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 what causes depression?

Last week was the worst of my life-I'm so down I can't see any way back?
I really feel like ending it all..
Additional Details
i asked out a female colleague who had made it clear that she was interested in me too and basically she made a complete fool of me and looked at me like i was some form of roadkill...i have since learned that it was all a put up job by her and her friends to make me look stupid...i really feel like going to bed and not waking up let alone going in to work again...I can't see any way to trust women again..

She neither loves you, nor is she being nice. She's just being a tease and checking your threshold levels. My suggestion is : ignore them, that is is the only way. This is a clever form of entrapment all women follow when they want to have their cake and eat it too. You look for someone and settle down. These kinds of fears don't ever get assuaged easily and even if for the moment you see a change, it will eventually rear its ugly head, so the best thing for you to do is to move on.

Please follow these instructions for how to solve your problem given below :

Depression, Tension & Increase of will-power.

Increasing the will-power : Our mind has a great effect on these glands. For example, continuous fear damages the Pituitary gland and makes one timid. Similarly,tension and worry disturb the Pineal gland and so leads to high B.P. and as Pineal gland controls other glands it also disturbs other glands and digestive system. In modern times, strees-tension or worry-fear have increased and they often disturb these endocrine glands. If these endocrine glands are not treated immediately, it might lead to malfunctioning of other glands of the body. As these glands are interrelated, whenever one gland is disturbed, the other glands also get disturbed. So, when you press on the pointsof these endocrine glands you will feel pain on points of more than one gland especially in case of chronic diseases. Therefore, it is very improtant to give Acupressure treatment on all the endocrine glands and keep them under proper control.

These glands also control the mind (the will-power). So in order to get rid of bad habits like smoking, drinking, drug addiction or even overeating, it is extremely necessary to give treatment on all endocrine glands for at least, fifteen days. Because, these people lack the necessary will-power to give up bad habits, they often break their vows to stop such bad habits and so they are considered unreliable. However, a treatment of fifteen days will give them necessary will-power to stop these bad habits after that. And they will be free from the withdrawal symptoms of stopping these bad habits.

Nervous tension : In the modern days because of fast life and loss of contentment,nervous tension keeps on building up increasingly, tending to damage our mind and health.

How to find out : Ask the patient to lie down on the back and ask some one to press on the base of the middle toe in both the legs. If there is a hurting sensation,it means nervous tension. If the hurting is unbearable, it means that the person is on the verge of collapse and needs immediate attention.

C U R E : (1) While the patient is lying on the back, bend all the toes of both legs, backward. It may hurt but give little more pressure and bend them as much as possible. Repeat this three times a day till the tension is removed.

(2) Clasp your hands tightly interlocking the fingers. Then with left hand fingers press on the back of the right hand and then with right hand fingers, press on the back of the left hand. repeat for about 1 to 2 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day.

(3) Insomnia : The above mentioned treatment can be taken for 5 to 12 minutes at night in bed to ensure good sleep and cure insomnia.

(4) Take 2 glasess of gold/cilver/copper charged water reduced from 8 glasses of water daily.

(5) Kali Phos 1 m (a Biochemic medicine) : Take 8 pills in the eveining between 8 to 9 p.m. for 10 days, then once a week. After 10 days Kali Phos 12 x 4+4 pills every day. Complete course is of 45 days.

Evangelista da Messina
You should tell yourself there's always someone worse off. A work colleague recently died on holiday. Another died of cancer. They were both buried on the same day. Most people at work went to both funerals. I can't imagine how that day was for them as I didn't go.

Whoda thunkit?
Sounds like you got a wake up call. When these things happen (and they happen to us all in one way or another), you have three choices.
1. Move backwards- re-live the experience over and over 'till you're feeling like ending it all.

2. Stand still- Keep doing what you're doing and in turn, keep getting what you've got. This choice will put you back in the same situation again sooner or later.

3. Move ahead- Learn from the experience. Write down what happened and then write down what you learned from it. Put it away and then forget about it, don't think about it and don't let cruel people have power over your life or how you feel ever again. You have to choose to be a victor and not a victim.

I know. Talk's cheap.

