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kay j
Is this normal for a teenager to go through?
im 16 yrs old and for the past 3 years i've been really depressed. Its gotten so bad in the last year that i actually tried to comment suicide a couple of times but was too scared to do it.

Sometimes i even lock myself in my room and think of crazy situations like what would peoples reaction be if i died or if something really bad happened to me and i just cry for hours about it and after wards i feel a little better. I do it often, like 3-4 times a week.

im not sure if i do this because im going through a lot of tough situations (like eating disorders, recent family deaths, split parents, etc.) or if this is normal for a teenager my age to go through? All i know is that im starting to think there's something wrong with me because it seems like im never happy with myself...

Pretty much

It is normal for a teenager to have emotions going up and down like a roller coaster. But if you are starting to feel suicidal than there is something wrong. You should really seek help for this. Can you do me a favour and go talk to your family doctor? Your doctor will help you find a counselor or something to help you handle your depression. Please take care of yourself.

LADodger fan
no its normal but the reason that you tryied to commit suicide mite be because of your environment because when i lived with my mom i hated it and i tryied to strangle myself with a belt but couldnt do it and i cried alot and ran way but then i moved in with my dad and i havent cried at all havent tried to commite suicide but i have thought what would people do if i died and stuff but its all about certain situations you go to get your self away from the bad stuff in your life and find the stuff that makes you happy

that severe for that long is not normal

please talk to an adult: teacher, parent, relative, ect.

I'm 17 I was like that too but not that extereme, but it's probably a phase so I wouldn't worry about it

sometimes I feel the same way. I think what I sometimes think is odd, but now i know and u no that ur not the only one. There is a chance that u might have some type of depression, but like I said I feel the same way some times and i KNOW that i dont have depression. I used to have a bridge that i planned to kill myself at. I still wonder about how people would feel if i died. sometimes i wonder if its some type of emo stage or something.

yea i went threw years of that thinking and was so so angry ,i went on anti deppresants and started to feel alot better,16 wouldnt be too young for anti deppresants,it also shoulds like you have anxiety problems aswell,the im going to die feeling is mostly anxiety,you defo need to go to a phyciatrist,its nothing to be assamed about,1 in 3 people have mental problems such as anxiety or depressan,me,my sister and my mam all have anxiety problems

Totall normal....I went through the same thing! Keep your self occupied whatever you do just make sure you don't cut yourself cuz thats not gonna help any thing! I once thought if i cut myself i can think of the pyshical pain rather then the emotional....well it didn't help! i ended up in a holding cell for a night =(...now I just take depression pills it kinda help but i don't think of killing myself any more..........

Take time yourself...write poetry! write how you feel on a piece of paper...hell right a letter about what you going through then burn it! Literally burn it! or if u not into dat stuff just rip it up toss it out and start new!


(I'm 14 by the way.)
I don't know if it's normal, but I've been going through this for 2 years now. I think about dieing, what would happen, I've tried, been hospitalized, cut myself. Everything.
Please don't do anything stupid, like smoking, or drinking. NOT GOOD. Trust me.
What really helped me, is talking to a therapist. And a lot of times you wont be able to tell them things, so have a friend that you can talk to all the time. Or even write in a diary.
But even doing that doesn't help sometime and you still need to sit in your room and think crazy people thoughts. But try to do things that you think will make you a little happier(:

well it is common for teens to think everything is happenin to them, that the whole world is against them and that they have it so bad. unfortunately,there are several kids in the same situation as you and even more in worse situations.
- try talking to someone that you trust about it (parent, family, friends, teachers)
-if there's no one that you can talk to then it's not bad to talk to a shrink. you dont have to be crazy to talk to a therapist. they really do help
- you can also talk to your doctor and ask him to refer you to someone that can help you with your depression


well i'd be lying if i told u weren't alone i'm not saying i was trying to but many other teens like you are in the same situation i just wanted to say ur not alone

ha. i've been through exactly what you said you have been through, and worse. it is common. teens get depressed over everything now. the biggest cure is called get over yourself. after i did that i realized how ridiculous it was moping around all the time and now i just a whatever type person. i could see someone get shot and have there brains blown everywhere and i would forget. all you do is tell yourself what a loser you really are and stop being a loser or whatever you are. it's that simple.

