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No friends, never had relationship, anti-social, heavy depression, and miserable. 21 years old?
i have a major issue. i'm 21 and i have NO friends, and i've never even had a relationship with a woman. as you can imagine, my days are BORING as crap. i usually stay online for unhealthy amount of hours (think all day you're not far off) play videogames, or watch tv, or a combination, and i'm absolutely going insane. i've always had a problem all throughout school where i was EXTREMELY shy and i can't even talk to people. i'm scared to death to just go up and say hi to someone. i've found i'm not TOTALLY hopeless i've TRIED talking on the phone with someone i met in an AOL chatroom (and made friends with online) and well..after 45 mintues of quietness i managed to actually talk to her...it was back to square one the next day and we faught online so that ended before it started. i've never been able to overcome this crazy problem i've had, and i feel suicidal (although i've never cut or contemplated suicide, i just have depressive feelings of wanting to die) where can i meet people...
Additional Details
and how can i get over this MAJOR problem i have?

sorry for ur problem iam shy to but not that serious. you must work so start with that just talk to someone there but DO NOT OVER DO IT. i hate when people try to hard is very annoying, start with saying hey to some one your nevouse to talk because when i do i feel great the whole day because i managed to say somthing. (i turn red when talking to someone)
then start adding more words each time you see them until you can get a good conversation going.

maybe you should try to get a job, this will give you something to do, and you will have to interact with people for work.

this could help you build people skills.

and don't worry about not having a reationship yet. i was always so sad about that... and then I had my first relationship at age 20. and it is still lasting, and i am glad that i havent had a million relationships since age 14 like half of the girls out there.

don't give up...

First of all get off the computer and stop playing video games. Making internet buddies never works because you will probably never meet them and you cant be real freinds with them. Join a group, find a job and make friends. You stated that you dont have any friends. Well, the best way to get some is to strike up a conversation with at least 5 people where ever you happen to be [church, school, etc] and out of the 5 find a few that you think you like and talk more. Soon youll be friends with them if they respect you. If you mope and sulk all day about not having any friends then your going absoulutley no where. So get up and get out and talk to people. You may not be the most like person but if you find a few good freinds you wont have anything to compalin about.

a t
Wow... you really need to get yourself out there. What are your interests? hobbies? is there anything you would like to learn? First step may be to find a online networking group in your area (like Meetup.com) and find others with similar interests. Then when you do eventually meet them, you will have something to talk about.

If you're not working, I would recommend that you find a job, even if it's not what you want to do as a career. It will force you to get out of the house and interact with people.

Finally, as others have said, it sounds like you may need professional help. Don't be afraid to seek it - that's what they're there for. As your self-esteem rises, it will be easier to talk to people. Good luck!

Alaskan Hottie
Just keep working on your social life!!! Maybe get a theripst to help you out! Every day cut back 1 hour from computer time, work out to help manage stress! Just keep working on it you sound like a sweet guy!!!

Your not the only one, I'm the same way but I'm 20 year female . I 've never done the Chat thing. Just pray that's what I'm doing. Please check my yutube page that's where I spend most of my time until I have to go back to college: www.youtube.com/beyonceusherfan I made the Bg yestersday because I was bored too. I know its sad but well get through this. Comment on my page please. God bless you, sweetie. :)

You HAVE to see a professional and get medicine to balance the chemicals iin your brain. They are what mess you up. There is no other way. Call a mental health center and say you have an emergency problem and how you feel. They will get you in right away. If you are afraid to talk or ask them, email them.

