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Nervous About Going Back to School...?
Ok, i will try to make this short. Im a junior in high school this year and i have been unable to attend my regular public school for the past semester (i was put in the hospital this fall for my eating disorder).

Now that it is second semester, my mom and guidance counselor are expecting me to go back. My guidance counselor is a really sweet lady, she made up a new schedule for me with my classes and even a break where im supposed to go to the nurse's office to eat a snack. However, i dont know if im ready to go back. Im extremely self-conscious and embarrassed about my whole situation, and i dont really have many friends at school to help me through. I also get extremely nervous in social situations (i literally start to feel dizzy and sweat) Im worried that ppl will treat me differently. My other option would be to finish this year up on cyberschool, but im not sure if that's the right thing. I would miss having real teachers, but at least id be in a secure environment and wouldnt have to worry about slipping back into my old ways. It would also allow me some time to do volunteer work and also spend more time with my mother (who i dnt see a lot of these days).

So i guess my question is, would it be better for me to go back to school or finish the year on cyber? I really don't know what is best for me, and it is causing me a lot of anxiety.


You will learn how to act around others the more you do it, kinda of like "practice makes perfect". I am a 30 year old student that after having kids, got a chance to go back to school , one of my courses was called "human Life Cycle". This course is about the stages each person goes through in life. You said you are in high school so I'm guessing you are between the ages of...15-18? This age group is called "Puberty and Adolescence" During this stage, your hormones are going crazy!!! Your hormones are getting your reproductive system starting to work, if you are a male, your voice has probably changed, if you are a male or female, hair is probably growing in places it has never have done before. Your body is preparing for adulthood, reaching your full height until you are done growing. I wish when I was your age, they provided this course in school because it really explains the reasons why you are going through everything that you are going through. Those feelings you have mentioned above, "nervous" self-conscious" "embarrassed" etc... Those feelings are completely normal for your age group!!! What you are feeling, almost everyone that went through puberty and adolescence is/has gone through too! When you walk down the hallway looking at others students, and those feelings are starting to overwhelm you, just remember, that they are all feeling those same things too. I'm not joking, I was a teenager too. This stage will end around the time you become an adult, and then you will begin a new stage. Don't give up!! As far a the eating disorder goes, that is unfortunate, but it can be dealt with. Many teenagers have eating disorders because of how self-conscious they are of their body. This is one of the hardest stages a person goes through in life, it is confusing and scary, and perfectly normal. I don't see how cyber school will help solve your problems, they will still be there when you are finished. the best way to handle a problem is looking at ways to solve it... What can you do to get more friends? etc... don't be afraid to talk to your guidance counselor about this , I'm sure she knows quite a bit about your age group and how to deal with the problems teenagers encounter. Good luck, and don't give up, I hope this was helpful!

It's okay. You can see your friends again;)

look on the bright side, i think everyone would have missed you by now.((unless if someone hated you.)) if you never go you are never going to conquer your fears.

Pray for strength and courage. You can do it, but you have to believe in yourself and focus on school.

Go back to regular school... Your going to have to go back eventually... And your going to have to get back used to being in social situations.... You shouldn't worry that much because if you feel bad or need to talk to someone, your guidance consuler seems like she will be willing to help.. I'm a junior too, and these years are the most crucial of your high school career.... Colleges pay attention to these years and you don't want to miss out on a chance to going to a great college because you didn't attend a public school

Go back to school. The only way to conquer fears is to confront them. If you go to school online you are avoided being in social situations. You can't avoid people for the rest of your life. A lot of people become anxious around others because they think that others are "looking at them" or "talking about them". You must understand that this completely out of your control! You can't change how people think, it's a fact! So what you do is keep your eyes and focus on the task at hand. Don't be nervous they're just people! What's the worst they can do? Good Luck!

Honestly though this year is up to you, but next year please please go back to school.
Im a senior right now and its flying by, and ive gotten some GREAT memories from this year. If you want finish this year at home, and get prepared for next year.
Just, please go next year.

I think that you should go back to school because thats where you belong as a teen. You shouldnt worry about what other people think about you, but i understand how hard it is. If you really dont think that you can handle high school, cyber school may be the best thing for you at this moment, but if you use cyber school, will the situation get any better?

