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My mom doesn't understand...?
I am having really bad sleeping problems and super bad anxiety attacks to the point where i just loose it and start balling. i told her i need to see a doctor and she doesnt believe me. she says its just a phase. its been going on for like a year now and only continues too worsen.
what do i do???

im afaraid my lifes going to be ended if i dont get help soon.

I had some anxiety attacks too. I was able to figure out that there were extremely negative people in my life and I got away from them. No problems since. Good luck.

you have depression, and you need to get help....but you need to sit down when you are calm, when you feel like "i am just fine" (I had the same problem) and tell her "mom I know you think this is a phase, it might be, but I would like to see a doctor, I feel it might be something else, let them evaluate me and we will see" No mom wants to admit there might actually be something wrong with there kid....and maybe she thinks it is hormones, it might be hormones mixed with your anxiety and you at least need to get anxiety pills. And trust me what you are describing IS DEPRESSION! I would know, a lot of history with people who have it, and I have it. Look you can also email me, I will talk to you anytime you need advice or someone to listen to you when you are breaking down.

Kathy D
keep asking for help. I promise I felt the same way just about a month ago. I had asked doctors for help, i had told relatives that i thought something was wrong, the thing is they cant see what is bothering you. If your anything like me I hated getting out of bed in the morning, I dreaded leaving the house, I did not want to talk to or have to see anyone, but I did. Life just went on as usual, work, volunteer, family gatherings, you name it I did it because I was supposed to. Not because I wanted to. But I kept asking for help! And finally, one of my doctors helped me get help. It took over a year to FINALLY get help. I think the ticket was that you have to tell them how you really feel. You NEED to tell someone that you think you might end your life. or that you feel as tho your life is going to be ended. Please nothing will get better by taking your life. If nothing else I will talk with you until you get some one to understand that you need help. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you. remember your NOT alone.

Talk to a counselor at school, or the nurse. Find out if you can go to a doctor on your own. Perhaps you can tell your mom that you have a stomach problem and need to see your doctor. Tell your doctor what's going on. For now check out this website, it helped me out. A phsyciatrist I spoke to liked the website too.


I'm assuming you're under 18.

Anxiety attacks are real and terrifying. Insomnia is real and debilitating, especially for a teenager. Insomnia feeds into anxiety, and vice-versa. It creates a vicious cycle.

I agree with everyone who said to see a school nurse or a guidance counselor...or a pastor, if you have one.

Just as information...an anxiety or panic attack is, in simplest terms, the feeling that someone's chasing you with an ax when no one's in sight...and you're locked in your bedroom...and there's no reason to think someone's chasing you with an ax. It's the physical response to a waking nightmare. Althought they're usually short-term, they make the person having them think they're (a) crazy or (b) paranoid or (c) stupid. None is a good feeling.

And finally, if you ARE faking this to get attention...you should be slapped silly for denegrating people with real problems.

Are you going to school? Some schools offer free counseling. You can talk to him or her first. He will be able to determine what solution. Good if you can work it out with him. You may need to get meds. Worst case, you need to see a specialist which the counselor will refer you to it.

If you don't or can't see a school counselor, you can go to your library and read on sleeping disorders and anxiety.

Talk to your mom again, or some other guardian (Or a counselor at school, if you go to school) and see what you can do. Perhaps you can be prescribed something to make it better.

Good luck.

Emily K
I am sure your mom loves you she probably just does not understand how serious your problem is. I agree with you that you definitly need help. Now the next step is to find a way to get that help. You do not nessessarly need your mom to seek the help you need. I would privately go to a guidence counsiler and tell her about this, or if you do not have one tell the nurse. If all of those fail call a hotline found in the yellow pages. They can probably give you imformation on where to seek help. God Bless.

Rachel L
Wow...well if your mom won't listen to you, seek another adult figure who will help you. Definitely look into the school for this. Try school counselor or someone you can trust. Even a teacher will do. If your mom is told by an adult that you are having anxiety problems versus you yourself, it will be more convincing.

Sadly, adults these days just won't trust children >.<

I empathize with you. I hope you can get the help you deserve. Good luck!