You should talk to a therapist as soon as possible or join a social anxiety group. I know its hard but its worth it. I go to therapy once a week and take meds for panic attacks/depression and it helps alot. You might want to cut down on the computer/tv use, as to force yourself to get out of the house. Maybe join a club? Do you have any co-workers? Try to get into something that interests you and you can meet people who are similiar to you. Don't give up :)

Do you work? You must get out sometime...join a church group or something, where they don't judge, and are easy to talk to.

happy cooker
Well hon, I'm no psychiatrist but I am older and wiser. The first thing you have to do is get out of the house. You are spending way too much time glued to TV and games, it's enough to depress anybody. There must be something you like doing, even if it's just playing cards or reading. Join a group, get involved in something or just go for walks. You would be surprised at the people you meet just by walking and it's free. You could volunteer at your local hospital or food bank. If you see how bad some people have it, it takes your mind off yourself. Good luck to you and God bless.

Deb S
OMG! You truly touched my heart. I feel for you! I have had bouts of depression so I understand that aspect. You should try to get out more & just breathe clean air. Staying inside adds to the depression. Go for coffee or something and maybe try to just have a casual chat with someone, a waitress, bartender, anyone to start feeling a little better about talking to people. We tend to get into ruts and it is so hard to break out of them. Good luck & God bless!

What state are you in? Just curious how far you are from me. Update your question with where you live.

you would do well to see a counselor, they could help you in alot of ways, you evidently like people other wise this wouldn't be bothering you like it is. It's called being introverted, a good counselor would help a lot with this and some of it may be chemical imbalances which they could help you with as well. I've been through some counseling my self helped a lot. helps empower you and give you some more confidence in your self. GO FOR IT!! all it takes is a phone call or two to get it started, and it can make a positive change in your whole out look on life.

Well my problem is not as severe as yours but I have something called generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety is included with mine. Go see a therapist and get some medication. I know alot of people are anti medication now but I take xanax and I can go out with little or no anxiety.

you need to make firends.. thats the first thing cuz they can ease your shyness around girls and they can even introduce you to other guys and girls so just go out and have fun,,, you need to talk to people, it will make you feel better about yourself and you won't feel depressed any more..call some people up to go out,, even if you havent talked to them since high school..just get out there! :)

Have you ever tried to get a job? I've found that that is a wonderful way to meet people. Lay off the Internet and video games. Try going out to the store or a park or something and starting a conversation with someone. Try talking to someone older than you, I feel like that is easier than talking to someone your own age. As for the depression you should really see a doctor and possibly get on medication for it. Depression is a very lonely disease (believe me I know) and if it's not treated it only gets worse. Good luck and I hope that you feel better soon.

It sounds like you're suffering from social anxiety disorder. I'm afraid I don't have any advice for you (other than to seek professional help) as I'm pretty much in the same situation right now. I'm also 21 and suffer from pretty severe social phobia. I spend a lot of time on the internet, watching tv or movies to take my mind off the fact that my life is meaningless. It's pretty frustrating when the thing that you want the most (social interaction, relationships) is also what you fear the most. Just know you're not alone.

Well, I seem to be having similar issues. Although I am not shy whatsoever.

Why are you afraid of talking/going up to people? Do you have places to meet people? Do you go to school? Do you have a job?

What you need to realize is that taking a chance with a person just by talking to them, saying hi, is better then doing nothing. If the person doesn't like you or whatever, oh well big deal. But often, people are kinder then they appear and can often feel the same way you do, shy and nervous. You have to let go of what people think and just do it because at least you can say you tried. I had the same problem but you just have to be comfortable with yourself and hold your head up high.

If you wanna meet people, go somewhere where everyone is in the same situation as you. Kinda like where no one knows anybody and you have make casual chit-chat until you meet some cool people that you are comfortable with. Like join a club, sport, or a gym. You could also go clubbing or do volunteer work. I know lots of people who meet through volunteer work at a community center.

And don't rely on IM for your social interactions. I had the same problem for about 2 years. It helps in long run if you try to find real people to talk to you.

You can't let things pass you by, make a change. Lots of people feel the same way you do. Join a clubs or go out and meet people. Get comfortable with people and just slowly move your way up to bigger things where there are lots of people. Just get used to saying hi even if you think it was stupid or lame, not all people are heartless. GET A HOBBY. Then you cant talk about it with other people, they will be interested in odd hobbies then you can even join a club (convo starter which you are comfortable with :D)

Good luck!

