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* ƒireƒly *
My daughter tried to kill herself?
1 week ago my daughter took a bottle of pills and consumed half a bottle of vodka. She was in hospital for 3 days, but is now home with us. She has started thearpy, and I've talked to her, and comforted her as much as I can, but I blame myself so much. My daughter is only 15, still a baby, yet I have left her unprotected from all this pain she has been going through. I just don't know what to do, I hate myself for this, its making me really unhappy. Before her suicde attempt, she had been self-harming, she would never open up to anybody though. What can I do to help my daughter, her father and her little brother get through this. I'm also pregnant, and due in 3 months. All of this stress cannot be good for my child, but now I'm really not sure that this is the right time to bring a baby into this world. Help me please? I want to help my daughter, but I don't know how. I';m so scared, I love her so much, I can't bare to think of life without her.

Could she be unhappy because you are over-protective? You shouldn't see her as your 'baby' at 15 years old. She needs more independence and responsibility as she gets older.

I'm 15, and i know exactly how she feels, just be there for her, get her counsling, make sure her dads there for her to, in my case my dad isnt there for me, just make sure you guys are surrounding her all the time and letting her know how much you love her. as a family go to counsling with her, find out whats making her depressed.

I'm nothing
I'm like ur daughter, I'm 15 , and I tried to kill my self ,but I couldn't, It was just for my ******* dreams that I have,and I'm sure that I can't make them come true, the only thing that I want, is just being alone, I don't talk to my parents , because they don't understand me and I don't want to spend my time with them, I guess, ur daughter needs to be alone, if she has my problem.

This is a very tough situation for you to be in. Not only do you have a new baby arriving shortly, but you have to care so much for your daughter.
I think you need to all have family therapy, that way you can all face your problems together. Cheesy as it may sound.
Good luck. I will pray for your family.

I would ask you to seek help by prayer and hope that you believe God can bring her through this.

I'm glad your daughter is in therapy. Perhaps you should get the whole family in therapy. It might lessen the tension and make life easier in the future.
Get help, support and love your daughter. She really needs a Mom figure right now. You can be that.
Good luck.

jason navarrette
Wooow you're in a tough situation.

Try positive reinforcement, and asking "what's wrong" alot. But do NOT make the mistake of prying or smothering.

Good luck, these things are tough, but they'll turn out. Be careful without being over cautious, if that's possible. Good luck good luck

Melodee ♪♫♪
depression and suicide is very serious. whoever took the report of her attempted suicide should have talked to you about counseling and therapy. just call your health care provider, they usually have a set of money for mental health that you can use so you wont even have to pay for therapy. im really sorry to hear about what happened, but dont just sit around, do something about it

It's good that you're thinking that way about her that much and you love and care about her. Ask her what's going on in her life and see if she's going through anything making her feel like committing suicide. But don't bother her to much because that could make her more stressful. Talk with her and comfort her. And if all else fails, turn to God, he can help you in ways that a therapist couldn't. I'll pray for you.

Goosey Lucy.
Neeva, this is not your fault. Your daughter was in pain, so she did the only thing that she knew of to try and alleviate this pain. It is no reflection on your parenting, or your love and affection towards your daughter.
During this time, you need to stay positive for your daughters sake. If she senses how unhappy you are, it will only cause her to get even more stressed, which in turn could make her worse.
I would strongly suggest family counseling. The 4 of you need to sit down, talk about things, show your daughter you love her, show her you care.
Things will get better, I promise.
Good luck, you are in my prayers.

talk to her,try to understand what SHE needs to be happy,and be understanding that she may not want to be considered a "baby" even though you still see her that way....what "caused" her to be so upset to try to commit suicide in the first place? dont blame yourself unless it was your fault...try to figure out whats causing her so much pain...therapy is good,but psychiatry is even better...she obviously needs help and SSRI's are a great way to bring a person's self-esteem or morale up if they need it...dont forget see what SHE needs

it will be ok. im 15 so i know what she is going through...
comfort her but dont overwhelm her with motherhood... she will just rebel and harm herself more... i know you must be in a panic over the whole thing and that is hard on your baby. try and find something that she loves to do and help her do it... volleyball and the piano are two of my favorite things... i used to be depressed and have thoughts of suicide before i turned 15. when she comes out of her faze she will be fine, but until then... try to help her by being more as a friend... let her be open when she is ready to no matter what she says help her as if you were her age in this corrupt world!!! im trying my best to help you... i wish you and your family the very best... you will be in my prayers! good luck!

Amy Z
I agree with everyone who mentioned family counseling.

Also, you need to be OHD: Open, Honest, and Direct with her.
How you talk about loving her so much and not imagining life without her should be said to her. Let her know that.
Tell her how you feel and how/why you are concerned.
Hug her and ask her to talk to you about what is on her mind.

You need to find out why she was harming herself...the underlying cause. Of course, the family therapy will help.

You cannot just dwell on her negative feelings or wonder about what she is feelings, rather focus on what is causing her negative feelings.

Imagine her depression as a shadow and her happiness as light. You only can get darkness by blocking light...putting an object in the path of light.
This object/thing/event/whatever is causing her depression. You, her, and a therapist can work together to discover the cause.

Contact a family therapist and always show your daughter your love. But just letting her know how much you love her isn't enough. A lot of people who are suicidal/depressed are so focused on their own feelings and getting out of their troubles that they don't think about those around them.
Once you find the reason behind her depression then you can work, together, to get through it.