It is harder than it seems, but whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I won't list my problems here, but yours are small in comparison to what I went through for almost 4 years. Depression was my best friend.
At least you had the gonads to ask the girl out. Alot of guys and gals don't manage to work up the courage to do what you did and ask out the people they are attracted to.

Anyway, there are good woman out there. I finally found one that's a giver and not a compulsive taker. She's got a good heart, brilliant mind and is unbelievably beautiful (yes, she's a Goddess). I'm marrying her today. It took a long time of looking to find her. The point is: I had given up on finding the love of my life. I was resigned to 'settling' for the best woman I could find and having a mediocre love life.

Don't give up hope and in the mean time, re-invent the parts of yourself that need it and keep looking. She will come along when it's the right time and one day you'll look back on this siutuation and laugh.

well, any woman who would use to, as the brunt of their joke, is not someone you deserve to be with..but join the club..there are so many screwed up people out there, who think it is funny to mock, ridicule, and hurt kind people that it isn't funny...Yes, it happens to the best of us...Men who cheat on their wives, women who cheat on their boyfriends. they are everywhere...please, in her 'quest' to insult and humiliate you, there might be someone who witnessed this display of cruelty, and sees a better person in you. Don't go blaming and labeling all women, on a witch like this one...Your life is far superior, to end it over a low life like this..and her friends included..what you need to do, is hold your head high, ignore all of her and her friends, and carry on...Don't try to date anyone from school, and be very private from now on..but do NOT let them win by making you feel like you are the bad one, they are the lowest of the low, to do this..Hang in there, she wasn't for you anyway, and it is good she showed her true colors NOW...You are going to meet the woman of your dreams..and she is going to find YOU...let us know of your progress..

chris n
Hello. Sounds like you work with a load of horrible people and the sooner you can dump them all, the better. A lot of nice people have given you excellent advice here on Yahoo. Take comfort from them all as they are all talking sense. What happened to you was rotten but it's not a reflection on you.....only the nasty woman you went out with and her even nastier friends. Ignore them. Going out with someone at work is a pretty dicey thing to do anyway. While it's all going fine it's wonderful, lovey-dovey morning noon and night - but when it goes wrong - as it usually does, you are stuck with seeing the person you've fallen out with every day which is really painful. Your situation is even worse because she was such a rotten little ----- in the first place and she's with her sniggery little friends. Rise above it. It's over now. It's experience. A tart like that is certainly not worth killing yourself over. Most women are not like her so don't judge them all by one rotten apple. If you can't change your job (and why should you?) then be very cool and act with dignity. Deal with them all in a professional way; don't get drawn into chit-chat or personal stuff. They aren't your friends, they are just people you work with so be polite in the workplace and ignore them on every other level. They'll soon get the message that you are unfazed by what has happened and hopefully will become ashamed of themselves. One day they may even apologise!! Nice revenge if it happens, but I wouldn't hold your breath for it. Good luck for the future.

You know what the good thing about this is that it was last week its over now in the past and it's not going to happen again!
Look forward to a better future go out with some freinds or do some cooking reform youself start to learn a new musical istrument or something. Everytime you get a negative though challange it with a possitive one instead of thinking 'my life will always be like this' think 'ok last week didn't go so well but this week can only get better!'

Please find a reason to keep living. I know it can be tough, everyone sometimes has these feelings when life is overwhelming. But if you hang in there long enough, the tide always turns and things get better. Life is a roller coaster with many ups and downs. We've all had a week of "the worse day of our life". But the fact that you're thinking of ending your life because of one bad week, I think it would help you greatly to see a therapist of psychiatrist. You also might need medication if your down times are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. If you don't want to go or can't afford to go, please talk to a friend, a pastor, a school councilor (if you're in high school), or family member. Maybe someone can give you some suggestions to a particular problem. Please hang in there, it will get better.

Don't let her actions drag you down because then she's won the battle, when you're around her, act as if it never bothers you. You shouldn't attempt sudice over something silly like this. There are people out there with depression like me & have tried to kill themselves, just don't go there. Keep strong & you'll be ok :)

What a bunch of childish females, if thats the best way they can find to entertain themselves. I would just laugh and get back on the horse. Get yourself down to the local nightclub and see what happens. There is a possibility you will get knocked back a few times, if you do, just keep getting back up and trying again. There is someone for everyone.

