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My sister who is 18 years old cries every night for no reason and is always moody and sad and emotional...?
i think she may be depressed but about what? her life is good, no problems at all, she doesnt wana talk to a counsilor as he/she wud b a stranget then...help, any advice plz?!
Additional Details
I have asked her-she sez she doesn't know herself what is wrong and what is happening and why she is crying...? She has seen the doctor-i am going to ask her what the doc said today....i am supporting her the best i can and im just so worried...

Lucy ..x
she could be an emo if depression runs in the family though i would get it checked out and if she refuses go to the docters then go online and search for a test that will tell you if you are depressed or not. Btw their is a test just search it in google.

she just needs a good F**K and problem solved... =)

freestyle skier
stay out of her life and leave her alone. let her work things out for herself. she's 18. if she can't do that there obviously is something clearly wrong with her. jsut say the words grow a set, or man-p always sorts things out in my family

If she won't talk things out with you, maybe she will see the family doctor, they can determine if she's depressed. Things shouldn't (and I hope not) be that bad, simply could have an imbalance and need some help. Hug her and tell her you love her every chance you get. Best to all!

Suckmi Anus
Slip an anti-depressance in her drink

Sounds like she's def. depressed. Depression can set in no matter how great your life is. Matter of fact, that's the very people that depression normally affects. Let your sister know that depression is nothing to be ashamed of. So many people go through this each and every day. I myself had a bout with depression but I was determined to beat it. Luckily, medication wasn't needed in my case but I did have to speak up about it. Every now and then I wake up in the morning and even though I have so much to be thankful for, I just can't help but to feel so sad. At that point, I say a prayer and ask god to give me the strength to battle it. Through prayer and a loving family I am able to battle and beat it, each and every time it creeps up on me. Please tell your sister that you love her and you are there is she needs. It's something that someone going through depression needs to hear.

No N
she is in love


she have a problem that she try to solve it

She definitely has a problem, be it depression or someone bullying her, or whatever.

Speak to her yourself int eh morning, or whenever is best to get a response from her.

Tell her you hear her and want to help then take it from there.

If she needs professional help, assist her in getting it, be there and be a friend are the best things you can do.

ask her whats worng, and try 2 support her

Maquis A
Depression isn't always only about life problems. It could be a chemical imbalance in her system. She needs to go to her primary care doctor and tell all her symptoms. The doctor will decide what tests need to be done to determine whether she needs medication to even out her moods, and whether she needs further counseling. Sometimes it's only a short spell, and after a few months of medication (and professional counselling) will be better able to deal with what is affecting her. A very close friend of mine all of a sudden had a breakdown at work, went to a counsellor and was prescribed medication, continued for several months, and after about 6-7 months was back to his old self. No more medication or counselling since then. Take her to her doctor; you don't want to let it slide too long.

Eura Freak
She might have bi-polar disorder.

ask her what wrong

conviction wears stilettos
you will never know how your sister really feels about her life.what is perfect to some is misery to someone else. everyone has dreams and plans in there life and it can be very hard when your 18 and life is not going the way you thought it would. talk to your sis tell her that you hear her at night and you care! take a walk in her shoes and you will she that sometime appearance's can deceive

Well i Never!
are you sure its not just teenage angst? have you spken to her about what is making her so upset?

You can't know that there is "no problems at all" in her life. Even though you're her sister, she's not going to tell you everything. She could be having major problems somewhere else. You should tell her that you're worried about her and want her to be okay. She may not react positively to this and maybe say something not so nice back at you, but it's good for her to know that someone really cares about her and wants to help.

willy wom bat
well am afraid your sister as problems other wise she would not be crying. your sister sounds like she is depressed. why does she not confide in you. i advise her to see a doctor.

٩๏̯͡๏)۶ ♥נєѕѕу♥ ٩๏̯͡๏)۶
there obviously is something wrong
try talking to her to see what the problem is
you cant help her if she dosnt want to be helped though

Leah S
paranoid schnizaphrenic ??

depends what is going on in her life, excams? money? boyfriend, emotional problems, drugs, getting her to open up is the main thing, or asking her friends to talk to her someone she trusts.

Even though you're worried try not to push your sister into opening up to you if she is not ready. There must be some reason behind her crying etc. Try to encourage her to make an appointment with her doctor to rule out a psychical cause behind the way she is feeling if nothing else. Why not print out some information on depression/low mood from some credible sites and give her it to read in her own time. Hopefully this will encourage her to seek help. Here's a link to Mind's guide to depression http://www.mind.org.uk/Information/Booklets/Understanding/Understanding+depression.htm Alternatively you could buy her a self-help book on depression. Let her know that you're there for her and offer to go with her to any appointments if she doesnt want to go alone. Good luck.

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