Nan's cat Tigger
You are already on the right track by getting her counseling. Has she been in an adolescent psyhiatric unit in a hospital? They help tremendously. My daughter came to me at 17 and said she had tried to kill herself several times...luckily she chose things that probably wouldn't work, but you never know. I called my insurance to see what they would cover... Got her to a counselor that day and since my daughter couldn't promise the counselor that she wouldn't try it again, we had to go to the emergency room and was transfered to a adolescent psych ward for a week... they worked wonders for her. She came out with a new attitude and knew that she could stick up for herself and that she was a good person. I asked them what I should do and they said it is all up to her to do for herself and that she knows what to do. She was on antidepressants and was going to counseling for at least a year after. But now she doesn't take the medication or go to a counselor, she got married at 18, she just turned 20 today and is doing fine.
So stick with the counseling and be supportive of her, be there for her to talk to and tell her every day that you love her.


The important thing now is for you to try and draw on your inner strength. I feel for you so much but you must try to stay strong for your daughter.

In doing this you also need to look after yourself, especially given your present condition. Is there anywhere you can turn to for support, if not it is important for you to use resources like this to keep you going thro' these tough times.

You say your daughter is now in therapy is she also on meds and more importantly is she under the care of a Psychiatric Dr.?

Please dont blame yourself, stay strong, for you, your husband, son your unborn child and your daughter. Its gona be hard but support is here, I'm here, e-mail if u like.

Take care,................................x

Kathryn R
As the parent of a 15 almost 16 year old who has been diagnosed with depression I would talk to her therapist about having some family session with her when she gets more comfortable with the therapist. Don't terminate the pregnancy based on what's going on with your daughter, you and she would feel guilty especially if she knows about the baby already.
You and your husband might want to think about talking to someone also, Sometimes family problems drive a wedge between parent and keeping your marriage strong is very important right now.

It sounds like you have a lot to deal with right now. You obviously love your daughter very much. Being a teen is hard transitional time for most. Give the therapy time to work. My heart goes out to you!

Greg P
First of all, let's all thank G-d she survived.

Second of all, don't blame yourself. It's not your fault, it's not your husbands fault. I know it feels like you failed but you did the best you can.

If your daughter is in therapy, and on medication (which she should be) make sure you moniter her medication to make sure she's taking it.

Other than that, just make sure she knows you and your husband love her and are always there for her. Just be supportive and don't beat yourself up over it.

I've delt with two suicidal people and there will be bumps on the road, they will lash out at you, and attack you. Just remember it's the depression talking, smile, forgive them and remind them that your not going anywhere no matter how hard they push.

french fries
I think in your position, you can help the most by reassuring her that she matters to you.

make sure she knows you care about her not as your possesion, but as a person.

when i was 14 my mom had another daughter and pretty much since then, she's proved to me that i do not matter to her. she signed her up for sports, but not me. she would buy her clothes, but not me.
she took her to dsneyland a week ago.... i wasnt invited becuase "im older"

everything that matters to me, my mom makes me feel like its unimportant if its not in HER best interest.

----> Show her that she is an important person ! <----

make sure she knows she matters !!!

i wanted to kill myself becuase i felt like i wasnt a priority on anyones list :(

THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT !!!!! - but you can help from here on in !

email me at [email protected] and I can help you out! I dont want to talk on here to you

tell her...what you just said to us

Be there with her as much as you can...take it easy,all a teen really wants is love,and attention from parents..most parents ignore their children...which makes them do things like this. But if you are able to pay attention to her now,then do it.
Did you ask her why she tried to kill herself?
You should have her homeschooled also. Dont worry if she's missing out on the highschool life,nowadays i think public schools are really unsafe and hurt a teens self esteem honestly.
So have her homeschooled,and get her involved in something...church? a youth group? Something to keep her positive and busy with others her age.

this isnt your fault! dont feel terrible

maybe she feels like theres not enough attention on her anymore because shes growing up, plus theres another child coming into the family

all you can really do is talk to her and have her go to therapy
good luck

I'm going to pray for you right now. Stay encouraged.

PLEASE seek the answers to your question from mental health professionals. I can't imagine the pain you're going through and my thoughts and prayers are with your family. But there is NO ONE here that give you the guidance you need.
God Bless

Talk, talk, talk........always keep the line of communication open. She is the priority now.

chrissy s
I agree with jaws.

Counselling is essential. Make sure to communicate with your daughter. Try to understand her, and empathize. I can just imagine how she feels as well, the pain & hurt she must be going through. As well as you, you have to be strong, and know that things will get better. There's a reason why she didn't die. Remember that.

Have family theapy immediately!

Reading this breaks my heart, because I was in your daughters position, and now I just want to hug my mom! It's tough being a teenager in todays world. No matter what, you're just not good neough. Please don't blame yourself, because it is definately not your fault. You seem like a very good, caring mother. Just keep doing what you're doing, just be there for her.

your whole family needs to go to counseling to deal with this

You need to stop blaming yourself. Your daughter might suffer from clinical depression and just needs meds and therapy. I went through a horrible time when I was a teenager. I had anziety problems and the smallest things seemed like the end of the world to me. Looking back now I see how hormonal and over emotional I was. She'll get through this. Just offer as much support as you can with her. And you're right, it's not good for your pregnancy to be going through all this stress. Perhaps therapy might help you as well. Don't hate yourself. Pull together as a family and get things taken care of. Ask her everyday if there's ANYTHING you can do to help esae her pain a little. Let her know how much she is loved. Maybe you could take her on a little get-a-way mini-trip with just the two of you for some close bonding time. She is a teenager so its normal for her to push you away. My mother didn't understand me when I was that age and I hated her for it. Now I see that it wasn't her fault but it took me years to adjust properly. You will get through this. Pray (if you believe in that) and seek help from family, friends, church, wherever or whoever you can. Good luck and God Bless! Take care of yourself for your baby.

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