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The Tech Junkie
Mental health uk?
To cut a long story short i have had depression & anxiety for 6 years i have been to the doctor he refered me to counseling and also mental health i was told i had clinical depression. Anways The counseling ended because mental health started to see me and i have been seeing them for about 3 months and nothing is helping as much as the counseling did.

I dont know what to do i am a bit angry that counseling ended early because of the mental health team.

What can i do? Every time i visit the dr from mental health it does my head in. They talk about things that i find it hard to talk about like certain emotions and then i get a pain in my head my neck starts to hurt then my eyes go funny. like rapid eye movment or something.

If the doctor and mental health wont help you what else can you do?.

Led Zeppelin
I went through severe depression you for the same amount of time you did. I am so sorry for all you have been through and I think you are amazing to have the hope you have. There is more than hope. Nobody knows your heart more than Jesus Christ does. I did not understand why I suffered until it was him who pulled me out of it. I understood who I was and was more happy than you can ever imagine. Whatever you ask for you will get. It may take time but pour your heart out to God. I promise he will help you. and forgive your enemies. This is a major key. Much of depression is that pain others have caused you and you need to let go and let your heart be filled with the Saviors love. Pray for the Saviors love to be in your heart and you will win and overcome this brave battle. God loves you and cares about you more than you will ever know.

Ambivalent LAUreate
Hi - I'm sorry you had to stop working with your counsellor so suddenly, and it's true the NHS can be very cack-handed about these things. However, you would probably only have got six sessions with the counsellor which would not have got you very far, and it always does feel like it helps more at the start than later, so my guess is you'd be feeling the counselling wasn't working any more if you'd been able to stay with that. Also, although you obviously felt positive about the counsellor, most such people working through GPs don't have a very in-depth training and this person, while obviously helping you in an immediate way, might not have the ability to help you get to the deepest stuff.

I know it's really hard talking about the difficult stuff, but if you're going to be helped to get better, that's the stuff you need to talk about. Tell them about the pain in your head and neck and the funny feeling in your eyes as well as about the emotions. If you can be really open and honest with them, and go to those places you'd rather not go to, you are much more likely to have real improvement in your depression in the end. It's not fast work, however.

If you are really dissatisfied in a few months time, the other thing you can do is go to a private psychotherapist. This costs money, of course, as they are not employed by the NHS and get no funding from them. If you do go down this route, do be sure to find someone properly qualified, registered and experienced. Go to http://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/ for psychotherapists registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy or http://www.bcp.org.uk/ for the British Psychoanalytic Council.

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