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Bre!! ;]
My mom won't let me take my medication!?
I went to the doctor and he's having me take valium for my Anxienty, plus my soical anxienty. I take one Pill every day. But my mom never agreed with me in first place of why I needed to go. But the doctor did. I didnt lie to him. Just my mom isnt with me whem I'm out.

anyways, she is not letting me take them. She doesnt want me to get addicted, and if I do take one, she like cuts it in half!

and she keeps them. So what do I do!! I was so happy, I may be able to change, and now.. ehh

The only change you need is to pray. girl it is all mental.

shes not a doctor. she cant tell you to take your medication or not. if you take the subscribate dosage, you most likely wont get addicted. tell her to f*** off and let you do what makes you happy.

If you are under the age 16, your mom is responsible for you and if she thinks the doctor is wrong, she wins.. Unless it is actually life or death situation in regards to taking the meds.. I do not really know what else I can say..Good Luck

Elke B
sorry but she sort of has a point....maybe try passionfruitflower extract,I found it helpful with st johns wort...and get a second medical opinion maybe....

Find a different solution.. fighting with ur parents wont do u good

It would seem, Candy, that you are asking a question with hopes to find many others to agree with you...

As you appear to be still at home with dear mom, I must assume you are under age 18. For that reason, I tend to believe that "mother knows best" and that valium could bring you to addiction which would lead to a more serious problem that would destroy your life and shatter hers...guarranteed...!

Your typing, your vocabulary and presentation are excellent and so I believe you are also very smart and not an under-achiever...

What I would suggest is that you face the beast within you that causes anxiety and face your so-called social-anxiety head-on to defeat them. Medications only pasify a situation as yours and are not a cure by any means...

If you need a personality or attitude adjustment then make it happen. Look for the things that create your anxiety and find a way to curb them to a lesser concern. Only you can do that and medications won't accompliish what you alone are capable of...

Meanwhile, go easy on mom and give her a little space. She is the only mom you have and is worried about you from deep in her heart. Don't be a disappointment that will be a scar never to go away...

Good luck...you can do it...!

grace k
Valium is a short term solution. There must be other types of medication u can take. Some give u a good nights sleep, I take seroquel. Your doctor and mother r not too sympathetic with you. It would be ok if you were going to couselling, in fact you should perhaps see a psychiatrist who will detrmine what medication to take.
I ran out of my old medication and used one my doctor suggested and i got an allergic reaction to it (o.1 % of patients will get this) and i spent the after noon at the hospital, so take care with what u take.

Until the day comes when you aren't under your mom's roof anymore... you will have to deal with it.
But it sounds like you were already getting addicted to the effects of Valium anyway.
Depending on your age/size your mom may just be looking out for your best interest.
Hang in there. Most girls get depressed sometime during puberty anyway...you don't want to be dependent on those pills because what will you do the day you don't take your meds? You know what I mean?

Valium is a very heavy duty medication...I'd suggest you talk with your mother about going to a different doctor and getting another opinion.

Report her. This is abuse.

Al Rozz
I take valiums for anxiety and split them in half. You really don't need to take the full does unless your experiencing high anxiety. You have to see how it works by half and if it doesn;t then go to the full does, but in any event you may probably need to get on a good diet and drink plenty of fluids so that your body can wash it out.

Your doctor put you on VALIUM?? That's awfully strange. And yes, it is highly addictive, so I don't blame your mother for being cautious.

May want to get another opinion. It's possible that an anti-depressant would be better for you. Valium... that's awfully strange.

By the way, doctors don't know everything. They make mistakes ALL the time.

Can you contact your doctor directly? Tell him what is happening and perhaps he can talk to your mom directly and convince her that you really need it, since she obviously thinks you don't. If your mother really cares for you she should listen to the doctor who knows a lot more about what is going on than she does.

your mom should let you take your meds. even if uget addicted to them.u need the to keep your anxienty in check.

