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Hailey and Mady :)
Is schizophrenia related to ghosts at all?
Do you think that schizophrenia has anything to do with ghosts? Like do people who have it see ghosts?

who the *** knows

Schizophrenia is a disease of weak people who in nature would be killed off, getting rid of the crappy gene for that, bettering the population as a whole. It's called natural selection and the diabetics and mentally ill who can't even move, never mind make a living other than leaching off my taxes would also be victims of evolution. As for ghosts, those are another manifestation of people who don't want to believe that life ends when your heart stops pumping and your brain shuts off. No ghosts, no soul, no heaven or hell, just here and now, so enjoy it and enjoy your health. People seeing ghosts are either crazy or lying.


Kathryn L
I dont think so. its a serious mental illness

read more about the illness below

I don't think so. Schizophrenia does have an effect on the mind. But they don't 'see' the ghosts. They are probably just imagining it or it could be a trick on the mind. So nope, not related to ghosts at all.

Hope this helped hun!

I'm of two minds on this

I do believe that sometimes the evil supernatural powers that exist like to prey on those with mental illnesses, but no, schizophrenia is not caused by or related to ghosts. It is an imbalance of the neurotransmitters in the brain. People with schizo can hear voices and see many strange things if they are not properly medicated. Sometimes even with medication it is not enough to stop the strange visions or sounds.

Ghosts aren't real. People who are schizo have a mental condition and are possible dangerous. But no... seeing ghosts does not = schizophrenia.


George S
Yes, the symptoms of schizophrenia are mostly caused by an accompanying spirit (ghost). Those diagnosed with schizophrenia are just some of the saints found in the scriptures. The associated spirit is often referred to as the Holy Spirit.

Maybe it is. And maybe when those with sz have visual hallucinations, they are seeing into a different dimension. And maybe those with sz aren't the 'sick' ones at all. Maybe those of us that aren't sz are the ones with something wrong with our brains.

No one can know for sure, and science is a long way off from proving anything.


yes, with "ghosts in your closet".

that is deep. what if all mental illnesses are effects of ghosts or spirits interacting with us, you know, messing with us? I wonder if anyone else has ever thought of that.

Sam P

Schizophrenia doesn't award you with a new filter in your eye that allows you to see ghosts. Anyone can see them, if at all. The Schiz can make you hallucinate, though.

John Holmes

Kourtney M
In one of my classes, my instructor brought in the DSM (the latest addition) for us to look through. It's a book that psychologist use to help diagnose mental health disorders. I looked up schizophrenia and asked him a similar question. I asked him, wouldn't a large portion of the population of the US be diagnosed with this disorder, because many people claim to see ghost, shadows, and hear voices that they claim are ghosts. He just started to laugh and said it's for people who are truly out there.

Cookie Rich
Great theory and quite possible. Think about it....If you belive in the paranormal, then you have to leave the option open that the voices that people diagnosed with the disease are hearing....could be those of ghosts.

iT CAN. BE whe people lose touch with reality, anything can be possible

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