Dr. Crystal Fitzpatrick
It is not uncommon that people feel depressed after going through death of a loved one, parental divorce and eating disorder. I think you are having an emotional/psychiatric reaction to unusually high level of stressors.

If you are experiencing depression lasting more than a week with thoughts of suicide, you should definitely tell your parents and go see a mental health professional.

For more information on mental health and/or illness, visit:


Hope this was helpful.

sorry this is a lot to take in!:

i've had a similar struggle, but not to that extent. a lot of times, i think that if i left or if i dyed, would anyone care? i actually did leave, by moving, and when i told my friends, only 2 seem to really care. it made me feel really upset that more didnt care, but what did appreciate that though not many, SOMEONE cared. its a good feeling. just try to see who does care about you, even if its one person. i dont know for certain, but i think your eating disorder is probably helping you cope with your situation. i too have had family deaths and split parents. when my parents split, i just told myself that at least they're finally happy. try to find other ways to cope with your stress, whether its talking to someone close to you, or writing it out. writing always helps me.

i wish for the best!

Honey..teans go through alot of things..its hard to be a teenager.. i going to tell you something..whatever you do DONT COMMIT SUICIDE..those thoughts can be very bad and u dnt want to hurt anyone! DO ME A FAVOR AND CALL::::1 800 suicide
they csn help you and u dnt need to tell your parents that ur calling them unless they ask of course.

the best thintg to do is talk it out..u have been through alot so talk to your parents in a calm manner and tell them that ur not happy they splt and ur feeling very sad. talk to your friends and tell them to help you.

Be strong. the best thing to do is get your mind busy..read, watch tv...go out with ur friends..play outside..keep you r mind occupied with things that help u get ur troubles out of ur mind,

If u ever have jehovahs witnesses come to yur door please take a book study from them.. you'll see it will change ur life!!!

ya cuz i kno people like that

Girl You Don't Know
Mood swings teenager things happens to them all.

talk 2 sombody please

obviously there is definetly something wrong if you tried to kill yourself! im really sorry to hear that! i think it has something to do with the stuff u said that could make it happen

I am going though that too because ... i know it will sound dumb ... but i fell in love with some1 and every morning i had something to live for .. but now i don't ... but whenever i get really depressed i always think that ill never know if it will get better if i don't try to make it better.

Mr. Eff
I'm assuming you meant "commit" suicide, not "comment" suicide. And it is a little abnormal, but in no way unheard of. I'm 16 and know a few people like that, and I think 2 have actually committed suicide in the past two years at my school. I suggest a psychiatrist.

well ive been what youve been through when i was 10, i even tried killing myself too, becuase of about 5 deaths of close people in the same year.
But it finally came to a point when i relizeed that i really needed help at age 12, so my mom took me to a therapist and now im 14 and perfectly fine but i am still going to checkups but only once a month now.
So you neeed to go get some help
good luck!

Sierra S
This isn't "normal" but many teenagers do go through it. In fact I did. I can be tough and if you ever feel suicidal get help IMMEDIATELY. There should be somebody there local that can help you. Just know you are the only one.

{vampires will never hurt you}
Ahh it's not normall buut a lot of people do go though it.
You need to talk to someone about how u feel.
maybe a friend or a dcotor or a teacher.
I'm not gonna preach at you and tell u not to try kill yourself buut it would be a shame cos u seem like an awesome person.
but yer u should talk to someone about how u feel.
good luck

I would say that what you are experiencing is "normal" considering the situations you are going through. My advice would be to focus on some positive experiences and maximizing the time spent doing these. For example, if you have a great relationship with a friend, spend more time with him/her.

yes, i'm THAT girl
I went through it too. Alot of teens do. I know how you feel, and it is NO fun! Just be strong! committing suicide won't solve anything. I'll just end something that could be a fantastic life! Life life to the fullest and don't let ANYONE or ANYTHING bring you down. :)

get a job

Yea it's normal, but just think of the positives and focus on things that make you happy

unfortunately it is somewhat common

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