you ever though that maybe your the one pulling yourself away from them?

my mom left me when i was three and my whole family accept for my dad, grandma, and grandpa have moved away. i feel like i should just die and this world would be a better place. you shouldn't feel like that. i know what you mean. im sorry you feel like this, ill keep you in my prayers. cause i know. every thing will be okay its just life and you have one shot at this, dont do some thing stupid like commit suicide. some times i feel like doing that but then i realize what good will it do, im only taken the easy way out. life will kill you unless you fight to stay alive... God bless and hope things get better

people do care about you! do not give up! if u need someone to talk to email me!

Jacob F
go to therapy. or you could go to face book and find a partner.

Frying pan!
because your a person, and you care about you.

are you sure?...
it's possible that you just have faulty perception. be a part of a community service project or volunteer at a hospital. you'll meet a ton of awesome people. the best thing that ever happened to me was when I found a job. I've met dozens of cool people and I feel a lot better about life. sometimes all it takes is a little exploration and affirmation that "dangit" someone gives a fu** about me :)

anyway, i hope you feel better....

hang in there. you can email me if ya want

I feel the same way. But there will always be someone, maby family members, maby an unseen force that is crying over you. Just go out and find some friends. It'll help lot. But I agree with you, I don't really care about alot of things anymore. Hang in there. One day, your happy days will come.

Mum Mum
If you don't care about yourself , how do you expect others too? Get help!

The Postulator
Do you feel like you could scream forever? Do you feel this internal rage, this hatred building up inside you all this time, this span of 5-6 years? Have you ever of thought of murder due to your years of abuse and neglect from those you care about?

Have you ever considered taking a martial arts class, or at least a woman's self-defense class? This will not only develop your overall physical abilities and improve your mental fortitude, you'll also be joining a community. Maybe you'll find some girls there your age who are going through similar issues. They could become your new "family." You could feed off each other's misery and use this dependence to form a common bond. From there, you could support each other as you are both going through similar things.

Or, perhaps there is someone older you can trust, reach out to? Find a mother figure that your mother wasn't?

Who is this person "you need to talk to most"? Does your mother care about you?

Maybe this will help?

Are you 18 yet? If all else fails, you could simply create a new life for yourself. Save up your money, plan out where you want to go (is there a place you'd like to go?), and then...simply leave.

There was a Roman emperor who was banished from Rome. You know what he told the people? "Banish me...no, I banish you!" Your family deserted you? No....you desert them. Remember the old quote, "there is a world elsewhere...."

just be yourself and find your own happines .... take time out to your favorite place, site.. Hug a tree.

Laura D
I care about you and i dont even know you so Im POSITIVE others do too.!!! Its never that bad.........stand up brush yourself off and MOVE ON.....YOU CAN DO IT ...NEVER GIVE UP!

people do care about you.
you just don't realize it though.
sometimes people have bad days and you might
have caught them on their bad day.
but people do care about you.
try going out and meeting new people
go to a bar, club, even library

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