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Is this normal? What's wrong with me?
I am a 16 year old girl

One week I'll be in the greatest mood of my life, laughing, smiling, and being all cheery and social.

And then the following week or two, I'll be in a totally anti-social mood.
I distant myself from people (including my best friends).

I don't talk to anyone much, I don't laugh much either.
I choose to spend time in solitude, including the weekends.
I feel sad, weak, kind of as if everything pointless.

I often find myself crying, for no particular reason that I know of besides the fact that I just feel like I'm done and want to escape or end everything.

What could be causing this? Is this normal?
Additional Details
this has been going on for about a year

i used to be bouncy and hyper, but now even during my "cheery" times, i'm not really like that anymore

broken hearted
u should totally talk.... im the same way but im about to commit suicide.... its all kewl... ull either get over it or you wont. i havent and i cant so im taking the only way out.... good luck.... if u can try to talk to someone.

Could be depression.. just try not to move away from all of the things you do. You don't have to do them all the time but if you shut everything it out it could make things worse.

it's not normal. sometimes i face this kind of problem too.
at this time i watch cartoons expeacially tom and jerry.
drink plenty of water and if your parent went out for shopping or visit relative, just follow them. read comics that make you laugh and feel better. cheer up anf everything will be fine

[email protected]
not normal, go to a doctor

There could be so many things going on from hormones to depression. Find a counsellor or trusted adult that you can talk with. You shouldn't go through this alone.

lil bit
We all have "ups and downs." However, when disturbing symptoms become bothersome and affecting one's life, one should seek professional help.

Clinical Depression and/or Bipolar can be diagnosed if symptoms have lasted 6+ months.

thats completely normal, all teens are like that its just hormonal

dont know when i was 16 yrd boy i did the same thing

You may be experiencing Bipolar Mania or a minor case of depression. talk to your school counselor and get this taken care of right away. you don't want to end up killing yourself.

sounds like you may be bi-polar. either that or its just teenage hormones. ive been there myself, only im a guy not a girl and im 15.

Sam K
It sounds like you just typed in the description for Bi-polar disorder. It could be hormones, since you are smack in the middle of puberty. Talk to someone about depression... Medications for teenagers are a little dangerous though, so you may have to solve it with natural methods, like St. John's wart, or Sam-e.

maybe u suffer from depression u should probably see a doctor.

rick s
You need to get out more.

eva b
i'm like this too, and have been since i was around your age. i figure it's something i need to snap out of. whenever i'm productive and doing what i love it doesn't really happen.... i guess you just need to motivate yourself. take whatever classes you want to do, get some goals and work towards them, plan fun things in life. have something to live for an be excited by.

umm... idk, it might be hormones? but i would talk to ur parents bout this

madison c
it depends on how distant you are from people i was like that when i was your age, i don't know how severe it is with you, but with me it was just hormones, and they went away after about a year for the most part. or at least i could contain them better

It may be stress. It may be some issues that your not realizing are affecting you. You may want to see your guidance counselor at school about these mood changes. Its important that someone knows how you feel because your feelings matter and if your not communicating with your friends then you should find someone who is outside of your situation who can help you without bias or judgment. Because you deserve to be happy every week, not just once in a while. :)

Maybe your just experiencing period adjustments, normally ages like you tends to have social problems of anxieties and being conscious around peers of the same age. I think it is normal or you just need something to be fond of or something that might spark some interest in you doing.

Power 2 the People.
I can relate, sounds to me that your just extremely stressed, and the feeling you may be trying to suppress are starting to seep through. It's normal to be sad and feel alone SOMETIMES, but if it continues, and it becomes overwhelming, you may be suffering from so early signs of depression.

Do u no if ur bi polar or not ( in 1 mood 1 time then the opposite another time)? otherwise its probably nothing. i sometimes like that and i no im not bi polar. it just happens. hope i helped.

it could be something called Borderline Personality Disorder(BPD). i have a mild case of it, along with some other stuff. it can be triggerd by childhood abuse, or it can be passed down. and if ur like me, its attatched to some other mild illnesses. or ur just being a teenager (im one too). look up the disorder and see if u follow any of the traits.

help me??

i've had that problem too. i dont know what causes it, i just know it gets easier. that happened to me last year and now it only happens every so often. the feeling of complete sadness is starting to come less often and when it does come, its not as severe. most important tip- KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE! no matter what you have to do to do it!

sounds like you suffer from depression.

Seeing the time lapses between the moods, you could be bi-polar. Are you really energetic and bouncy when you are happy?

A mental health professional can do a psychological assessment for you, as Bi-Polar Disorder can also be caused by other mental disorders.

If that does not work, their could be other medical reasons for this. Evaluate your sleep habits and consider stress levels.

Hope you get help soon- any type of depression can be devastating.

Hey JSL,

Of course this is normal hon, your a 16 yr. old young lady, we all go thru it...just relax, you'll get through this stage of your life, I promise.

Just being a girl is hard enough, that's true...but when we go to womanhood, it's the hormones inside that whack us out...

You'll be fine sweetie, take good care of yourself, and when your feeling down or lost, try to write down your feelings, that will release some stress, or take up something that you like to do...maybe karate, or gymnastics..painting, anything to keep your mind occupied.

This is just a phase that a million young ladies go thru, it's all good...

Much luck,

Mommy of three girly's
It could be severe PMS. But if you have strong feelings of harming yourself you need to see someone about that. I would worry about depression or even bipolar, not to freak you out, but it really sounds like you should. I have a good friend who is bipolar but is totally happy and normal when on meds. I'm not diagnosing you or anything but you should see someone about it.

Dark Metal
Then maybe you are facing depression. It is serious and you should go to see your general practitioner to check for any other symtopms too.

If it is depression and you are thinking about deaths such as suicides, then it is severe. (I faced it once a couple of months ago wih suicide, luckily I'm alive; worst symptomof my life.)

If you are depressed, there aren't that many treatments out there but to go to counselling, herbal remedies (haven't tested them remedies) or go ask a doctor for more advice.

If it isn't depression then maybe you are (I don't know, maybe) moody or stressed.

Good luck, ツ.

it's normal to be sad and with hormones and such it's possible for this to happen a lot, but it seems like you are more sad then you should be. i strongly recommend talking to someone such as a doctor about this, it may not seem like something that you want to do but it will help you

awang j
perhaps you're chemical is just unbalance
i think you should consult with a doctor
worse comes to worst, you could have a bipolar disorder,
but hopefully not

feet on the ground
you're not normal. you have a chemical imbalance in your brain. seek a psychiatrist's help. you probably are undergoing major depression:

Major depressive disorder, also known as major depression, unipolar depression, unipolar disorder, clinical depression, or simply depression, is a mental disorder characterized by a pervasive low mood and loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities. The diagnosis is made if a person has suffered one or more major depressive episodes, and is based on the patient's self-reported experiences and observed behavior. There is no laboratory test for major depression, although physicians often test for physical conditions that may cause similar symptoms before arriving at a diagnosis. The course of the disorder varies widely, from a one-off occurrence to a lifelong disorder with recurrent episodes. Major depression appears significantly more often in women than men.

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