Muriel L
I wished I new why you feel like this.I felt like that 4yrs ago when I was told I had breast cancer I didnt give up and I am glad because I am enjoying being with my family and grand-children if I had given up I would have hurt my family , my grand-children, and my friends, who supported me.all I thought about was my -self, how selfish was that of me I am no longer that selfish I think about the hurt I would cause to all thoes that I love if I do something stupid.so please if you realy feel that bad get in touch with the samaritians their number is in the phone book.Tell them how you are feeling they will help you.there is no need to end it all when one door closes another one opens up .I am looking forward to being a granny again next year.So good luck to you and please get some help.

If that's the worst day of your life, mate, enjoy it.

I have been there and remember that the only way is back up. Set a goal for your self to be at this time next year. Don't make it a huge one but by the time you get there you will have forgotten about ending it all.

why what happened last week to make you feel this way ? don't end it all talk it through with someone please

Ruxandra V
Y? What has happened? Talking about this is the easiest way and it will make you feel better. Nothing in this world is bad enough to end your life. Let me know if you want to talk about it! Tings will get better, trust me!

It's not much help to you at the moment, but things generally do get better in time. If you don't feel that you have a friend or family member you can ask for help and advice then ring the Samaritans they are trained to help people through the bad times. Their number in the UK is 08457 90 90 90.

Good luck

Oooh no my friend, don't "end it all" talk it trough with
someone. Because nothing in this world is bad enough to end
your life. Come on !!! We are here speak with us anda ask your questions to us.

les c
Please think again. Life is so precious especially your own.
Who knows what is round the corner? You could make a huge difference to someone less fortunate than yourself.
Take care.

Don't 'end it all', please, you never know what will pleasantly surprise you around the next comer.

So what if someone somewhere else on the planet has it worse than you did last week? They're not you and that's that. I've had days that seemed like a week; weeks that felt like a month; and months that wore like a year. It can be devastating, painful and unforgettable. That is reality and to feel like ending it all is to be human.

However, I'm not a youngster and I'm not about to act like I have not felt despair or hopelessness and thinking about death has surely seemed better than living at times. I am by nature quite optimistic in fact, so when I get to the point you're at I know it's hell.

Yet it has never failed to amaze me and surprise me that just when it seems like nothing could get any worse or death would be a relief, within 1 or 2 days events happen, situations actually change for the better and I have to admit that I was wrong and life is good again. This doesn't happen by my own efforts either--sometimes things happen that I can't solve or change in any way on my own; yet I get something better and actually am glad to be alive.

If it can happen to me--the very bad, and then the good--it can happen to you. I believe it because it's true.

Some people are so thoughtless. That is so awful what she did to you and I bet she and her friends have never once stopped to think about how it would affect you.

You sound like a very caring and loveable person. Give yourself some time to get over what has happened. You are not the stupid one she is. She is the one that has missed a big opportunity of being with someone as wonderful as you.

I know it might not seem like it now but you will get past this and you will find someone who will care and love you as much as you them. Not all of us women are like this. Thankfully they are a minority.

Here's a "BIG HUG" to try and help comfort you through this painful time.


Ivana Tinkle
It does really seem that way doesn't it? When you are in the grip of a deep depression, people do say there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it will get better, but to anyone who is suicidal, it the light seems like the light of an oncoming train!
But believe me, the pain will ease. If you have been through this before, you'd know already that you will feel better in time.

About last week, what happened to make you feel this way?
It must have been pretty terrible :(
Don't worry, am not here to judge you if you do decide to talk about it.

Edit: That would have been so humiliating for you to experience. What happened is really no bad reflection on you, as you do come across as a caring and nice person, it really should be that this girl and her friends who treated you this way, should be seen as lower than a snakes belly. Those girls should really be ashamed of themselves.
You're not a bad person because this has happened and your heart will heal in time. It will.
You aren't sad and pathetic, just someone who had his heart broken. No-one can help the way that they feel in matters of the heart and really, what a strong person you are to speak out when you've been badly hurt(that really takes guts), so please don't be so hard on yourself.

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