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Busy Mom of 3 boys/1 girl
My 7 year old so was HALLUCINATING! Help me!?
This morning at about 5AM In in morning, my son woke me up to seeing bugs spiders and flies and aunts crawling on the floor and spider webs. He was up for about 1 hour trying to convince me that their was a spider web right in front of me to watch out he was jumping all around like if they were after him.

OK Is this a side effect of his medication? He has been on it for about 1 month this has NEVER happened before. The medication is called Remeron its for sleep and for depression. which my son has. He also has adhd and takes Foakolin(cant spell it) for that he also has had some side effects from that with "coming Off" of the medication. Help me what do I do the doc wont be open until tomarrow! help!
Additional Details
The only way I could get him to go to sleep was to look him in the eyes and say " Honey Mommy and daddy and your brother do not see these things OK because they are not REAL! and I told him so when you open your eyes and see these tell them you are not real! and close your eyes"

Joe C
I would suggest that children can see evil forces in the dark, and you must consider this. I don't buy that it's medication doing that, for certain.

Consider having him sleep in your room for a few days and see what happens. Liberals usually hate this advice, though, for some reason.

First of all, you did not state ur sons age. Second of all, until doc opens up, you can give him a nice hot shower, give him a glass of milk and sit next to him calming him down, pat on his head gently until he falls asleep. Dont give him anymore medication pls. Just be a good parent and he will snap outta it.

Gage W
wat sunshine said

Proud Navy Wife
It sounds like he was dreaming and not hallucinating. My husband and daughter both sleep walk and talk at times. Although I would still speak with his doctor about it when they are open.

y in the hell would a 7 year old be on medication for depression?

It may be just bad dreams that were so vivid he was convinced...do speak to his pediatrician about it asap.

Stop shouting--just trying to help.Sheesh...

Sue B
If he wasn't on medication I would say he most likely has a fever. Can you check his temperature? If he has a fever, he needs to be helped to cool down with cool drinks and tepid sponge, no duvet etc. Give calpol.

Not sure about the medication as not up to speed on that one, although would have thought any side effects would have happened before now as you say he has been on it a month.

I have ADD (not ADHD however) and the meds can have negative side effects. I took adderol and it made me really irritable. So while you can have side effects they shouldn't be hallucinagens. That sounds a lot like what happens after taking morphine. This could be because of the mixture of the medicines. Although this is a fairly upsetting reaction to the meds i don't believe there is anything you can do untill tommorow.

you should definitely talk to his doctor tommorow

Although rare hallucinations can be a side affect of MIRTAZAPINE (Systemic)- which is Remeron. I would have to consider how long he has been taking this med and consider the possiblility of an adverse interaction with the Focalin. Certain anti-depressants can affect Focalin, but Remeron was not listed. This does not mean that there still couldn't be an adverse effect from mixing the two. I've left a link with more info on Focalin and Remeron

I think he should be ok till tommorow. Just monitor him every couple hours.

Good Luck

Terry O
Stay with him constantly and give him no more meds until you have consulted with his doctor.

In the meantime, try giving him several glasses of water to drink so that he will urinate and dilute the effects of the medication in his body.

Take him to the ER - this seems like a psychiatric manifestation of his meds!

This could be a side effect. Some of the side effects are abnormal dreams and abnormal thinking. It's also not uncommon for children to hallucinate when they have a fever.

It is probably a side effect of his medication; you should get him to go back to sleep and look up side effects of the medication on google or on the back of the bottle/label. Ask his doctor tomorrow, or go to a walk-in clinic immediately if it continues or if you feel you should take him.

I am definitely not an expert but just to ease your mind... I've known many people under medication that went through the same situation. There was a time a few years ago when I actually saw bugs and FELT the bugs bighting me when my fever was 105*F.

Hope this helps!

I think this is a side effect from the medicine. He probably was half asleep.

Don't stop his antidepressant medication abruptly-sometimes doing so makes things worse. Call your pediatrician at home or call his or her back-up. Pediatricians may not love being bothered at home, but they do expect it. It goes with the territory.

a kinder, gentler me
How exactly does a seven year old get diagnosed with depression?

That's what's scary...

I have personally have had experiences like that (not due to medication) and I once read about a disorder - I forget what it's called - but it happens when the brain doesn't realize that it is a wake...so although a person is awake and conscious, they can still be having a 'waking' dream - which would amount to hallucinations.

Regardless, you have to get the kid to the doctor.

I would not take any chances. Consult a preofessional, maybe its nothing, but why risk it?

this is a severe problem screw going to the doctors go to a emergency room.that medication can not be functioning in his brain well.

= )
The medicine can cause hilosination wich causes the brain to miss fire and see things that aren't real. Don't get scared to death if he starts saying theres ghosts in the house because there arent. I reccomend letting him sleep in your room until tommorow. The docter might change the medication.

Rob V
okay depression pills definitely have side effects especialy on younger children i'd watch him closely cause not only do they have side effects but they can increase the childs depression to the point of suicide and hullucination.

check out both meds online.go to meds.com,look up side effects.

Cool Dude
You need to call your child's doctor NOW!!!!! He must have an emergency number where he can be reached after hours. If not, call your nearest hospital emergency room NOW and explain to the staff what's happened.

Emergency care. Now.

Okay alot of the answers on here have some great advice most of them are CRAP, I am the mother of a 7 year old Bi-Polar Son who at times hallucinates, mostly at night and it is the scariest thing in the world. First of all don't start or STOP any medication without consulting your Doctor first. Pulling him off the meds can cause sever, even life threatning withdraws. Keep giving him his regualr doses until you can talk to the Doctor. I am sure that his Doctor has an emergency number, or at least an oncall person to take his place. Call the office and listen to the after hours recorded message, generally this is where they will tell you what to do or who to call. If you cannot get hold of him take your son to the local ER, take all this medication with you so they can look at it themselves.

I know that it is scary. First of all you need to realize that these things your son is seeing are very real to him, you can tell him they aren't there but that's like telling you that the sun that you see every day is a figment of your imagination. To him this is real, those bugs are REAL. When my son has these hallucinations I play into them, get a water bottle, tell your son that you have bug killer in that bottle (of course it's just water) and you and your son "fight" the bugs. This will turn it into a fun game, it will take yours and his mind off of this scary thing. While he is fighting the bugs with the water bottle, call his Doctor. Then get on over to the ER. It's not something you and I can understand because we don't hallucinate. This experience is very real and scary to a 7 year old and you have to understand that this is not something he can help and he is relying on you to protect him from everything real and imaginary.

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