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Is this normal? I don't know if somethings wrong...?
A lot of times I'll just start feeling sad for no apparent reason. I cry pretty easily and also sometimes I'll just start crying for no real reason. I've been under a bunch of stress but no more than regularly. I also sometimes have suicidal thoughts but not to the extent that I would actually commit suicide. Sometimes I just think about how it would be easier to not be alive. Is this all normal? Do other people feel this way? And is there anything I can do to stop crying and being sad?

Blonde Haired Blue Eyed
I don't really want to judge you without actually knowing you, but for me it's usually just PMS.

If you think it's more than that, you should see a counselor.

Timbo Slice
~Well do you have family problems, relationship problems, or had any stress lately? That could be your problem...

Talk to someone and get things sorted out.

la vie est bella
its hormones

Stress is probably it. Also, good amounts of rest could help. If all else fails, take some anti-depressants.

Zach I
i feel the same way sometimes. One thing i find that helps is to finds something that distracts you like hanging out with friends or helping around the house.

hey, i feel the exact same way like all the time so i kno what your going through. it is normal for you to be going through this. stress is a BIGGGG reason why your probably crying and having "suicidal thoughts". another thing that could be making you cry or sad alot is if you've recently (or a while ago) just been hurt, and it doesn't matter if it were big or small, the littlest things can make you mad....and result to u being sad alot. for me (being sad and crying aall the time) is that....well my x-boyfriend who is still technically my boyfriend cuz we nvr broke up just stop calling and iggnored me, so something like that could have happened to you, and now that i have a new boyfriend i feel like hes guna do the same.......also stress in like school and other stuff....is also a big reason......the rest is just unknown

Sasha S
Hey dont sweat it this is normal. Mostly everyone will go through this once in there life. And crying is perfectly normal because you released the stress you have had. To change, just take 2 deep breaths and think positive and you will be positive. you only live once so make that one time count, its so worth it. hope this helped. Bye!

It is very normal, especially if you are a teenager. When you are in your teen years, you get emotional, the same thing happens to me. I often feel depressed and don't want to live, but it passes even a few minutes later. You should only be concerned if you still feel so sad after a few years. You could take a relaxing bath, read an interesting book, listen to music, think, and take deep breaths to stop feeling this way, but it will come back eventually. Once again, you don't have to worry about it unless it has happened for a long time. Hope I helped. Good luck!

crying usually would make you feel a little better

this sounds like depression

i recommend talking to someone close to you and a councellor/therapist

this also could be just hormones

Dylan Catalano
life is a roller coaster. ups and downs. but no matter what, suicidal thoughts... you should talk to someone...

Sara M
i sometimes feel the same way, ecspecailly when i fail at something i relly wanted to succed in. i just sit on my bed and cry and cry myself to sleep and want to just die. is this how you feel?
don't commit sucicde. just keep going and going. life has so many bad things and so many good things. its the good things you want. this isnt enough information, i know but i dont have the time now to answer properly. for more email me at [email protected]
hope this helps you =)


hey be urself nowon can change you if ur getting abuused tell some1 if ur in a bad family tell some1

okay, if ur a girl, and you have started ur period, completely normal. mood swings for teenagers are also normal. if you're worried, talk to a conselor. on your own time, make a list of all the reasons you shouldnt be depressed or kill yourself, even reasons such as "ill never get to see that new movie that just came out if i die now" thats what i do when i feel sad. i have experienced the depression a lot of times.
if you need help, come talk to me. my email is [email protected]

Jocelyne B
well a lot of people are in stress right now because of money problems so its ok if you feel that way but don't suicide


Savannah S
If there is family stress try to talk to someone in your family. Otherwise see a consular.

You should be asking these questions to a mental health Professional NOT HERE.Anybody who has feelings and thought like you do NEEDS TO GET HELP from a mental health Professional.If you don't you might end up acting on your feelings and thought and attempt suicide.And if you do that either you will be dead or locked up in a mental hospital wearing a straight jacket. Either one will not be pleasant.

Rach... :)
Ok. It sounds like you have something called depression. It is highly common. Yes there is something that you can do to help you overcome this problem. Depending on your relationship with your parents you could tell them or if your reltionship is not so good with your parents you could visit your school nurse. If you are at school this is. If you are not at school i suggest you see a councillor or somebody like that It would be more convenient to tell your parents as they could direct you to a doctor. The doctor will most likely prescribe you to a pill that is called anti-depressants. These pills will help you metally. They will most likely stop you feeling the way that you feel.

Good luck.

If you have any question or anyhing contact me on: [email protected]

u know what me and you have a lot of things in commen if u want to you can email me at [email protected] sometimes i think about that too soo if u want to you can email me. :)

well I can tell u that this is normal, but I really cant because I dont know, but Ive experienced what youve gone throught. I had the same thoughts about suicide. I thought about me commiting suicide in my school and I pictured me funarel as well. I dont remember crying as much as I did back then, it was about 2 years ago. the worst part of my life. I found it helpful to talk to someone. since I couldnt talk to a therapist, i saw some help online. and they helped me out. if u ever want to talk let me know, if not please talk to someone. take care and god bless

Christopher D
dude if your mind is set on how to not be SAD rather than how TO be happy ur gonna feel like ur in the gutter forever because ur focus is on tha negative, but yeah its normal to get stressed and depressed and think about hurting yourself, just think of things that are important to you that you value- peace bro

it is depression...speak with your doctor

its called... depression

theres the beef
It's depression - it's a mental disease that's easily treatable but you need to get help from a doctor. Do it tomorrow - your life will improve as soon as you seek help.

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