Yes, the school system has to report things like this.

Now, there is a lady that lives 40 minutes from me who has a system to handle things like this without prescription drugs, so you might want to take a look.


I'm sure there are tips and tricks on there, but this lady is highly regarded.

Mommy to a Baby Girl ♥
Do what's best for you. If you're feeling suicidal, go see a doctor or talk to someone you trust, NOW. Call your doctor and tell them what's going on. They can't deny you. If your not of age too see your doctor yourself (it depends upon each doctors office) then tell them your mother isn't wanting to coroporate with your feelings. Tell them you need there help.

Hope you get better.

I agree I would go to the school counsler..

Are you stressed with something --causing the anxiety attacks? Talk to someone, like a teacher or even a school nurse perhaps?

yea i agree with chic
talk to your school counsler
good luck i hope you feel better

omg... I'm the exact same way! Talk to a counsler or a hotline and get their advice... it is always better to talk to someone instead of holding everything in... I hope it worksout in your favor and don't let anybody else tell you how you feel... if its that bad get help right away!

Do like I did Go to the doctors with out telling her
but dont be stupid like me and hide the pills the doctor gives you in a place where your mom can find them
I was diagnosed as having OCD and my mom never believed me even after the doctor confermed it and gave me pills
Im such a losing retard

maybe you should try to go see a doctor yourself. but I agree with seeing your school nurse or consellor, start there.

try talking to another trusted adult if you can.

Tam Byte
Yes please listen to the first answer and ask a school teacher or counselor, sometimes it's hard for a parent to admit their child has a problem like this, simply because they don't understand it. I've been thru it myself.

Daisy S
well say look mom i feel like if i don't go to the doctor to find out whats wrong with me, something bad may happen and it'll be over your head. i need to figure out why i'm having these problems.

you need to talk to someone at school. probably the school nurse is your best bet

If you're being sincere then speak to another adult who you trust. Anxiety issues are nothing to take lightly, but thankfully they can usually be treated.

Does your mom not want to go to the doctor because of a lack of insurance? There are other options for that, as well.

If your mom isn't listening to you then you need to go to your school counselor or nurse. they can help get you to a doctor and help your mom realize what is going on with you.

Turn to other people, babe. If she's not willing to listen, talk to someone else. Anyone you know that's older and able to help you out at all with opening her eyes. Maybe a school counselor. Even if decent school counselors run thin these days, just find someone...

Lilian L
You can get help on your own if your mom does not believe you. Try your school counselor, usually they are very helpful and caring, I talked to mine a lot when I was having problems. If the counselor thinks it's really serious, she'll probably talk to your mom for you and maybe then she'll believe you.

it is not a phase. your mother is ignorant - literally. you need help from someone who knows what the hell is going on. go to your school guidance counsellor or your family doctor on your own. this is paralyzing and you need help. it is NOT A PHASE and can get worse as you age.
Note to Andrew M...get real and get the hell out of the mental health section you goof. You don't have a ******* clue.

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
Ask your counselor for advice?
I only say this because if she speaks with your guidance counselor, she might be more likely to believe you or be more convinced.
Your guidance counselor could also point you in the right direction, if your mother still refuses to give you care.

go to a school counselor or outside help.. u can go to the emergency room urself!

Try talking to one of the school counselors. Maybe if you talk to one of them they can get your mother to listen.

you should go talk to your school nurse or counselor..they are trained and if she isnt listening to you..they may be able to get you some help...

if u r n school go to a counselor or a teacher you trust. or even a parent of a good friend. If you r 18+ seek help urself. Mony problems? There are usually free clinics / clinics based on income. Or you can even go to the emergency room of some hospitals and the will pay your bill.

Look, I know of a couple of peoplpe n ur situation. I used to be one of them. I have a health problem that greatly contributed to mine. I saw a doctor, they ran a couple of tests and figured it out. Gave me a prescription and I am good to go.

My father never understood who i could sry at the smallest thing or for no reason at all. he would tell me to quit being so emotional.

Don't listen to those that say do nothing. They do not understand.

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