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I <3 Door
Is this normal to be afraid of.......... ?
I am 13 and I am still slightly afraid of the dark. I know that no one is really comfortable in the dark, but I can't stand it. Im afraid that someone is standing on the other side of the room. Am i being paranoid? Please no rude comments. I really want to know if this is normal, if any one else my age+ is afraid of the dark, or if I am completely insane? Thanks!

It's pretty normal, I'm 25 and sometimes I still let my imagination take control. I think over the years you'll be able to control it slightly. What I do is i'll walk out of the room for a couple minutes, and return laughing at myself and than NOT think about whatever it was I was thinking in the first place. If it's at bedtime, I just close my eyes and dream right away, or think of things that happened throughout the day.
You'll be okay, I promise ;)

Nate E
okay, so I'm 20 and I still worry in the dark at night when I'm alone sometimes. However, it is generally because I intentionally hype myself up that someone's inside or watching from outside. It can be a fun game. As for in bed with covers I'm fine.

I'm still kinda afraid too.

I see my closet is open and always think someone is in there watching me.

I sleep with a night-light.


Hope it helps.

its perfectly normal different people are scared of different things, im thirteen and am scared of the dark

I am too sometimes.
A lot of people are.
It's ok to be scared of things.

eva can help you! help her too!
im 14 and afraid!!!! and no matter what its scary and i wont tell anyone cuz i think its pathedic and babyish

Lauren D
thats definantly normal. alot of people are - you just need to think of other things that can get your mind off of it while your trying to sleep and laying in the dark. think happy thoughts.

60's Chick
No, it's not weird at all. I don't care what age you are...there are people of all ages that have these phobias, but are too proud or to scared to admit it.

Are you an only child? Do you have brothers that scared you when you were younger? Do you watch a lot of scarey movies? I'm asking because I have older brothers that used to love to scare the life out of me. I also was into scarey movies and they would terrify me at night when I was sleeping. I always slept with the light on until I met my husband. I feel safe now, but I never felt safe before. Maybe that's what you are going through.

It is normal, so don't feel like you are strange or anything like that. If it bothers you that much, try talking to someone about it. You'll be okay. Seriously!!

yes, it is totally normal. everyone is scared of something, with you its just with the dark.

It's more than acceptable to be afraid of the dark, it's completely normal. Many fears stem from the unknown, and the dark embodies the feeling of the unknown extremely well. I am 15, and the dark still gives me the willies.

im afraid of the dark im always afraid that the grudge girl is hiding in the shadows or something hanging up in my room is a person well anyways im pretty sure its normal well i hope it is but if its not then your not alone

Viva Annisa
I personally think it is paranoia, but I'm also paranoid at times.
It's okay to still be afraid of the dark... I kind of am too depending on my mood. I'm 13 too so don't worry, most of the time I feel comfortable, but other times... I'm like scared to death, it's okay, really!

Help with mine, please?


its normal..its just a state of mind. sometimes your just not used to it or u watch....to much scary movies LoLz... i was scared your age of the dark but i was scared bcuz my cousins were actually always on the other side tryin to scare me XD ....and no your not insane just think of good things when in the dark and youll most likely feel alot better...:)

kayla t
Im 22 and still get scared every now and then. Honestly its all in your mind and just a matter of realizing that. What I do sometimes is cover myself in my blankets or turn on my light or tv for a few mins just to help me realize that. Its completly normal and almost healthy. It allows you to be aware of your surrondings which in any case whether it be a small darkness fear or being alone in the woods is a positive thing.

Im gonna be turning 15 soon and im freakin afriad of the dark! I use 2 nightlights are they help alot

Anthony D
im 16 and i cant fall asleep without some light on.

I think its normal...get a night light and use it....maybe u have had something bad happen to u and u cant get it out of your mind...just take a deep breathe and try to relax

chris h
i am 41 and still have the eebbyyjeebys. it is normal but you just have to know there is rally nothing there.

No way! I'm 19 and still afraid of the dark. Well whats IN the dark really. But thats because I live out in the woods and I get spooked really easily all the time. lol. Hopefully you'll grow out of it.

i mean i guess its fine just dont be so paranoid...if your with other people (especially a guy you might like) itd be cute if you like help on to him or something but as long as you dont flip out...just know that theres nothing to be afraid of because really there isnt

Smoke em if you got em
It is all inside your mind. That is how ghosts exist if you truly believe they are real then they are real and you will "notice" them. Some times when Im trying to fall asleep and its pitch black I think there is an alien staring me down about to reach out and touch me.

Gregory House
I'm 17 and I sometimes feel that way too. Your'e completely normal.

[email protected]
Sounds normal to me. Im 35 and still get uncomfotable sometimes.

Hey, I'm 14 and I'm JUST like you!!! I'm always afraid someone's staring at me across the room, and they're just waiting to grab me (lol xD) It's completely normal

neb ♥
I'm fifteen and still afraid of the dark.
its normal for some people. its just really not a big deal.
different people are scared of different things.

It is totally normal, even into adulthood. Fear of the dark is a natural, primal fear, one of our oldest fears as humans. For most of our existence on the planet, getting eaten by wild animals in the dark was a distinct possibility, and in some places it still is possible! I suggest you get a few of those blue plug in glowing night lights that are light-sensitive. They will shut themselves off when it is light in your room, and only run when it is dark in your room. They seem to throw off enough light to see that you are safe without making the room so light that you can't sleep well.

Don't care what other people think. Just get a few night lights and you will sleep so much better!

Yea, I'm 22 and I'm still pretty afraid of the dark, especially if my roomies aren't around.

Luckily I have a boyfriend to keep me safe :P Probably not a good reason to get a boyfriend though, maybe try a nightlight!

M C lardizzle
im 15 and im still kinda uncomfortable in the dark

~*Mama of 3*~
yep.... i am 23 still afraid of the dark at times....

lol! I'm not laughing at you, honest! I just think you're totally normal! I still have some fear of the dark myself. My brother's fault I'm sure. But I'm almost 30. When my husband is home I'm fine. But when he's gone I have a movie on in my room all night, or I listen to the soundtrack to the movie on my ipod with headphones. I'd recommend a small nightlight in the corners you are most afraid of. My sister has a string of blue christmas lights around the edges of her room at the ceiling. The blue makes it more soothing but still gives enough light to clear shadows. Try to avoid things like lava lamps, they make the shadows move and it gets creepier. Sleep tight!

yes it's normal. try a nightlight.

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