--Good Luck :)

i suggest that you go back school. it might be more nerve wrecking but it would be better than finishing on cyber school. if and when you go to school go with a lot of confidence showing that there is nothing wrong with you and that everything will be back to normal.

hey dont worry just dont be shy making new friends is really easy especially if your starting with new people =]

Rain In Autumn
In high school an eating disorder is something that other students will easily understand. Chances are probably half of the other girls in your school have skipped meals or purged for the sake of being thin so despite what you think (and unless they are truly evil) they will feel for you. After I came back to school after being in treatment for bulimia my friends and the other girls were very supportive and a group of us (other girls who had eating disorders) started a club at school to support girl's with ED's.

Well, go back to public school, Everybody has their problems, and yeah they will talk about you, but keep it positive. Stay with people that will help you.

you have clearly already decided what you want :) look, your list of things that are good about cyber school is alot longer than the one about public, talk to your mom tell her what your anxieties are and maybe she can help. :) hope this helps

i think it would benefit you to go back to school. You will make friends and have teachers that care about you.

school online can be a bit tougher because of the lack of interaction

If you are not seeing a counselor, I would suggest one so they can help you you with your anxiety. They may even prescribe a medicine just to help you "get over the initial hump" until you gain other relaxation techniques that youcan use to help get through the times when you start to feel anxious.

Remember that you are going to school for yourself and not others. The heck with what they think - kids usually treat others badly because of their own insecurities.

Additionally, you may just become an advocate for others girls and help them from getting the same disorder you suffer from. Wouldn't that be great because you demonstrate a positive example of a strong person?

good luck to you

personally i think that you should go back to school.
you cant always be in a secure environment, and there is nothing wrong with having had an eating disorder. the thing it that you got it taken care of, and if anyone asks just say that it's done and over with. There's nothing to be ashamed of. And being shy is natural, i hate meeting new people, i actually taught myself to be unshy. Just go up to somebody and introduce yourself, its not that bad. I joined a whole new group of kids this year when i joined an advanced schedule. all of the other students had been going to school together sense first grade, i knew none of them!
My dad is finishing college via cyberschool and he hates trying to get the emails sent and getting into the chat rooms to chat with his teachers.
School will give you a chance to make new friends and school can be fun when your not actually learning.
Congrats on getting better, and hope i helped.

First off let me congratulate you on your success of overcoming your eating disorder. That is a big feat.
Second, I want to tell you that people aren't as mean as they make them seem on tv. If you think about it, yes there are those popular girls and those perfect guys and they do seem to laugh at the less fortunate but they're not, at all, cruel enough to make fun of your health situation. I don't want to be annoying and tell you what everybody has told you... don't worry about going back everything will be fine... because you're going to worry. But everything is going to be fine. It's kind of like the first day of school after summer. You should go back feeling confident and strong that you have successfully performed such a feat.
Third, I don't have that many friends either (oh... I'm a junior in HS too). I talk to people but no one is really my true friend because I'm extremely painfully shy. But I know that someone is always there to help you out. And I know that you have some friends to lean on. Sometimes it's better to have a couple best friends instead of a whole lot of people that you don't really really know.
Message me if you want to talk more. I'd be happy to help you in any way that I can. Help you through this tough time and bring you back to school confident and happy. Good Luck!!

Go back baby! Once you get past the first day, you'll be fine. Everyone is anxious about stuff like this. Just do it and you'll feel proud of yourself. It will be good for you to to get out.

Do what would be more fun for you. Don't think about what other people would say.

Go back you will be amazed at how everyone will welcome you back. We all have faults and make mistakes dont miss out on your years at school.

I had a similar situation this year where I couldn't go to school because of this horrible stomach ache that wouldn't go away. I had a homebound teacher that came to my house and taught me there. I went back to school at the beginning of this semester and I was so nervous. I was shocked at how supportive all my teachers were about making sure I was caught up on everything, and now everything is going great! My friends didn't treat me any differently, they were just glad to see me back. People asked where I had been, but they didn't treat me any differentlly at all. If they know the reason why you were gone, then that might be a little bit more awkward, but they should understand. Once you get back into the swing of things, everything will be back to normal. I think you would be just as likely to slip back into your old ways at home as you would be at school, but it sounds like you wouldn't if you go to the nurse for a snack everyday. It would be good to be able to be close to the nurse so that you could talk to her if your feeling stressed or anything like that. It's good to have an adult in your life that you can talk to about that kind of stuff and not have to worry about being judged.

As to doing cyber school, that was one of the options for me, but my homebound teacher and my counselor both said that the social part of school would help a lot. It's better to be in a group of people than at home staring at a computer all day. You could get depressed, and the longer you are away from school, the more awkward it will be when you go back.

Anyway, I hope this helped and that you make the right decision for you!

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