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Is piercing a form of self injury?
I was just wondering your thoughts and feelings on this subject. If a person pierces themselves with a safety pin or thumbtack, do you think this is a form of self harm?

Antonio Montana Jr.
more like self mutilation, but its all in good fun

might as well be

Well yeah. The person is doing something that will cause them pain and create a wound. They are injuring themself. Even cosmetic piercings are intentional injuries.

De Waanzin

Well if you want your ears pierced or somthing then no but if you pierce urself out of the blue then you are probally depressed and it isnt good to that stuff randomly


Queen Kasia
yes. thats very dangerous. you could die if you got a blood infection.

yes and no did you do it on purpose? like if its an actual pericing yes, but if it was a thubtac could have been an accident so than no

Yes I would say so. This person needs to get some psychological help to deal with their deep pain in a more positive way.

Frying pan!
Sure it is, I am sure you have nerves, and nerves have feelings, so yes.

i think so cause it does involve pain and in some ways pleasure like cutting in a situation were you have too many piercings to count then i think your addicted

when i was fourteen i took some pills and pushed a dull nail through the web of skin thats between your pointer and your thumb. it hurt pretty bad, and im not positive but i think thats why i did it. yes. i think self piercing is self mutilation, but in general i dont think the piercer is trying to inflict self injury. everyone has thier own resons and you cantpass judgement if you've never been in thier position.

in my opinion it is. it is just hurting your body. p.s this is just my opinion.

Bill C
yes, I pierce my wrists horizontally when i'm sad

Sad Girl
if i have to be honest.....i use to do it...........

I also had a lot of professionally done piercing...........

Now when I'm a bit older and wiser :), it think all of my piercing styles were a form of self injury or harm......

even i have removed most of my piercings-only 4 left, i think with me it was a way of controlling and doing things with my body, the way i want to.........and noone else will control me

yeah i guess it can be classed as that, but on the other hand, if say your piercin ur ears or bellybutton, some people cant afford it, so they do it them selves but make sure u steralize the object first and keep the hole clean,
i had my belly button done twice, one on top and one on bottom, ive been trying to redo the bottom one on my own but it hurts lol

if they do it to themselves for no reason yes, but ear pericings and stuff like that,no

I think it is

Only if it's to hurt yourself and not for the look

more a form of self- expression than harm. I have pierced myself just to see what it looks like. I hate pain. there is just something about manipulating the body that entices people.

Rachel _Not_Idiot
It depends on the intention. If it's done to hurt oneself, it's self-harm. If it's done because you think it looks awesome, it's no more self-harm than getting a tattoo is.

<33 Edward Cullen
its not like you are cutting yourself. its just like peicing your lip right?

that is not self harm at all

No, because the point of getting a piercing is not for pain but BLING!!!

Self harm is doing something that you know will hurt you, to hurt you.

Cassie T
No. If the intent of the piercing is to put in something the person finds pleasing, that is not self injury. Self injury is done for it's own sake - not because the person enjoys the look of scars all over the body.

As someone who has many piercings, and has self-injured, I can tell you that they are worlds apart.

+Y3sH iiM @ D0rK XD +
Depends on if they are trying to pierce them self to make a hole so they can wear a stylish ring there or perposly hurt them self.
Yes! if they are perposly hurting them self...that falls under that category of self mutilation, along with cutting and burning oneself.
If someone is doing it to make a "fashion" statement. Than no that is not self injury.

Well if you peircing your ear to put an eating in it.
and make it look pretty.then no
but there's a difference in peircing something to feel pain and peircing something to have an earing ( or nosering or bellybotton ring or whatever your peircing- ring)

I've peirced my ear and wear an earing in it.
and I wasnt trying to feel pain or hurt myself

So it basically depends

I think that it all has to do with the person intent.
When I was younger, I pierced my belly button myself, but I did it cause I was underage, and my mom wouldn't take to get it done.

yes if done to inflict pain, if you are piercing your ears, then no, it's for fashion, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.

Captain C. Kelly
It's all about reason and intent. Are you trying to "FEEL" pain or emotion. Many people 'cut' themselves as a way to feel pain or deal with other problems. That is certainly a form of self harm. If you are piercing yourself, like most of the world does, for cosmetic or artistic purpose, then No, it's not self harm, however, using a thumbtack or non-sterile means may be. Not from the piercing, but the self-harm caused by the latent effects of bacterial infection

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