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Bites & Kisses :@)
Is this a condition? Is there a name for it .lol?
So I notice I tend to be a little overly emotion during certain times of the day, where I feel I'm more vulnerable than usual. It usually happens mostly at late hours of the night. I will do or say something and wake up regretting it the next morning. It's like whatever my I feel during that time is excessively doubled (if that makes sense).

So is this a serious condition?
Please be serious with your answers.

(haha I'd proberly regret posting this question too)
Additional Details
No I'm not preg haha THAT I'm sure of


im just like you, my mom also... you might be suffering from depression. Do you have it in your family?

r u sure its not ur period?

Its called chemical imbalance

Dreaming of Beer Again

You need to check with a professional for a serious and meaningful answer.

It's probably just hormones, but I'd say if it is a condition it would be manic depressive. It's where you go from extreme highs to extreme lows. I'm not a psychiatrist so, If you feel there is something wrong, I'd seek professional help.

Samian's Sixth Account

*Someone's* gonna have a baaaaaaaabyyyy!!!! )))

Sara S
It sounds like you're lonely and seeking attention at night. If you sit around on the computer and listen to sad music before bed, it won't help. Why don't you avoid scenes where you could embarrass yourself, and just take a bubble bath or read a book before bed?

its not sure

I'm not a doctor but a couple of things could be at play here. As a woman there are the dubious emotions in play--if you are a teen, more so.

Have your blood sugar checked.

Or, you just may be emotionally hypersensitive. In that case only time and experience can help

sam s
it's called being tired.

i think maybe your stressed and at the end of the day you wanna just scream. and you might just say something wrong.

Before I realized I suffered from depression I would have similar mood swings like that. I was very mean and nasty to people I loved. You could be mildly depressed or it could be normal mood changes everyone has throughout the day

Bella <3
bipolarity?, stress? im sure both can be treated

it might be anxeity? im not sure tho

p.m.s. can cause this.
hormones can cause this
so can a recent change in relationships

talk with a therapist if you are concerned

Sassy OLD Broad
Hormones can really take a toll on your emotions as does exhaustion. I also think the female brain tends to throw all that junk around over and over until it's resolved causing you to worry for nothing. Try journaling to get all of that off of your mind. Also, visualization helps as does exercise, like walking. Hell, I'm and old broad and I still do that about things that happened 20 years ago! I guess I'm just telling you to learn to relax and dwell on the good things that happen in your life. Good question, honey, and Godloveya in this Blessed Holiday season.

Actually your question is not that far off base. With depression and anxiety, usually early mornings are the worst with symptoms easing as the day goes on. But in your case it could be the other way around.

OhBaby! Due 3/11
You are probably tired and therefore more sensitive...or you might be an empath. It isn't that big of deal-- are you a cancer? Your zodiac sign might have something to do with it.

Hudson K
its not that serious i no people that have that no clue what the name is

Dirty M
Yes it is called being a woman. Normal and fine.

that happens to me so much that it keeps me from sleeping because i think about it

if it's a serious condition, let me know, because personally, i just thought that's how i was

i tend to just be really worried. i dwell on things that i have done that i wish i could have done differently or better

well i dont know of any problems that are that consistent on times? hhhmmmm maybe just that you hormones flair up? Do you eat drinking or do something the same at that time? Depression will be consistent but not at the same time everyday! Do you stay up to late? Do you sleep well? or get enough sleep? Maybe some anxiety too much thinking of the stress of the day or the things you need to do tomorrow... Mix things up a bit for a day or 2, dont drink or eat thigns you normally do, try not to stress let go of everything, sleep at a different time and give your self 6-9hours of sleep :) hmmmmm I will look and get back again! It is not BI polar your ups and downs would not be time consistent- and the manic would be a uncontrollable freak out, and the lows would follow like a depression state.,... and it doesnt sound like this is what you are saying is going on...................... YOUr not preg are you? That always set my emotions up and down!

BYU baby
Chances are, no one on here is a doctor of psychology, so this may not be the best place to ask this question. Seriously though, talk to your doctor about good psychologists in the area. Even if the condition isn't serious, they can still help you feel better about things.

it could be
mild depression
all in your head
PMS (sorry)

funni bunni
actually the same thing happens to me so i dunno to put whether its normal or a condition because i feel the samee way i just didn't want to post a question on it lol so thank you

It sounds like it may be a combination of boredom and loneliness. Does whoever you are picking the fights with try to go to bed earlier than you do?

If this is the case, then no...I don't think there is anything wrong with you. Loneliness and boredom are two normal human conditions. But, now that you are aware that this may be the reason you are doing it. You could try finding other ways to occupy those hours especially if the other person has to wake up early the next day. Try playing online, reading a book, or watching TV. I also like putting together puzzles when I can't sleep.

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