Get outside and exercise. It releases endorphins that will elevate your mood and if you do it regularly you will not only lose weight but you just might meet somebody.

Make a conscious effort to detach yourself from the virtual world and get out in the real world. Take a course, get a hobby, join a club - anything to get into regular social contact with real live people. It might be a bit uncomfortable at first but overcoming that perceived limitation will get easier and easier and will equip you to take on bigger and bigger challenges. Social skills get better with practice and can very definitely be learned. Don't imagine that you are stuck being any of the things you are right now "forever." People can and do change every day.

Lady B
it sounds like you should see a doctor about these feelings your having, it sounds like your very depressed. Suicide is never the awnser, i know your hurting and i've been where you are before. Go see a doctor they will be able to help you, i went to a doctor and they started me on antidepressants and i've been happier than i've been in a long time. Also pray and go to church it helps alot, have faith in God he is with you and loves you very much.

therapy, therapy, therapy. read some self-help books. work on your confidence.

love yourself and others will love you as well.

Tha Blessed One
Ok, first of all let me ask do u have a job???? If not, GET ONE. That will be the first place you can start talking to people, and being more sociable....Even if it is McD's. Do you have a dating line phone service where you stay??? If so practice talking to some women on there....So that way you can get comfortable talking to woman....Even though they cannot see you at least you will know how to hold a conversation when you do meet someone face to face....Go to church,there alot of people at church that won't judge....

You can start by going out of the house more often. Try the malls. They are a great place to be around people, yet you do not have to talk with them unless you want to and if you do talk it is all the same because it is all platonic. Also consider a good exercise program outside the house. It will make you feel way better. Anyone spending their life on computer and games would get sick. Please, change your life style. More outings and exercise. And remember, everyone is as human as you are. We all have to overcome something. With you is shyness. You can do it. It may feel odd at the begining but keep at it and you will make it.

‚ô• Blonde&Intelligent
You need to GET OUT!

Go to a gym, go to a cafe and read, or even better, go out and volunteer in your community!!

When I was in high school I spent a lot of time volunteering and I met a lot of nice people that way.

Little Ms. Know It All
You should start off slow..try saying a friendly hello to someone.
I hope you get well soon.

maybe you should speak to a prof. i could tell you a million things to do, but maybe some medication would help, because i dont think this is ttyl. your fault. i think you wanna talk to people you just need a boost, try going out with like a family member around your age, to maybe a club or something small like bowling, thats a really great way to meet people. but good luck, youre still young and trust me a relationship is not all its cracked up to be lol

First of all, you should be proud of yourself for not turning to any sort of drug, including alcohol. That shows a great amount of personal strength even if you feel you haven't just because you never hung out with people that do do those things. Secondly I'm impressed that you haven't hurt yourself physically, I'm glad for you, honestly. When I went through Highschool I too was very shy, but I doubt I was to your extent. There is a lot of help for people that have a shyness problem, because a lot of people have this problem. There are a lot of ways to get help, but I can understand how difficult it can be, especially when the problem is shyness! What I would suggest is doing little things to start out, such as go to a grocery store and ask someone the time, or drop your walet when you leave, and when someone behind you picks it up for you, say thank you. Try to create extremely simple "conversations" . Like asking the time, saying thank you, or do something for someone else so they say thank you to you and you can respond with something like "no problem" like opening a door for someone. A very good way to break shyness is through a job. Although it's very difficult to get a job, it helps because it's at jobs that many people make friends. I'm really interested in helping you with your problem and if you'd like to stay in contact you can send me a message on myspace or something :)
I hope I helped a little bit, maybe sometime I can play a game with you online!

Get a new job, befriend coworkers

Get off the internet and talk to your doctor.

=[ I'm sorry and good luck.

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