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 Why do people say self-harm is bad?
Ok, so, I hear all the time, don't cut yourself because it's bad...blah, blah, blah. But I don't see why it's all that bad. I do it, for one, for a number of different reasons, ...

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 I'm depressed?
Help? Kind Words?...

 I don't really know what these attacks are.?
I get these all the time and they last for about 30 minutes.
hear voices
shake uncontrolably
i see faces trying to get me
i lose control of my body

 I'm having a really bad day; can anyone help me to feel better by telling a joke or giving inspiration?

 Does anyone get this?
Now and again, when I'm sleeping I'll wake up conscious but my eyes are closed and i can't move my body which I'm aware of, i then panic at the fact i can't move my body so i ...

 What is the meaning of life?
I'm fully aware that the existence and frequency of this question is already extensive here. I'm a Muslim, and my religion states that we are put on this Earth to worship God and do good ...


 what's the difference between ADD and ADHD?

 I'm under a lot of stress today. How can I relax tonight.?
This has been a busy week here at our state house. I'm supposed to board a train tonight to visit a friend in the City. I'm so stressed and anxious that I'm having trouble relaxing. I ...

 i'm just going to come right out with it. should i seek professional help?
i have been suffering depression for several years now. i have my good days... like when my sons were born... but for the most part i am almost always in a funk. i try to joke about serious things, ...

 I Cant sleep! What should I do?
this is the 3rd night in a row and I have to work in the morning. I've tried a glass of wine, a Benadryl, a natural supplement, everything I usually do these past 3 nights and I can't sleep ...

 I heard my mom prayers and ?
It was something that I dont understand at all, she kept saying god please make my husband bigger to save our marriage, I dont wana cheat.. god please consider this serious...
What the hell i ...

 Bored....dont knwo what to do?!?
I have no idea what to do...im bored out of my mind..any ideas?...

 Why I shouldn't drink alcohol when I am depressed?

 How to calm an panic attack?
Been dealing with panic attacks again (especially with all the bad weather lately)

What are some good ways to get my anxiety in check. (I try to not to use medicine for it. Infact I don&...

 Why am I so messed up in the head :(?

 I am not really sure how to ask this, perhaps it is silly to ask, I'm sure a lot of you will agree?
Hmm..I'm not even sure how to put this, I am seeking something but I don't know what I feel torn, I feel like I have to hurry up and find whatever it may be, it's not depression I'...

 i feel so suicidal23?
well i have a disability and my parents want to hold me back till im 21 and i dont want that. Then i see other people getting pictures for seniors and getting cap and gown pictuers and they will also ...

 Are any of you on anti depressants?
Going through a divorce. Wife left me wiht the kids and house. I feel sad to a pint sometimes that I am not motivated to do anything or even concentrate on work and my kids.

Will any ...

Is my friend a psychopath? What should I do?
I have a friend who apparently likes this girl he's working with. He's looked up her number in the Staff manual, and has all the days he's working with her marked on his calender. He also keeps track of all the girls that walk buy his house on a sheet of paper (he lists the clothes they wear, their estimated age, hair colour, ect). Would you say that my friend is psycho or not? Now, lately after he found out I've seen his sheets and calander, he's been threatening to kill me and my friend. I'm beginning to worry about him and need some advice on what to do.
Additional Details
I also found questions about killing small animals, like squirrels and rabbits on his yahoo account.

Wow, thats just damn scary :/

naw, you shouldn't worry about it

18 gibbs 20
no he's not and find a new friend

No he is not a psychopath. Seems more obsessive than anything. He is probably embarrassed that you saw his private documents. You only worry if he starts snow dropping or acting out in some way.

As long as he has not broken a law he is OK.Keep your distance from him and tell him if he threatens you again,you would report him.

I think that is a little scary. I would limit your time with him. Weather he is a psychopath or not, I don't know, but he sound's a little obsessed. I would be careful.

Curious J-Bug
If he is threating to kill you tell your parents. He does sound a bit wacko.

Tania S
uhm... he needs meds BAD!

seriously thats just plain creepy. and NOT normal.

tokyo man
it just means they are overly obsessive. You should only bring it up with the person if it gets out of hand. There is nothing really wrong with it as long as your friend keeps boundaries and obeys the persons privacy

Taylor B (ATC)
Umm, pretty much, yeah.

Ashley D
I think your friend seriously needs help. No offense, but he kind of
sounds like he has a mental disorder. Or maybe he could be bipolar or something. Now if your positive he's not just joking around when he says he's going to kill you and your friend, i would distance myself from him a little bit, just for your own safety. If you really want to help you should try getting him to see a some sort of counselor or something.

If he has threatened you, and after his weird behavior, I would report this to the police. Maybe they can investigate him or something. I have no idea but that is really OCD and creepy :/

That's not the definition of a psychopath.

He just needs mental help.

Sean B
Yeah, the guy needs help. I would report this to the police. It's one thing to

I would find a new friend and maybe get him to go to a psychiatrist so he can get help. From what I read, he needs it.

you definitely need to tell authority ASAP that's like really serious. no normal person would note those type of things nor threaten someone merely for seeing them

hot s
yes he is

Grace H
MOVE AWAY FROM HIM! This guy migth actually KILL you!!!

He sounds like he's obsessive compulsive. Does he make lists of other things as well?

Sounds scary...I'd find another friend.

He's not a phsycopath, he's just obsessed. Making threats is a serious matter, and if they get any worse I would consider contacting the police.

Psychopath, nahhhh, just sounds like he's very quickly moving he's way up to a killer.

seriously, get help.
show someone this
like a police officer.

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