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My grandma passed away this morning & I'm non-emotive?
Just wondering if anyone has experienced lack of emotion after the loss of a loved one? It concerns me as I loved her dearly. What's happening in my head?

RedJ 22
sometimes when someone dies people don't feel anything. when they go to the funeral and see them there they feel very sad and emotional.

lala 16
You loved her so much, and you know that shes in a good place right now. Maybe? Or you no she lived a great life and dont feel emotional right now.

Tom S
your just not there yet. give it time it will come. i lost my grandfather back in july of last year. i didnt cry didnt get sad or anything, it was just like nothing had happened. then over christmass my grandmother on the other side of the family had a stroke and didnt even die and i freaked started bawling even had to leave work early. funny thing about that is that i was closer to my gp than my gm. and it took me a good full weekend of crying to really relize i wasnt crying for her it was for him. I had just balled all that up inside me and been ignoring it. so i hope this helps... it took about 6 months for it to him me lol

I recently lost my grandpa. I went through the same phase as you are. First you're numb but then some time later, maybe a week, maybe a month later, it really hits you hard. That's when you realize that you can't just pick up the phone to call them or you can't just pop in just to say hi anymore. I find comfort in the fact that now that my grandpa is gone, I talk to him more than ever. I ask him for help or advice and I think he finds some way to let me now. Remember, even though your grandma passed away, she isn't really gone. My condolences and God bless you.

you dont believe it has happened yet, give it a while and you will feel emotional

emily v
Shock?? there are stages of grief and everyone deals with it differently

It probably hasn't sunk in yet..
I'm sorry about your Gram though. (Hugs)

Emily J
Don't worry, my great grandmother died, and I loved her dearly as well. Maybe you are just in denial/shock, it'll hit you later. I'm almost postivie. It's normal. Don't worry.

yo! says Jasmine
it hasnt set in yet

You are a machine. A demoralising machine. JK

It doesn't hit everyone straight away.And it effects people in different and sometimes strange ways.It could be that it just hasn't computed yet.Or in my friends case she was the same as she had never lost any one before.She knew what had happened,But it still wasn't real to her at first.When it did sink in she was in shock.It took a while.But it alao depends on what sort of a person you are and whats gone on in your life.I suffer from depression and that effects my emotions,thoughts and feeling.Give it time.Think about the good times.You'll be fine.

Give yourself time it will happen. Death sometimes kinda shocks us and we don't know how to react

Dont be a phony , hope you learned from knowing her and make use of what you learned.No need to go crzy wth wailing , introspection is good.

you may be in shock or denial, lots of people do.

If you knew your grandma was dying then it is possible that you have accepted her death and know that she was ready.

If however, it came as a shock then it is possible that you are in denial and your mind is not ready to process the news yet.

Either way, we all grieve differently and there is no right or wrong way and you must not feel bad about your reaction. Also be prepared that your emotions might change.

Phases of grieving include denial, anger, acceptance - etc...

Sorry for your loss.

You might be feeling numb or in shock. Don't worry, this happens to a lot of people. I'm sorry for what happened. But don't worry for yourself, take care.

When my grandma died I really didnt cry or feel anything until I got to her funeral and then they started singing "Amazing Grace" then I just lost it. So maybe you don't really realize its real.

My sincere condolencies !!! This is purely a matter of DISBELIEVE. You will have a few days numbness. If you decide to attend the funeral this will be the time of it all making sense and sinking in. You will then start the grieving process properly. Good Luck.

Sorry hon for your lost. Last month my grandfather passed suddenly & it was 3 am when my mom woke me up to tell me that he had died & she was going to his house. I felt no emotion & even at the funeral I didn't cry. I read a poem outloud that talked about my grandfather & everyone else cried but I didn't. I thought something was really wrong with me. I would try so hard to find a reason to cry but I couldn't. It didn't effect me til a few weeks after & I really let it go. I made a video about him, using the poem I wrote & now that I know he isn't coming back, I feel it. It's hard to believe, I still think he'll be back & wake up. It sounds so crazy. I think you just don't know how to express your feelings yet, maybe you will soon, or maybe in weeks. But it doesn't make you bad for not showing any.

The same thing happened when my father died, I was a young mother with a sick child. Six months later I woke up in the middle of the night and sobbed uncontrollably. It finally struck me that he was dead.
Give it some time. Also, if you have family members you can get with, it sometimes helps to share memories and grieve together in a healthy way.
If you find yourself getting depressed and overly detached about her death, a form of denial, you may want to seek out someone who can be a counselor, e.g., a pastor or professional therapist.

I would say you are suffering from shock and it may take some time for it to sink in properly, when you least expect it as everyone deals with grief differently. I would suggest you try to talk about it to a close family member. You have not mentioned if your Granddad is still alive ?

david k
firstly let me say how sorry i am for your loss. but your reaction sounds like shock to me....dont worry, your emoitions will kick in at some point. You head is just trying to cope with the immediate aftermath....it doesnt mean she didnt mean anything to you.

anyway your grandma wouldnt have wanted you to be upset....her life is for celebrating not mourning (not being nasty just trying to help)

Anna J
probably shock, disbelief, denial... i am sure it will hit you soon... i am sorry for your loss. i can't imagine losing my grandparents... but i know it will happen someday.... i hate that thought.

you are just incapable of feeling, im like you i havent been happy or sad for years.

Is it something you have been expecting? I was the same way with my grandfather. I am a paramedic and I thought that maybe had something to do with it. However I did grieve later. It is a process, you may still be kind of in shock. Whatever you feel I would not worry about it. As everyone grieves differently

Everyone feels grief in different ways and at different times. There is nothing wrong with you at all. It may be a month later when you come across something that the two of you did together and you may cry for days.

maybe in shock or denial

Maybe denial as odd as that sounds.You might not even be aware of it.Been there...and it will hit you hard later.

Lost Poet
I dunno, everyone deals with loss differently.

victoria b
I'm the same, my Nan died two weeks ago and i only cried when my dad told me, soon as he had gone i stopped. the funeral is tomorrow and i still can't cry.
There's nothing wrong with you people just grieve in different ways. I'm kinda numbed by anti depressants so i'm putting it down to that.
Maybe it just hasn't hit you yet, you'll grieve in your own time at your own pace, you could break down in five years time and thats completly normal too.

Hope that makes you feel a little better

my deepest sympathies x

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