Tell your doctor. My mom used to do this crap to me as well. She thought she knew better than anyone what I needed. So tell your doctor, and perhaps have your mom go in with you so she can hear what he has to say about it...maybe that will open her eyes to what's really going on. This is just wrong. Sorry it's happening to you :(

oo hard one but although your mums doing this because she cares and is thinking of your best intrests your doctor is qualified to give you pills that you need its awful when you have anxiety attacks i got them loads and i needed medication to help some medication can be addictive but the doctor normally weans u off so not to make it so you think that you need them when you dont i would try and explain to your mum that you feel better takeing them as they are helping you have you talked to your mum about how you felt before you started takeing the tablets and the difference when you are takeing them ? this could help her to understand why the tablets are helping you

Difficult, you have an absolute right to your health, but pills can only offer temporary help. I suggest that you and your mum have a grown up talk about this. I'm not a doctor but I care for people with Mental issues. Your mum is partly right - I wouldn't take Valium for very long. There are better drugs that are not addictive, and can be taken for longer, the Prozac family is one, but this can have problems for the young. Talking therapies are proving as good as drugs. On-line Cognitive Behaviour Therapy involving computers is free in the UK. you can ring mental health hot-lines for support. you can read about anxiety and the medication on Wikipedia, but be careful how you use this info.

In the meantime - no street drugs, alcohol, tea or Coffee or Red Bull or anything with caffeine. It may be that you are taking things in your food, or the world you live in is threatening, fix that first rather than your brain.

They are addictive and I'm surprised a doctor prescribed a narcotic to a young person since there are many non-narcotic anxiety meds. However, if it is a low dose and you are on it just short term, it probably won't hurt you! I think you need to contact your doctor and tell him what your Mom is doing. He knows what is best for you. I'm worried your Mom might be taking them herself to relax. Valium was really popular in the 70's when your Mom was probably young. Ask your Mom if she is taking them! You should be able to hold onto your own meds. unless you are suicidal or something! Find out where she hid them and get them back! It is sad that your Mom didn't agree that you needed help with your anxiety. I would discuss that with your school counsler as well. You need to adress this problem now before it gets worse. I would have your Dr. try a non-narcotic anxiety med. and see if your Mom still takes them from you and that's a sure sign that she was taking them herself if she doesn't want them! You could also have them filled yourself and just tell your Mom that he didn't re-fill them. I know all this because I have severe anxiety. I take Xanax which is also addictive. I've been on it for 10 years and if I suddenly stopped it, I'd probably get really sick and possibly have dangerous seizures. Xanax, Valium, and Ativan are all benzos. which are a schedule 5 narcotic and they are addictive. I stay on Xanax 'cause it's the only thing that works for me!

Ask your mom to call the doc so he can explain the benefits and why you need them.

If your under 18 you really need to return to the doctor and tell him what is going on and let him talk to her about addiction and the pros and cons. She doesn't seem to be on the same page as you and I don't like my daughter taking drugs either but the Paxil really helps her with her anxiety and so whatever works.

Richard T
Valium is nasty stuff in the long term. It's almost as addictive as heroine (not exaggerating, heroine isn't nearly as addictive as morphine). Going cold turkey to get off Valium will kill you.

There are MUCH better drugs for anxiety and depression, like any of the SSRI's (Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft). Alprazolam (xanax) is a good short acting drug.

She's right to be worried about it, she should go with you to see your Dr. and discuss why you're on it, and what the alternatives might be.

Perhaps you should try to get your mom and the doctor together so they can work something out that would be best for everyone, including something they would both be comfortable with.

And your prescription is supposed to be right for you, again, you should talk to your doctor about her cutting them in half.

No offense, but that sort of prescription doesnt make sense - are you seeing a medical doctor or an actual psychiatrist? It would make more sense to be taking xanax, ativan ( if you have panic attacks ), or klonopin. Valium is usually only prescribed these days for phobias like when you have to take a trip on a plane and you have a fear of flying - or say when you go to the dentist or are going to have surgery ( or sometimes after ).

One advantage to valium however is that it has a long half life (so does klonopin ).. so the "withdrawal" effects will be easier to handle.

If you're for real and you're taking this med for the right reason. you should contact your doctor and let him know about this situation. it's OK for your mom to keep them as long as she gives you the right dosage. it's not up to her to decide, the doctor prescribed 1 pill daily, not half. if the doctor can't help, talk to an authority figure who can... good luck!

I think your doc. could find a different medication for your anxiety than Valium, try a different doc.
Paxil is non addicting and is very effective for most mild anxieties.

Tell your doctor. IMMEDIATELY.

And to be honest, I would check to make sure that MOM isn't keeping them for herself (basically stealing them from you).

Not to be disrespectful, but my mom used to do that to me.

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