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Ken F
My doctor prescribed me prozac. Does this mean I am crazy?

n prozac is for depression i take it to it doesnt mean your crazy

Yes and no. The good news is yes, you are given this mood(swing) drug because you have a chemical imbalance in a certain area of your brain. However, this part of mental therapy is only the beginning of the joy "ride" that will soon follow as the world turns it's own way toward total destruction. The no, you are not crazy is my diagnosis to you period. Please, try to think more like a child in these last manmade days of gray and sorrow with no tomorrow at all. In other words, the world will surely bow down to your taste, once it has had it's taste of it's own medicine.

Very crazy. you should accept who you are, a homocidal maniac. you should kill your doctor and mail his head to his family. theyve got it coming.

No. but didn't you ask the doctor WHY you're taking it. You have a right to know. Don't go around guessing. He/she's supposed to explain your medications. Please ask the doctor.


karlai a

Prozac doesn't work on allot of people for anxiety, maybe the doctor is crazy.. also there are side effects.

Jake H
No way, and don't ever think that because someone else is on Prozac that they are crazy.

judith r
No, it means you have uncontrolled anxieties. The prozac will help you deal with problems and worries better.

No it means your depressed. Do you feel crazy? If so make sure you tell your Dr. that the medicine's not working.

No. My best friend is on prozac and he's not crazy. He just has trouble controlling anxiety.

no it means u have an imbalance and u need some help t nt be depressed...i take neds hun...u r not crazy period!

I would say you are only crazy if you don't take it......

~blessss♫☼ ♪♥ ☼ ♠♫ ♣☺☻
Emotionally speaking, it means you recognize that at this time you can't be the best you can be for yourself or the world on your own, and you went to get some help. It's all good, no you are not crazy :)

p.s. prozac can be very addictive and has a few negative side effects emotionally for some people, be careful this prescription is the right one eh?

No it means you described to him the symptoms that the pharmaceutical companies told him that the drug would help alleviate.

I see you
Prozac is not for everyone, it was bad for me. I made mistakes while on it that I normally didn't. I left that Doctor because he turned out to be a QUACK, I wonder if he was getting profit for STRONGLY suggesting it to me. (You can always get a second opinion).

danielle s
it means ur depressed. prozac is a upper. you will b smiling regardless of your mood

Being on medication doesn't mean your crazy. Medication is helpful in all sorts of situations. Prozac is recommended for various types of problems, depression, anxiety, panic disorders - it is also used at times for fibromyalgia. Medication may only be needed for a short period of time - 6 - 12 months if the problem is because of a situation that is happening in your life. It is used just to get you through that time so that the problems aren't devastating to you. Talk to your doctor that prescribed it and see if he/she feels you will need it long term. It may not be as frightening if you understand the reason they felt it would be helpful. If your problem is depression or anxiety, counseling may be helpful to find behavioral techniques so that you don't need the medication as long.

no, it may be the first in a series of things he or she may be going to try you out for something for say....anxiety

If a doctor prescribes insulin to a diabetic does that reflect negatively on his character? Of course not! Diabetes and depression are both physical problems. There are things diabetics can do to help their illness such as eating healthy and there are things a depressed person can do to cope with their illness also such as exercise, develop routines, counseling. Don't judge yourself--be proud of yourself for doing the difficult part which is seeking help.

Well I used to take Prozac for depression, though now I take Zoloft it sort of works the same. Prozac is usually for depression or anxiety. Its a cause by a chemical imbalance. Your not crazy. :)

Prozac will help you to calm down.

Lisa the Pooh
No, I have Fibromyalgia and antidepressants can really help with the achiness and pains of that.
I have taken them off and on, depending on how much I hurt, for about 10 years now.

You're not at all crazy. You're just depressed. One thing I have learned is that if you think you may be crazy, you can bet you're not. Crazy people do not think they are crazy (I have met several 'crazy' people. They all thought they had the answers and we were the crazy ones)! Also depression can be fixed with meds and therapy. Meds help with the chemical imbalance, but therapy is very, very important to get to the root of your troubles. There is something going on with you that triggered your depression. It is usually something deep that you don't want to deal with or even realize. Depression happens when your stress and anxiety outweigh your coping skills. So you need to get those under control.

I have had problems with depression for years. My mom died, after a six year illness, when I was 11. Then, rather than living with my dad or another relative as happens in most situations, I was sent to live in foster homes. I have been so, so screwed up ever since. I really thought I was better despite having virtually no therapy. I thought therapy was great for some people if it helped them, but I thought I was above that, mostly because I could manipulate the therapists so much. I needed to find one smarter than me is what I always thought. Well, all I needed to do was be honest. I was playing a game. Trying to get them to say I was ok. They all did and I was far from ok. I just played them all. All that did was hurt me. I found one who also lost her mother, so she really knows me and my needs. You should really try to find a therapist who specializes in whatever your biggest issue is. If they've been there they can understand you and better help you.

Sorry I went on and on for so long about my situation. I thought it could help you to see something else in yours. Maybe it will, maybe it wont. Hopefully you see something in my answer or another answer that really helps you. No one should suffer needlessly. If you end up finding help and growing from this experience than there was a point to your suffering. Hope I helped and made at least a little bit of sense!

Best of luck to you!!!

I want to add that you may get lucky and have your first drug work or you may have to try several different anti depressants before you find the one that works for you......don't give up!

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